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The Personal Assistant

V.J. Villamayor

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When a personal assistant offers to assist with personal tasks.

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Chapter 1

The Personal Assistant

“You look like you could use a coffee, boss.” Chloe walked into Damien’s office with a steaming mug of black coffee.

“Lifesaver.” Damien rubbed his eyes roughly, accepting the mug. “This week has been the week from hell.”

Damien had been in non-stop meetings, day and night, with the CEO of Montgomery Corp to buy them out. However, he wouldn’t have become the successful man he was if he hadn’t been good at the cutthroat decisions he made.

The CEO was holding out for a higher dollar amount, but Damien had a card up his sleeve. He might be playing dirty if he had to use it, but playing dirty wasn’t beneath him.

Damien leaned back in his chair, half listening to Chloe as she stood on the other side of his desk, listing off the important emails he should reply to.

“…a massage.”

Damien jerked back to reality. “What was that, Chloe?”

“There he is. You zoned out for a bit.” Chloe put her notepad on his desk and walked around Damien’s chair.

Damien noted the sweet scent of her perfume wafting around him. Chloe’s arms reached over his chair, and her slender fingers began to massage his shoulders. “I said you look like you could use a massage, sir.”

Chloe’s fingers were firm and applied just the right amount of pressure as she worked the knots in Damien’s shoulders.

As she felt Damien melt into her massage, she leaned forward to reach farther down his back. The farther she reached, the closer her lips came to Damien’s ear.

“This is new of you, Chloe,” Damien breathed, a light moan escaping as she rubbed a particularly sore knot. “Not that I’m complaining.”

Chloe’s voice was soft and tantalizing right in his ear. “Well, I can’t have you exploding from stress, can I? I like my job.”


“What was that, boss?”

Damien had mumbled his response. He didn’t think she’d hear him, but being so close, obviously she had.

“It’s nothing… You don’t have to keep massaging me, Chloe. You know this isn’t part of your job. Though if I knew how good you were with your hands, I would’ve had it put into your contract.”

Chloe was his PA. He absolutely should not be having the very inappropriate thoughts he was currently having about how good her hands felt.

Not only was she one of his best PAs ever, but she was also funny and…to put it lightly…sex on legs. Voluptuous, confident, and smart as hell, she could put an angry client in their place in a single moment.

Now, Damien was put in his place—stuck, more like it. Her hands were hot, smooth, and finally moving back up his back to his shoulders again.

“…I could…show you how good I am with my hands? I’m good at other things too…”

Though it was the first time Chloe had given him a massage, it wasn’t the first time flirtatious passing remarks were exchanged between them. However, this was surpassing how far they had gone before.

Chloe’s hands moved over his shoulders, sliding across the edge of his collar until they reached his tie. Toying with it slowly, as though waiting for him to stop her, she loosened it before pulling it apart.

She popped one button open and slid her hand tentatively inside his shirt. Her fingers spread across his chest, and her nails dug lightly into his skin.

“Don’t start what you can’t finish, Chloe,” Damien warned. The whole time, Damien was trying to rein himself in, but his restraints were snapping.

“Have I ever started something I didn’t finish, sir?” Chloe whispered into his ear. She eyed Damien’s hardening crotch. “…I could even help you finish?”

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