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Coworkers & Car Sex

V.J. Villamayor

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For quite a while now, Vera has had her eye on Eli, her coworker at the grocery store. After every shift, he’s been walking her to her car, but she hasn’t quite worked up the courage to ask him to dinner. On this night, Eli senses she has something to ask, but his impatience with her beating around the bush moves him to take matters into his own hands.

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Chapter 1

Coworkers and Car Sex

Vera smiled as she watched Eli turn the key to the door. Their shift at the local grocery store was finally finished. She leaned against the wall as he shouldered his bag before they walked to the parking lot.

Every shift they worked together, Eli would accompany her to her car, and every single time, she’d try to ask him out—and back out.

Vera sighed as their cars came into view in the dark and empty lot. Another opportunity to ask him to dinner was slipping through her fingers.

“Hey”—Vera’s face flushed, and she backpedaled again—“um, thanks for walking me to my car.”

She spun and grabbed her keys to unlock her door when she felt Eli step close behind her.

His breath was hot against her ear, and she froze as he whispered, “You seemed to want to ask me something, Vera. You sure you just want to thank me for walking you to your car?”

“Umm…” Vera thoughts were scrambled. Did he always smell this good? Did his body always radiate this much heat? “Well…”

Eli moved closer. His body pressed flush against Vera’s back as his arms caged her between her car and himself. “Well…?”

“I can’t think…,” Vera whispered.

“Then look at me and see if you can remember.”

Vera turned, still trapped within Eli’s arms, and realized this wasn’t going to help her think at all. Eli was so close, his eyes homed in on hers, and with every breath, her tits grazed his chest.

Eli was breathing heavily, and his eyes darted down to her lips. “Fuck it…!”

Vera gasped as Eli bent to capture her lips with his. He pushed forward and pinned her swiftly melting body against the car.

He parted her lips with his tongue, darting farther to taste her as his hands gripped her hips and pulled her hard against him.

Vera was going mad; heat pricked her skin, and her arms shot up to wrap around Eli’s neck. She kissed him back with fervor.

She moaned into his mouth when he grasped her ass and lifted her, her legs automatically winding themselves around his waist.

Even through her panties and work pants, Eli could tell Vera was wet. He was hard as rock, and it was 100 percent because of the vixen he was currently grinding his cock against.

Eli broke their kiss and aimed for her neck, sucking on the racing pulse as he tried to regain a semblance of sanity.

“Keys…,” he managed to mumble against Vera’s neck.


Her breathy moans were undoing him. How could such innocent replies send a dizzying amount of blood rushing down to his cock?

The sound of her keys jingling in her hand caught his attention, and he managed to find the right button on her remote to unlock the car before swinging her backdoor open and basically throwing her inside.

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