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Two years ago, Ria was kidnapped off the streets and forced to work for a mob family as a sex slave. Finally, her luck is changing when mob boss Carlos chooses her to become his pretend wife, where she will be protected from further harm. But Carlos’s reasons for protecting her go beyond just her looks. He has fallen for her, and he intends to pamper her in all ways, including sexually.

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Offscreen Rape, Onscreen Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Violent Death)

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Chapter 1

The Sex Slave


“I need you to be my wife for display.”

Is he joking? A hollow laugh escapes my lips while he cocks an eyebrow at me in disbelief. The two men standing outside the door are heavily armed, and I know I’ll be dead with one word from him.

Two years ago, I was taken from the streets and used as a sex slave for this…family. Sold to the highest bidder weekend after weekend, while during the week, cooking and cleaning the houses I am sent to work in.

Today is Monday.

My whole body aches and I can barely believe what Carlos is asking me. Out of the three brothers that head the family, Carlos is the coldest.

This man has given me post-traumatic stress disorder from the few times I’ve seen him do “business.” It doesn’t matter that he is drop-dead gorgeous—he is evil.


I look up when he says my name, swallowing hard. His dark eyes burn into mine as he glances at my mini dress. I’m exposing my assets as best I can.

If you are ever summoned to see one of the brothers, you are expected to look your sluttiest. Just in case they want to fuck you.

Welcome to my life.

So far, I’ve avoided being fucked by any of them. I make them too much money, so the guards and soldiers have been ordered never to touch me, and if I am beaten for misbehavior, it isn’t ever too bad.

Not that I misbehave anymore.

“Yes, Carlos?” I whisper, bowing my head.

“If you accept—”

If? I have a choice?

“You will no longer work in the sex trade. You will be with me for public display, which means you will have your own room and an allowance. Do you have any questions?”

This changes things. I’ve shared a room with three other girls for the past year, none of whom I particularly like. An allowance, too?

“What would I be expected to do?”

Carlos gazes at me, his honey-flecked eyes giving nothing away. He leans back in his chair and exhales before lighting a cigar.

“You will pretend to be madly in love with me. You’ll accompany me to parties and events, and no man will touch you again.”

I nod quietly before cocking my head to the side.

“Do I have to fuck you?” I ask, despite knowing the answer.

He smirks then, shaking his head with amusement.

“I’ve got enough whores to fuck. You’re just for display. I thought you’d be pleased. If you’re not, I can ask Abbie.”

His tone makes my stomach lurch, and I shake my head forcefully.

“No, I’m definitely pleased. Thank you.”

He sucks on his cigar before barking out the name of one of the guards, who enters instantly, looking at me curiously.

“Take her to my quarters. I’ll be up shortly.”

He drops his gaze, clearly dismissing me. His quarters? I leave the room before feeling my chest tighten.

I am shaking as the guard grabs my arm roughly, dragging me to my feet. I pull my hand away. A sharp slap stings my cheek as the guard growls, clearly annoyed with my resistance.

“I can walk!” I snap, and the guard balls my hair into his hand with a fist.

“I’ll put you on a fucking leash and make you walk on all fours if you dare resist me again, bitch.”

He pushes me toward the stairs while I try to breathe normally. I hate this guard the most. Minty, they call him. Fuck knows why because his breath certainly isn’t fresh.

We make it up the stairs, but not before he slams me against the wall, his pudgy fingers squeezing my breast tightly as I yelp out in pain.

“All this no-touching shit. What makes you so special? I’ll have you. Just you wait. I’ll fuck you until you bleed.”

His mouth is on mine now, and I try not to gag. He is too big and heavy to contend with, but it doesn’t stop me from lifting my knee to his balls.

He cries out in pain before punching me in the stomach, making me double over in agony. I’m pushed into a room, the door slamming shut behind us.

I’m coughing, struggling to breathe, when I hear his belt buckle fall to the floor. He forces me to the bed, face-down. My skirt is lifted up and my panties shoved aside as I let out a loud scream.

I wonder if anyone will even care.

