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The Twins


Chapter 2

Mal saunters up to us, moving Kay’s hair away from her neck as he gazes at me. He kisses her slowly, his lips parting as he nibbles on her skin.

Kay throws her head back and tightens her grip on my hand. I’m frozen with shock, unsure what to do, when she turns her head to his, and they begin to kiss.

I stand up, the jealousy burning within me when Mal pulls away, shaking his head.

“Your turn.”

Kay walks up to me, her eyes wide as she whispers, “Please.”

I look at Mal again, and he nods, his hands cupping Kay’s breasts from behind.

Kay stands on tiptoe to reach me, and I slam my lips on hers, my hands gripping her ass, making her yelp out with excitement.

As I kiss her, her hand drops to my crotch, stroking my hardness through my shorts.

Mal guides us through the open doorway, and Kay pushes me onto the bed she shares with Mal, her tongue exploring my mouth so intimately that I panic.

My brother is going to put his fist through my face.

Kay gasps against me and falls to her side as Mal slides her panties down, his fingers pushing into her roughly.

“Oh my god,” Kay murmurs, her eyes rolling back in her head as I lift her dress up, revealing her incredible breasts.

Mal grins at me, and I smile back, dropping my head to her nipple, which I devour. I position the hard bud between my lips, sucking and biting on it as she cries out above me.

I feel Mal’s hand on mine, and then he moves it to her dripping-wet mound. “Finger fuck her. She loves it.” Mal smirks as Kay begins to kiss him.

I’m gazing down at her core, which has a triangle of dark hair that seems to swallow my finger as I push it in.

Her pussy clenches around my digit, and she moves against it, clearly enjoying the sensation.

“Taste it,” I hear Mal whisper before I notice Kay has her hand wrapped around his dick.

I’ve seen it before, but it is strange seeing it like this. But Kay’s movements are erotic, and I shuffle farther down the bed to position myself between her legs.

Her musky scent hits me, and I swallow nervously. I don’t know how to do this, and the pressure of knowing my expert brother has done it many times before me makes it even worse.

“Like an ice cream, brother.”

As usual, Mal reads my mind, and I drop my head to her silky folds. She tastes so sweet, my tongue flickering against her clit as she moans into my brother’s mouth.

Her juices are flowing now, and I know I must be doing something right. Her thighs clamp around my head, drawing me in deeper as she moans, throwing her head back in ecstasy.

“Oh, Nico, yes!”

Her saying my name like that makes me harder than hell, and I lift up, suddenly wanting nothing more than to be inside her.

Her eyes meet mine as she nods, her hands reaching for me as I slide my shorts down shakily.

I don’t have a condom, but no one seems to care. I have no fucking idea what I am doing, but they do.

Kay moves her legs around my hips, tugging me down to her, and we are kissing again. Her slick pussy allows the tip of my cock to dip into her wetness before she murmurs that she wants me inside of her.

“I’ve never done this before,” I confess, glancing at Mal, who looks up at me from Kay’s throat.

“Help him, Kay.”

Kay’s fingers are suddenly around my shaft, guiding me into her most intimate place. I inhale sharply when her walls grip my dick. My vision fills with stars.

“Jesus,” I whisper, pushing myself farther into her as she arches against me. She is beyond beautiful right now, and Mal backs off.

Her arms are around my neck as I pull my hips back, slamming into her as waves of ecstasy grip my body, her cries filling the room.

“Am I your first, Nico?” she moans, rocking her hips against me, and I try not to cum at her delicious voice, cracking with desire.

“Yes,” I mutter as she kisses me, her juices still on my tongue, which she is now sucking on.

“Harder,” she commands, and I obey, keeping the rhythm going while putting as much force into it as I can.

To my surprise, she lifts her legs up, hooking one around my neck, and her cries fill the room—the same cries and moans I’ve listened to for months and months.

Not breaking my stride, I hook her other leg over my shoulder so that I’m staring down at her hooded eyes.

“Shit, I’m going to cum,” I mutter as she nods. My pace increases, my hand tugging her hair back as she cries out, my mouth covering hers as I fill her with my seed.

It’s beyond anything I’ve experienced before. The woman I wanked over so many times is taking my dick fully, her eyes on mine.

I exhale slowly, a nervous laugh escaping my lips as I notice her move her stare to my brother hungrily.

“Make me cum, Mal,” she pleads, and I move away, watching as my brother flips her over with ease.

Her eyes lock on mine as he spits onto her asshole before pushing his dick into her tightest space. “Kiss me,” Kay gasps, and I do, lifting her up against me.

Her body is being slammed into now, and she is almost unable to focus as our mouths move against one another.

My brother is groaning, his hand slapping her ass as he fucks it.

I’m hard again, and I stand up, allowing Kay to look up at me with surprise.

“You want me to suck your dick?” She gasps, her eyes closing with what appears to be her orgasm.

She takes me in her mouth quickly, and this time, it is my eyes that are rolling in my head. Her head jerks with each thrust from Mal, her mouth swallowing my entire length as I feel her gag against me.

My hands are in her hair now, and as I fuck her mouth, I notice my brother smirk at me.

Seconds later, Mal is grunting against her before he lets out a deep growl that tells me he has cum.

I am not sure if Kay has orgasmed or not, but as Mal walks out of the apartment and onto the balcony, I shoot my load into the back of her throat, my own cries filling the room.

We fall to the bed, exhausted, our lips brushing against one another as she grins at me shyly.

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world right now,” she whispers, burying her face into my neck as Mal walks back in. He lies beside her and strokes her leg softly.

“How many times did you cum, baby girl?”

“I lost count,” Kay confesses, her husky voice close to my ear as I kiss her forehead.

“How was it for you, bro? Your first time?”

“Spectacular. You’re fucking gorgeous, Kay.”

“I don’t mind sharing my queen with you if she wants to,” Mal decides as Kay turns to him. “I love you, and I want you to be happy.”

They begin to kiss softly, and Kay laces her fingers with mine. “I’d like that.”

Me too.

The End

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