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S. Glasssvial

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“I’m a fantastic masseuse.” She laid her hands on top of his shoulders and slowly caressed the round muscles through his shirt. Fuck, he was hard as a rock. “Would you like a demonstration?”

Keyla would love nothing more than to get her hands on mouthwatering Orhan, but not only is he Keyla’s boss, he’s the CEO of the company. Oh, and he’s also an orc. Chances are he would never fall for a human…

Orhan can’t keep his mind off Keyla, his sexy, smart-as-hell secretary, but there’s no way he’ll make a move after she publicly swore off men. Plus, she’s human. She’d never fall for the likes of him… Or would she?

An invitation for a massage might change everything!

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Chapter 1


Life could be a struggle sometimes. Especially when one was a seven-foot orc in a bloody hot world where three out of every four inhabitants were human, and female orcs were nearly nonexistent.

Finding a suitable mate was harder than ever. But Orhan had already found the woman he wanted for himself. Her name was Keyla, a human, and she had been his trustworthy secretary for over a year now.

Keyla was a dream. Not only was she gorgeous, but she was also sweet, smart, curious, and ambitious. She was a hard worker who never hesitated to give everything her all.

And he’d fallen for her—hard. He just didn’t have the balls to tell her.

He smiled as he stared at her from behind his desk. As CEO, his office overlooked most of the floor, and as his secretary, Keyla sat at a desk just outside his door, one that he kept open for the sole pleasure of viewing her.

Keyla was still working hard, typing away, occasionally taking a sip of tea from her pink penguin mug. He could watch her for hours, then go home and dream about her all night. He never got bored.

Every evening, he shamelessly jacked off while fantasizing about her. He’d imagine those round, big breasts squeezed in his hands, her sweet, wet pussy pressed against his tongue, and those plump pink lips wrapped around his big, fat—

“Fuck, shit.” Orhan tore his gaze away when Keyla’s honey-colored eyes met his. “Don’t stare at her all creepy, you dumbass,” he mumbled to himself. He glanced at his watch, more to look like he was doing something than because he cared about the time.

It was already eight o’clock. Although it was summer and the days were longer, Orhan still didn’t like Keyla going home late. Late hours were fine for him. As CEO, they were expected, but he hated to think of her walking home alone at night.

Orhan reached for the button, calling her desk via intercom. “Keyla,” he said.

“Yes, sir?” came her soft voice.

“You should go home now, but can you please bring me the files on Michaelson Construction first?”

“Yes, I’ll be right there.”

“Thank you.” Orhan released the button and rubbed his hands over his face.

Shit, he was so pathetic. He wasn’t even working on the Michaelson Construction case right now, let alone in need of their company files.

He just wanted to see her up close, hear her voice one last time in person—he swore the soft seductive quality of it was diminished by the damned intercom system. It was almost a physical need of his to be in the same room talking with her before she went home, and he was forced to wait out the long, lonely night before seeing her again.

Somehow, they always ended up being the last ones in the office, and that last moment before she left was his favorite time of the day. That was when it was just them, nobody else. Even if it was just a few glances that were shared, a few words, a few whiffs of her scent wafting up his nose, it was amazing.

He’d been crushing on her for half a year now. Crushing hard, ever since the company’s Winter Solstice party, when Keyla had surprised him with a sudden kiss on the cheek.

Mistletoe,”she’d said, looking up. To Orhan’s surprise, there was indeed a little green branch hanging above their heads. He honestly hadn’t noticed it, but Brenda, his second secretary, joked about it. She told Keyla that Orhan had tricked her into standing beneath the symbol of love.

It wasn’t true! Yes, he enjoyed feeling her warm breath and soft lips on his skin, but he didn’t want her to think he was coming on to her. He still remembered how she’d cried over her ex-douchebag, how her eyes had flashed with angry determination when she had declared she was done with men. So instead of saying anything, Orhan had cringed in embarrassment and waited for her denial that anything would ever happen between them.

But Keyla had chuckled and said she didn’t mind if he had. Then she’d winked at him, making him blush. That was the moment the tall orc had fallen for his little secretary.

Since then, Orhan often watched her during work. Just watched the way she could graciously type reports, talk on the phone, or make coffee. There was something in the way she moved and looked at him that called to him on the most primitive level.

But he hadn’t dared to make a move for two reasons. First, he knew she had been through a nasty breakup last year and had sworn not to date anybody any time soon. And second, he knew an amazing, beautiful, smart, funny woman like her wouldn’t be interested in someone like him, an orc, no matter how successful he was in life.

Orhan could easily buy women if he wanted to. He had the millions to do so. Having built his company from scratch, he now stood at the very top of the business world. But Orhan didn’t want that, even if there were the proven success stories of buying a bride—a solution many orc men picked.

Juho, his best friend, had bought one of Orhan’s employees. Amy, a girl with frizzy curls, had taken to Juho from the start. Even now, several years later, they were very happy together.

Sven, another friend, had bought some fiery woman named Milly. Although their relationship had seemed quite volatile at the beginning, they seemed to have found love over the years.

So, an arranged marriage could work.

But Orhan simply didn’t want to settle on buying a woman. Maybe if Keyla hadn’t captured his heart, he would have. Maybe he would have bought a whole harem of women. But not now. Now, he only wanted one.

The door opened, and she walked in. Keyla, the goddess of his dreams.

“Here you go,” she said, bending over to put the files on his desk, her cleavage showing more parts of her breast than Orhan could handle. With the temperatures steadily climbing during the summer months, Keyla’s outfits, too, seemed to get hotter by the day, increasingly showing skin that he had longed to see uncovered.

His heart instantly started beating faster, his palms sweating, his face heating. God, what was he, fucking sixteen years old or something? What grown-ass man acted like a little horny schoolboy when seeing a woman’s cleavage?

He took hold of his black silk tie and pulled at the knot to loosen it. “Thank you, Keyla,” he said, his voice sounding strangled to his ears.

Keyla searched his face with worried eyes, so he asked, “Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s just that…you look a little stressed.” She cocked her head to the side, studying him.

It was so adorable that she was worried about him. She was so kind and caring.

“Oh, I’m fine.” Orhan grabbed the stack of files and looked at them. “It’s been busy.”

Keyla chuckled. “I know.”

“I wouldn’t know how to handle this business without you,” Orhan said, knowing the statement was true. He could always get a new secretary, yes, but none of them would be her. And his mood would forever be ruined.

She bit her lip and, shit, it looked so sexy that Orhan squeezed the files in his large hands. He wanted to kiss those lips so badly.

“You know…,” she said, walking around the desk, halting her steps behind him. “I am famous for my massages.”

Orhan swallowed, feeling her presence behind him. “You are?”

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