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It’s been years since my husband made love to me properly, so I’ve done the only thing I can. Find another man. Sebastian’s supposed to guard my body, but he does so much more to it than that. The problem? My husband wants me back, and I can only be with him when the lights are off. Because with the lights on, I’m afraid I'll look at him and picture someone else.

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Cheating, Domestic Violence)

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Chapter 1

Book 1

You know how you marry someone thinking the fact that he’s terrible in bed and has a small penis won’t matter because he’s filthy rich?


Just me? Okay.

I’d been married to Don Campbell for four years, and I hated it.

Yes, I enjoyed the shopping sprees, the expensive yacht vacations, and the extravagant trips all around the world. I loved opening my closet to see the rows of designer dresses and shoes. I loved the cars and the jewelry too.

I’d have loved it all even more if I had a husband who cared as much about taking care of my body as he cared about spending money.

My girlfriends were happy to go with me to Hawaii and Italy, and I had a bodyguard for the times nobody else was free to travel with me. Otherwise, I was always alone. My husband went on business trips for weeks, if not longer.

He talked sometimes about having children, but there was no way I wanted to get pregnant. If he was never there for me, how would he be there for the baby?

It would’ve been so much better if the time we did spend together satisfied me, but fucking him was like eating a salad when you wished you had a cheeseburger—you were still hungry when you were done!

He was never home, and when he was, he was tired from working at the office. When we did actually fuck, I couldn’t even feel it. He climbed on top of me and then got off in a minute. He never even tried to make me cum.

That’s right. I had to give myself orgasms because my husband couldn’t be bothered. Or maybe he just didn’t know how.

He took my virginity, and everyone knows you always get a little clingy with your first. You also even end up falling in love.

I should’ve guessed how it was going to go the first time we slept together. I waited for him to get started, only to find out he was already halfway done!

At first, I thought it was normal to last seconds in bed.

Since I didn’t really know what was going on, I faked some moans so he wouldn’t get offended and took care of myself after he started snoring. That’s how it had been ever since.

Don did not like any other “unnecessary activities” like blindfolds or bondage. Even doggy style was taboo.

Gentle, boring missionary was the only option, and he only went down on me when he wanted to apologize for something.

I used to spend hours shopping for new high heels. Now I spent my time collecting vibrators, dildos, clit suckers…anything I could use to get myself off.

The only time I enjoyed sex with him was when I was riding him. I could go at the pace I wanted and at least feel him inside me.

He’d been on a business trip to Colombia for two weeks. He did call me, telling me he loved me and what he would buy for me, but none of that helped my aching horniness.

Toys and my own fingers could only do so much. I needed a man’s hands on me. His mouth, his tongue. I needed a cock to drive inside me until I screamed.

I knew he would come home very late, so I waited for him in the bedroom. My wet pussy wasn’t going to let me sleep anyway. I was shaved, clean, and ready for him.

I’d been thinking about this all day. I’d even teased myself until I was dripping, just so I’d be more likely to cum with him. I wanted it to be easy for him. It wasn’t going to take much. I hoped even my husband could manage it.

Naked, I waited for him on the bed. It took forever for him to open the bedroom door, so long that I almost thought he was going to sleep on the couch. I played with my nipples while I waited.

Finally, the door creaked open, and he tiptoed inside.

“Hello, husband!” I kept my voice low and sexy. I licked my lips.

“Elissa, you’re still up?” He stayed by the door.

I curled my finger at him and gave a pouty grin. “I missed you too much to sleep. Come here.”

He did. I knelt on the bed and started kissing him, removing his coat, then his tie. I was working on his shirt when he grabbed my hands and stopped me.

“Not tonight, honey, I’m tired. I had a long flight, and I just want to sleep.”

Every nerve in my body was on fire, and I couldn’t stop from letting out a frustrated groan. “But I need you…”

“Maybe later, okay?”

I knew there’d be no later. I didn’t know what he got up to when he was on his trips, but it sure as hell wasn’t missing me. I watched him take off his shoes and belt, then go to the closet and come back in his pajamas.

“Later, baby. Okay?”

He kissed me as he got under the duvet. I just sat there looking at him. I could smell my wetness. My nipples were still hard.

“No, not later. I want you now.”

“Come on, Elissa. You can go one night without sex. We’ll do it tomorrow.” He closed his eyes.

One night? I haven’t seen you in two weeks. And even when you’re here, we rarely do anything because you’re always tired. You’re not my husband; you’re my roommate. I have needs, Don!”

