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Chapter 1

The Ex

My ex is the hottest man I’ve ever met.

It’s a broad statement, but it’s true.

What makes that difficult, though, is that every man pales into insignificance beside him, despite the fact that as a couple, we just didn’t work. His problem is that he works too much, and I’m too jealous.

He’s a model, meaning he is constantly surrounded by stunning women (and men) who look down at me like I’m a mere human (which I am), and I can’t stand it. I’m an office jockey, and what I earn in a month is what Luis, my ex, earns in a single photoshoot with the right company.


So, we ended it, and every time I meet a man, I’m immediately comparing him to Luis.

Take tonight.

One of my closest friends, Ian, managed to convince me to go with him to his sister’s engagement party. To be fair, I had nothing else to do other than binge Netflix and eat chocolate.

So now, I find myself crammed in a corner with drunken men who are arguing about horse racing.

Don’t ask.

“How the fuck is it fixed? God, Eli, you’re a cunt. Your poor mother,” barks one, whilst Ian throws me an apologetic look. He has his eye on the man called Eli, who is currently turning puce with anger.

“I’m a cunt, am I?!”

“Excuse me, I need the loo,” I announce, but no one moves. I tap the man beside me on the shoulder, and he blinks in surprise when he sees me.

“Sorry, luv, didn’t know you were there.”


The man shifts so that I can squeeze by, and I feel a wave of nausea when he openly checks out my tits. I grit my teeth and smooth down my dress, exhaling loudly when I finally make it out.

Ian is now in conversation with Eli, and I know I’m fucked. He will be ball deep within the hour, and I’ll have to endure their lovemaking all night since I’m staying with Ian. He lives above our office, which isn’t too far from the underground bar I find myself in now.

I make my way through the many family members who are using this party as an opportunity to drink to oblivion and hurl insults at one another. I spot Sarah, Ian’s sister, standing with her fiancé, her face full of misery.

The man beside her is surprisingly good-looking, though, and I found myself checking him out.

“Who put the baby in the corner?”

I freeze when the voice whispers in my ear, the breath raising goosebumps all over my skin. The scent of the cologne comes next—the spicy, woody aroma of the only man capable of making me cum by just kissing me. I refuse to turn around, knowing it would be utterly soul-destroying to do so.

“Luis. What are you doing here?”

My voice sounds scratchy, and I attempt to clear my throat as he walks around me, swigging his beer with that fucking smirk.

Oh, God, help me.

Imagine Johnny Depp mixed with Chris Hemsworth, dipped in honey and sprinkled with sex.

That’s Luis Vidal.

“I’m on a date, actually,” he drawls, his eyes twinkling with amusement when my jaw clenches.

I have the world’s worst poker face.

I glance around us, raising my eyebrows inquisitively, already hating whoever he is with. “Don’t let me stop you,” I say, shrugging and folding my arms defensively.

Luis seems to find this even more amusing and nods to the bar on the opposite side of the room.

“Dark hair, red dress.”

He knows I won’t be able to resist looking, and when I do, I want to vomit. Her name is Masia Arroyo, and she’s another model.

“She looks like a coat hanger.”

“She’s fine,” Luis says before reaching forward and tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “That’s a nice dress.”

“I didn’t think you liked skinny girls?” I continue, gazing at Masia’s waist, which resembles my neck.

“I love all women. You’re all beautiful.”

I turn back to him, wanting to punch him in his politically correct mouth.

“Yes, I recall.”

“I never cheated on you, Jenny.”

Don’t say my name.

“I believe you, though thousands wouldn’t,” I mutter. I start to walk by him, but he stops me, his hand on my waist, guiding me back to him.

“You don’t look well, Jenny.”

My breath hitches in my throat as our eyes meet, and I curse myself for not being able to slap the fine specimen holding me still.

“You’re so rude. How dare you—”

“I’ll take you home, right away,” Luis declares, and panic sets in.

