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Chapter 2

He stands, tugging my bag from my shoulder, letting it fall to the floor with a soft clunk. He is watching me, his eyes weighing up my reaction as he strokes my jaw slowly.

I am trying to find a reason, an expletive to throw at him to stop him from touching me, but my brain will not allow it.

“How dare you?” I seethe, reaching forward to grab his balls in my hand. I notice his hardness against the palm of my hand, yet I still squeeze slightly.

“I thought you were a ballbreaker. My turn.”

Without warning, he tears open my blazer, revealing my soft cashmere sweater. His hands circle my breasts, his thumbs giving extra attention to my nipples, which stand to attention immediately.

“I’ve got a boyfriend. This is inappropriate,” I say as he pulls me against him, turning me around so that my ass is pressed against his erection.

“So? He doesn’t own you. Your time is your own, except, right now, your time is mine.”

“I’m pretty sure I just quit,” I remind him, turning my head to find his mouth dangerously close to mine.

“Did you? I didn’t see anything in writing.” He chuckles softly.

His hands are around my waist now, and before I can stop him, they are slipping up my stomach, pushing my bra upward so my breasts spring free. “Why aren’t you wearing a dress? I like easy access.”

“Fuck easy access. I didn’t say you had any access,” I shoot back as he turns me toward him. Face to face, his eyes burn into mine, his teeth dragging his lip into his mouth as he bites down.

“I don’t need to ask. Shall I elaborate?”

My lip quivers as he unhooks my slacks with professional ease, slipping his cold hand down into my underwear. Instantly, his fingers find my slick folds, and he lets out a soft groan.

“See?” he whispers before he pushes a finger into my wet hole. I gasp out, my body arching against his hand as he continues to fuck me with his digit.

“Mr. Harrison—” comes a voice from the doorway, and I try to move back, but he holds me still.

“OUT,” he bellows, pulling his hand from my underwear.

I am still a little dazed by his onslaught, but it is nothing compared to what he does next. He pushes down my slacks, then my underwear, before moving me to bend me over the table.

Whoever is at the door backs away, and I hear it close.

“Wait, we can’t—”


My ass stings from the palm of his hand against the softness of my cheek, but then his fingers dance over it lightly.

“We can, and we will, unless you don’t want me to?”

I moan in response. Yes.

His fingers are back inside of me, caressing the walls of my inner tunnel, expanding them as I buck against him.

His other hand reaches around and plays with my nipples, squeezing them to the point of pain. Just as I am about to cry out, he releases them, rubbing the head of his cock against my sopping entrance.

What am I doing?!

“Camila?” he growls, his hands lacing with mine as he leans against me. “Consent, please.”

I hear the tearing of a condom wrapper, and I curse myself for not even thinking of safety.

“God, you’re a bastard,” I hiss, backing onto him.

“Yes,” I growl, then I feel him thrusting into me. My body shakes with delight as he pushes it into me forcefully, his hands still laced with mine.

“Say that properly,” he commands, a slap stinging my ass cheeks once again. It isn’t even fully in yet, and already I can barely breathe.

“What?” I gasp, gripping onto the table as he continues to fill me. “I said…yes…,” I grind out through gritted teeth before letting out a soft moan.

“Yes, what?”

He slams into me, and I lose my balance, slipping down so I am face-down on the table. One hand reaches over, grabbing both of mine and squeezing on my wrist so tightly it bruises.

“Yes…I want…you…to…,” I gasp out with each thrust. “Fuck…”

“Your ass?” I hear him ask sweetly, removing himself from my dripping wet hole.

“Whoa, hang on. I don’t get anything from that,” I argue, turning around to see him spit on his fingers.

“You will with me.”

I don’t even think to argue, and instead, I brace myself by holding onto the table, allowing his knees to spread my legs farther apart.

He spits on my asshole next and uses his fingers to coat it in a mixture of his spit and my juices. Then he presses it into my asshole, which has barely been touched.

I have tried once, and it hurt so much that I screamed for Graham to stop.

Graham. Oh, God—

“Ready, sweetheart? Relax, okay?”

Easy for him to say. I am beyond tense until he begins thrusting into my ass slowly.

“Fuck!” I hiss as he pushes my legs back together, creating a tight embrace around his cock.

“Tell me about it,” he groans into my ear, moving my hair around from my face so he can reach my mouth with his lips.

His hand grips my wrists tighter as he pushes farther into me. The ripping sensation that should warn me to be careful only sends me into further intoxication.

His hand releases my sore wrists but returns to my clit, massaging it softly, tenderly as he fucks my ass painfully slowly.

It gets to the point where I am slamming back onto him, and I nearly choke when he returns the favor.

I feel my body quiver, my eyes filling with stars, my body racing with heat as the combination of his thrusts, the clit teasing, and his sexual groans fill me.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” I mutter, my lips feeling like they are numb and unable to form the words correctly.

I cover my mouth with my hands as I cum, trying not to cry out as he rides me into the sweetest oblivion.

“Me too,” he mutters, tugging it out of my ass and forcing me to my knees. “Swallow every drop.”

He peels off the condom, tossing it to the floor as he grabs the back of my head.

I look up at him, pushing his cock into my mouth as I choke, initially gagging as he holds my head in place.

He pushes his cock into the back of my throat, filling it with waves and waves of cum.

I swallow eagerly, my hand pumping what little of the shaft is outside of my mouth, our eyes locking together as he grins.

“There we are. I’d say that was a success.”

He helps me to my feet, even assisting me back into my underwear. I feel like I have been physically beaten, but the softness of his touch soothes me.

“I still think you’re an asshole.” I smirk as he looks down at me, and I tug my blazer back on.

“I like yours, very much so. So, whatever means I get more of that is good by me.”

“I have a boyfriend!” I roll my eyes, pulling out my mirror as I examine my reflection. I look flushed, but my eyes gleam with euphoria.

“Whatever,” he snorts as he hooks his hands around my waist. My heart rate increases, and I sit back on the table as he positions himself between my legs. “That part I’m not asking about.”

He drops his lips to mine, kissing me so softly my toes curl within my stockinged feet.

“If you are with me, you can quit. You just need to be naked and in my bed every fucking day,” he mutters before our mouths meet again.

“I can’t,” I apologize, resting my forehead against his. “This was a one-off. I have to go back to work. Bye, Charlie.”

He stares at me, his eyes narrowing as I walk away.

I’ve not only fucked the CEO, but I have unleashed an animal. I am not so sure walking away from Charlie Harrison is going to be quite so easy.

The End

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