No answer.

“Don? Don?”

The motherfucker was already asleep.

I wanted to cry with frustration. I wanted to punch him. Scream. Mostly, I wanted him to want me so much that he would never pass up the chance to make love.

As his snores got louder, I opened my drawer and took out a dildo. I was already so wet and so close to the edge it slid inside me without effort. I moaned.

He didn’t wake up.

I fucked myself faster. Harder. The dildo was bigger than his cock, but it wasn’t the same as having someone kiss and hold me.

My toes curled, and my entire body rocked with the orgasm I’d spent the whole day waiting to share with the man I’d married. He was right beside me, but in the end, I was still alone.

I slept with my back to him. I didn’t want to see his stupid face, even in the dark.


I had no plans of waking up early the next morning. Don would be home at least half the day, and I was too mad at him to even want to spend time with him. I went downstairs and found him at the dining table.

He’d finished his breakfast and scrolled through his phone. He acted like nothing was wrong as he smiled at me. “Good morning, honey.”

“What’s so good about this morning?” I rolled my eyes and sat down.

“Are you still mad at me about last night?”

“I don’t know, Don. Should I still be mad at you? I wanted you. I was ready for you, and you left me hanging.” Pouting, I turned away from him.

“Elissa. Come here.” He tapped his lap.

I just glared at him.


I didn’t want to hope this meant he was actually feeling sexy, but I straddled him. He put his phone on the table and one hand on my waist. I didn’t want to feel anything from his touch, but I couldn’t help it. I was still so horny!

He rubbed my cheek slowly with his thumb. “I’m sorry, honey. Please forgive me.”

He sounded so sincere. I didn’t want to forgive him, but I was going crazy. The money and gifts were great, but I needed a man.

“We never make love. Even when you’re here, you’re either tired or not in the mood. Are you not attracted to me anymore? Is that what this is?” I heard a sob in my voice and let it out, not caring if it hurt his feelings.

“Don’t say that. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and you can take my word for it because I have traveled literally everywhere. You are the sexiest woman. You never fail to make me drool for you.”

I rocked a little on his lap, hoping I’d feel him getting hard. “Then what is it? I don’t want a roommate; I want a husband.”

“Have your breakfast, and I promise we’ll spend the whole day in bed together.”



As I got off Don’s lap, Joseph, his lead security guard, came in with a man following behind him.

“Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Campbell. Good morning.”

“Joseph, there you are,” my husband said. “It’s about time.”

I didn’t greet Joseph. I hardly heard him say good morning. My eyes were on the man who’d come into the room behind him.

He could’ve been a model in a magazine. His trimmed dark beard covered a sharp jawline and matched the long, dark-brown hair touching his shoulders. He wore half of it pulled back in a low bun with the rest free.

I stared at his tan skin. Heart-shaped mouth. His features were perfect.

Heat rushed up from my belly and into my face. My skin tingled. I was glad I could put a hand on the back of my chair, because my knees had gone weak at the sight of this gorgeous stranger who hit every single one of my buttons.

He had to be over six feet tall and ripped. His tailored suit showed off his muscles without making him look too bulky, like a cartoon.

Am I drooling? I think I’m drooling.

I forced myself to look away from him, hoping nobody saw how red my cheeks got. I also hoped nobody saw my nipples poking through the thin material of my pajamas.

“Honey, I needed your old bodyguard for another assignment, so I had Joseph find you a new one.” My husband smiled like he was giving me yet one more present.

Joseph nodded. “Right. Mrs. Campbell, this is Sebastian Griffin. He was handpicked by me personally. I assure you, he is the best of the best. He is very good at his job, and you will like his work ethic.”

Sebastian stepped forward. His dark eyes held mine with a burning gaze. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Desperate to break my gaze from his, I let mine fall to the front of his trousers. Another rush of heat flooded through me at the sight of the bulge there. I cut my gaze so nobody could tell I was checking him out.

“Elissa, what do you think?” Don asked, making me come back from my dirty thoughts.

I coughed lightly into my fist. “If Joseph himself chose him, he must be a good bodyguard.”

“Then it’s settled. Sebastian will be driving you everywhere, keeping an eye on you, keeping you safe.”

“Yes, madam,” Sebastian said in a low, gravelly voice that sent sparks right between my legs. “It’ll be my pleasure.”


Something I needed a lot more of.

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