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To accommodate her friends and to switch up her scene, Nikita agrees to spend the evening at the Delta12, a notorious gay bar in the next town over. As the merrymaking gets underway, Nikita meets Haven, a drop-dead gorgeous woman, and the chemistry is instant. Though she swears she isn’t gay, Haven just might show her a side of herself she’s never explored before.

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Chapter 1

The Girl

Nikita was so over her regular haunts.

Perry, one of her closest friends, had suggested they go somewhere different tonight, and although Nikita was unsure, she went along with it.

Perry lived in the next town over, and a new club had opened there, which was where they would probably end up.

“Just put all this work shit out of your mind and focus on having fun, okay? I’ve arranged for us to meet Crystal and Mai at 10 p.m., so we need to get ready quickly.”

Crystal and Mai are more Perry’s friends than mine, and I know now that we won’t be going to the new club.

Crystal and Mai are together and also insanely attractive.

The last time we went to the mainstream bars, we were escorted out after the guys got too involved in Crystal and Mai’s make-out sessions.

It wasn’t really fair to them, so we usually go wherever they feel more comfortable.

Like Delta12.

Delta12 is a hot gay club notorious for its TV screens, which dominate the dance floor ceilings, and swings anyone can use.

Knowing I won’t be seeing my ridiculous ex makes me feel a little better, though. He wouldn’t set foot in a gay club.


Two hours later, we are at the table in some bar across from Delta12, and I’ve got that familiar rush of excitement that alcohol gives me.

I’m pumped, and I’m dying to get on the dance floor and shock out.

Mai laughs at my excitement and asks how I am about my recent breakup. Mai is flawlessly beautiful, and I envy her so much.

Her brown eyes don’t need accentuating with the makeup she has on, but she wears it regardless. Despite eating more chicken and rice than anyone I know, the girl remains a stick.

Go figure.

“You need a girl,” Crystal declares, winking at me. Mai grins before nodding.

“Yeah, you do. A hot blonde or a sexy redhead.” She is warming up to the idea now, and Crystal studies me suspiciously as I roll my eyes.

“I’m straight.” I laugh as Crystal flicks her hair.

“So was Mai. But once I had her in bed, I knew she was mine.”

Perry glances up then, grinning when I nudge her.

“Have you ever been with a girl?”

Perry shakes her head, wailing.

“I’ve got enough trouble getting a fucking guy to text me back, let alone trying it on with the better sex.”

We all laugh and finish our drinks before dancing with traffic to make it to Delta12.

I relax as soon as I hear ABBA blaring through the speakers, and I can’t help but grin.

To me, being in a gay club is like being at the best party ever with a bunch of like-minded people. No one tries it on with me, and no judgment.

It is just great.

The only man that catches my eye is the barman, but he has better brows than I do. Nevertheless, I order us apple sour shots and hand them out to the girls.

A song comes on that everyone loves, and we make our way onto the dance floor for some serious stress relief. Perry was right—I just needed to relax.

I notice Perry has spotted some guy she knows from work and has gone full insane greeting—screaming his name like she has rescued him from an avalanche or some shit.

Crystal and Mai are in their own world, but I don’t mind.

I feel more comfortable here.

I feel safe.

I’m making my way to the bar to order a prosecco cocktail when I see her.

She is standing at the other end of the bar, her raven hair spilling around her dainty shoulders as she laughs, her rosy-red mouth exposing a set of perfect teeth.

She is the sort of girl you envy instantly—all hourglass curves yet a flat tummy. She wears a silky black cross top that clings to her small, pert breasts.

Tight jeans hug her fabulous ass, and I try not to stare.

But then she catches me gawking, and a slight smile plays on her lips. She drags her eyes away from mine, and I blink back to reality and sip my cocktail.

I am surprised to find myself looking back for the woman, but she has gone. I feel a stab of irritation, which I shrug off.

“Mind if I join you?”

The breath by my ear is tantalizingly sexy, but when I turn to her, my eyes lock on her lips. I thought they were painted a deep red, but they aren’t. They are the soft, natural color that most women try to achieve.

Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown framed with thick black lashes and beautiful, strong eyebrows that tell me this girl is a natural beauty.

“God, you’re so pretty!” I beam as she hops onto the chair next to me. She orders a drink with her husky voice, and I shake my head.

“You’re stunning. Tell me you aren’t here with your girlfriend?” she responds with a light laugh, her black-painted fingernails dipping into her drink to pluck out a raspberry.

I watch, fascinated, as she opens her mouth, drawing the raspberry in and sucking her finger.

“Um, no. I’m straight,” I explain, which only makes her laugh again.

“Oh, a challenge. I like that.” She smirks, her eyes glittering as she leans forward. I can smell her sweet perfume, and it’s intoxicating.

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