“What? I’m fine, Luis. Go back to your model.”

He doesn’t listen to me as he walks toward the bar, my hand in his, while Ian gapes at me from the corner. I lift my shoulders in a confused shrug before dismissively waving him off, signaling that I would be fine.

Ian gazes at Luis briefly, rolls his eyes at me, and returns his attention to Eli. I return mine to the demi-God who has now stopped in front of me.

As Masia turns to me, I notice the striking resemblance between her and the groom-to-be. She smiles at Luis, stroking his arm as he leans forward and whispers in her ear, causing her eyes to lift to mine.

“Can’t someone else take her?”

Luis shakes his head regrettably, and I huff beside him.

“She’s a family friend. My mother would kill me if I didn’t look after her. I’ll call you, okay?”

He briefly kisses her cheek as she narrows her eyes at me before turning back to the person beside her. My hand is tugged once more, and the next thing I know, we are climbing the stairs and exiting onto the busy street above us.

“Luis, what are you doing? I’m fine! You don’t have to use me as an excuse to dump Kate Moss,” I say nervously as he scans the street wordlessly.

While still holding my hand, he lifts his other hand to effortlessly hail a cab. I can’t help but admire his confidence and the way his body looks under that fucking shirt. I know it’s rock hard, and I just want my mouth all over it.

“After you.”

He holds the door open with a smirk, and my heart starts pounding against my chest. Is he sending me home or joining me?

I climb in, careful to ensure my dress covers my backside. Luis follows suit and slams the door shut behind him. He barks the name of a nearby hotel, and I stare at him in stunned silence before finding my tongue.

“Any minute now, you’re going to ask me how I am, who I was at the party with—”

“I know all of those things. What I don’t know, however, is why you aren’t sitting on my lap right now.”

I feel the air being sucked out of my body when he points at his lap expectantly, his dark eyebrows knitting together as my eyes fall to his plump lips. There’s a reason this man is paid to stand there and look pretty; he’s making it impossible for me to breathe.

“Because we broke up, remember?”

My voice is trembling now, and he chuckles softly before shrugging.


“So you’re my ex. We aren’t together.”

“Do we need to be to enjoy what we do best?”

His accent makes my legs buckle, and I’m grateful that I’m sitting down. I’m trying to convince myself that this would be a bad move, but we ended things so amicably that I can’t.

The cab comes to a stop, and my eyes flicker to the large white building that confirms we are at the hotel. Luis gets out, pays the fare, and holds his hand out for me.

“Always the gentleman,” I remark, earning myself a dark look.

“Not always.”

Oh God.

I follow him through reception and into the elevator. He leans against the handrail, gazing at me expectantly.

“What?” I whisper when he shakes his head silently. My stomach flips when his tongue wets his lips, and the elevator simultaneously announces our arrival with an elegant ping.

“Almost there,” Luis declares, and this time, I feel positively nauseous.

“Why are you staying in a hotel room?” I demand, immediately feeling suspicious.

“In case I got lucky, of course,” is the response that almost makes my vision red with rage and jealousy.

Not your place, Jennifer.

He unlocks the door and reveals your everyday hotel room. Nothing exciting to report.

Luis disappears into the bathroom, and I hear the shower running. What the hell is he doing?

When he walks out, he’s naked.

“Jennifer, take off your clothes. You don’t want to get them all wet, right?”

I stand, kicking off my heels before slowly sweeping my hair to one side. He watches me intently before walking up behind me to peel the dress off my body.

He unclasps my bra expertly, freeing my breasts from their lace prison. I peel down my panties and hear him exhale sharply before cursing.

“Why did we break up again?” I whisper as he stands in front of me, his eyes on me.

“Because I work too much and you’re too jealous.”

Oh yeah. That.

I follow his heavenly body into the bathroom, where a walk-in double shower awaits us. I love shower sex, and Luis knows it.

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