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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

V.J. Villamayor

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Vivianne has had a hard day at work. All she wants is to climb into a hot shower and let the pulsing stream ease her tensions away. But she realizes only one thing can relax to her core, and the shower head is there to help. Tonight, however, she’s extra needy and won’t stop at just one.

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Chapter 1

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It had been one hell of a day.

Vivianne tossed her clothes, one by one, into a pile as she stripped down for her shower. She tugged her hair loose, and it fell into a shiny cascade around her shoulders. Then she adjusted the water as hot as her body could take it.

Her muscles ached, her body was stressed, and she just needed to relax.

As she stepped into the shower, the hot stream of water soaked her immediately, coursing down her naked body and plastering her hair to her scalp. She sighed as steam swirled around her.

After pumping the liquid soap into her palms, she took her time to slide her slippery hands down her neck and across her shoulders to cup her breasts.

She swirled her thumb over her hardened nipples, and as she repeated the motion, Vivianne stepped back and leaned against the cool tiles of the shower wall.

The soap frothed and bubbled over her tits and followed the path of her hands down her arms, across her torso, and down her legs. Want pulsed between her thighs, and she eyed the shower head. She was in desperate need of some relaxation.

Vivianne grabbed the detachable shower head and sprayed the heated water across her skin. When it hit her nipples, she gasped.

A quiet moan left her throat as tingles of pleasure zipped from her nipples to between her legs. Vivianne’s head tipped back as she leisurely traced a path down to her pussy with the shower head.

Vivianne moaned louder when the water pulsed hard at her needy clit, her pussy fluttering, just needing ~more.~ She pinched a nipple, rolling it between her fingers as her eyes closed.

The pressure of the water, aimed at her most intimate area, was building the tension inside of her higher and higher. There was something about the hard jets of hot water coursing at her clit that just got to her.

She couldn’t last.

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