Minty is inside me now, and he is hammering away like a dog in heat, his hands pawing at me as I try desperately to fight him off.

Suddenly, the door booms open, and I feel Minty ripped away. I stand up quickly, covering myself up as I see Carlos staring at the scene before him.

Immediately, Minty is defending himself on his knees on the floor.

“She’s just a whore, Boss. I just wanted to fuck her before—”

“Before what? Before you did what I asked you to do?”

Carlos’s voice is cold and deadly, and I almost feel sorry for the man in front of me despite what he did to me.

Carlos takes out his gun as Minty begins to whimper loudly.

“Please, Boss. I’ve got a family—”

Pop. Pop.

Minty falls face-down on the floor, blood pouring from the gaping holes in his face where his eyes once were. Carlos spits on him before turning to me.

“Are you all right?”

I’m stunned more by the question than what he has just done, and I nod quickly.

“Yes. It’s not the first time one of the guards has done that,” I say quietly, and I notice Carlos’s jaw clench.

“Follow me, Ria.”

His gun is pushed back into its holster, and I step over my rapist’s body without a second glance. He definitely deserved that.

I follow Carlos to the elevator at the end of the room, watching as he swipes his keycard to activate it.

“What the fuck happened to Minty?” I hear a voice bark from behind me.

We both turn to see Tony, Carlos’s older brother, glaring at us from the doorway to the room that holds Minty’s still-warm body. Tony barely glances at me when Carlos shrugs.

“He raped Ria.”

“So? She’s a whore.”

I am used to being spoken about like this, but something seems different this time.

Carlos frowns, tutting as he glances at me. “Excuse my brother. He’s got no fucking manners,” he drawls before turning his attention to Tony. “Not anymore. She works for me now.”

Tony frowns, his deep-brown eyes mirroring his brother’s as he groans.

“You haven’t got enough whores, Carlos? This one makes us too much money.”

“I’m not asking for your fucking permission,” Carlos growls quietly as Tony backs away, shaking his head.

“You should’ve discussed it with us first!”

“I just did,” Carlos says in a bored tone. “Get every guard and soldier up here to look at that bastard. If anyone touches a hair on her head again, they’ll know what to expect.”

We step into the elevator, leaving Tony staring after us in disbelief.

“Thank you,” I whisper, and Carlos merely grunts in response.

“Get a bath. Your outfit will be on your bed, ready, but if you want, you can get some sleep. I don’t need you until six.”

I follow him out of the elevator and down a hallway with a string of rooms branching off it. He stops opposite one, nodding at it.

“That’s your room. Come out at six.” With that, he turns and walks back toward the elevator wordlessly.

I gently place my hand on the doorknob, twisting it until I feel the lock release.

The room is beautiful, decorated in soft creams and deep mahoganies. There is a four-poster bed complete with cream sheets and two windows overlooking the grounds below.

A dress, shoes, and jewelry await me on the bed, and I finger the fabric softly. It is silk!

I carefully hang the dress on the closet door before placing the shoes beside it. I slide the jewelry box onto the dresser opposite my bed before I let out a squeal of excitement.

The ensuite has a large white tub on one side and a double-power shower beside it. A toilet and a sink flank the opposite side, and fluffy white towels complete the look.

I run the bath with trembling fingers, pouring the creamy oil beside the taps into the running water.

I’ve not had a bath in so long—we are usually ordered to shower quickly, with guards watching us. I strip my clothes off, tossing them into the trash can before I slip into the soothing water.

Sex doesn’t bother me anymore, not like it used to. It holds no pleasure for me and is a weapon to be used when needed. Minty just fucked with the wrong whore today.


I spend an hour in the tub, washing my hair and scrubbing my body clean.

When I get out, I massage the thick, luxurious body cream into my skin from one of the many bottles on the vanity. This makes me sigh with contentment.

I blow-dry my hair before wrapping my body in a thick white robe. I pad out to the bed, checking the time on the clock on the nightstand—2 p.m.

That means I have four hours before I need to be ready. I set the alarm before falling into a blissful sleep.

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