Savage Prince - Book cover

Savage Prince

Kristen Luciani

Chapter 2


“I can’t go into a pitch black room with a stranger. Are you insane?”

My cousin Molly shrugs, a dangerous glimmer in her blue eyes. “Why not? You’re not exactly a virgin.”

Heat flushes my cheeks. She’s right about that but still. It’s crazy that we’re here in Sicily in the first place but she said she wanted me to have the most amazing birthday of my life. So I flew here from New York and met her for the party, which has basically lasted for close to a week.

And evidently this club is where we’re going to celebrate tonight.

Our last night.

I wind a strand of hair around my finger, looking around but trying not to look too hard. I figured we’d come, have a few drinks, take in the sights, and maybe find some cute Sicilian boys to hook up with.

But not while blindfolded in the dark.

That’s a little too kinky, even for me.

I’m always the level-headed one, and for good reason. Someone needs to control my brother Conor, the short-fused lunatic who’s going to drive my family into the ground. He also happens to be the co-underboss of my family, right alongside me.

I swear sometimes it feels like I spend more time reeling him in than managing our businesses. But a week away, while great for my sanity, is also making me really nervous about what shit storms he’s stirred up since I’ve been away.

But there is plenty of time to worry about that tomorrow when I’m on a flight back to New York. Tonight is my final chance to loosen up and enjoy my freedom since the noose will be flung around my neck again the second I step off the flight.

“I don’t know. I think I’d rather see the guy I decide to kiss.” I cast a look around, trying to look nonchalant. If I’m being honest, all the guys here look damn delicious so I can’t really go wrong.

A mischievous smile lifts Molly’s lips. “Have a drink. Maybe you’ll feel different.”

“It’s our last night here. You know we have early flights home tomorrow. It’s not like I can get blasted and that’s what I’d have to be to go into one of those crazy ass playrooms to mess around with a stranger.”

“You need to stop thinking tonight.” Molly narrows her eyes at me. “I can tell you’re thinking about work. And Conor. Am I right?”

I shrug. “Guilty.”

“Heaven, don’t worry. Conor is such a dick, he’s going to get himself killed soon enough. Then you won’t need to worry about him anymore.”

My jaw drops. “I can’t believe you just said that.”

She quirks an eyebrow. “Really? Because nobody else is thinking it, right?”

“He’s reckless, yes, but—”

“But my ass. He’s put targets on all of your backs because of his fuckups in New York. The guy can’t even roll out of bed without pissing someone off. Tell me he’ll live to see his next birthday.”

“Even if it’s true, I don’t want to think it. He’s my brother and I…” My lips twist but I say the words anyway. “Love him.”

“Yep. Conor Mulligan. Loveable as a Nile crocodile.”

“As much of a liability as he is, we still need him. There are other families moving into the area who want to try and take over our territories and businesses. Nobody outside of the family can know what’s going on with him. If they find out, we’re screwed. No more power. No more control. We’d be crushed.”

“Okay, okay. So play nice with Conor when you get home. But for the rest of the time we’re here in Palermo, forget about him and your enemies and your businesses. Just live a little, Heaven.”

Molly grasps my hand and weaves through a crowd of people blocking our path toward the bar. I can’t help the smile from lifting my lips.

My cousin was right, of course.

I needed this, just one crazy girls’ trip to let off some steam.

It’s been a rough couple of years for my family since Mom got sick and then passed. Dealing with Conor is always a headache and challenge, and Dad always seems to gives him just enough rope to hang himself. It’s maddening.

I’m always the responsible one, the one who never steps out of line.

And yet, Conor is the one rewarded for his assholery. Why can everyone see it except for my father?

Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it to be the boss. Sure, I’ve worked my ass off to get the promotion over my brother, but an inkling of doubt chews at my gut.

I squeeze my eyes shit for a second to block it all out.

I just want to dance and laugh and flirt.

To feel normal for the first time in a long time.

Molly nudges me toward the crowd of hot, sweaty bodies under flashing lights. “Let’s dance. We’ll have a few more drinks until you warm up to the idea. And then you’re really going to find out the meaning of the word celebrate.”

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