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The Lost Princess

Everly has lived in fear her whole life, but things get even worse when her abusive stepmother sells her into slavery. Forced to subsist in a seedy underworld of monsters thirsty for her virginal blood, Everly feels hopeless—that is, until she manages to escape to the Red Moon Pack. There she comes face-to-face with the handsome Alpha Logan, her destined mate. But her old masters pick up her trail. Will her new pack be able to defeat them?

Age Rating: 18+

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Everly has lived in fear her whole life, but things get even worse when her abusive stepmother sells her into slavery. Forced to subsist in a seedy underworld of monsters thirsty for her virginal blood, Everly feels hopeless—that is, until she manages to escape to the Red Moon Pack. There she comes face-to-face with the handsome Alpha Logan, her destined mate. But her old masters pick up her trail. Will her new pack be able to defeat them?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Holly Prange


“Everly! Get your lazy ass up! I’m hungry!” my aunt’s loud, obnoxious voice calls up the stairs.

I let out a tired groan as I throw back the thin, itchy cover before hurrying to get dressed.

I quickly pull on the faded brown dress that is folded on the chair in the corner.

It is one of three outfits I own, all hand-me-downs from my Aunt Lutessa.

She gets a monthly payment from the accounts that my parents left behind for me. The money is supposed to be used to buy me the things I need.

However, she claims that it is only enough for the food and bills to keep our water and electricity on and a roof over our heads.

I know she’s lying, though. Every time she gets paid, she comes home with bags of new clothes and jewelry for herself.

I look at myself in the cracked mirror that is propped against the wall and let out a sigh before pulling my long, dark hair into a ponytail.

I hurry down the steps and into the kitchen, where I find my aunt sitting at the table on her cell phone.

I’m not sure what she is doing, though I’m positive it’s nothing important.

From what I can tell, she is scrolling through one of her social media accounts.

“It’s about time, you useless, ungrateful brat,” she remarks as she spots me entering the room.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Tessa. I overslept,” I murmur as I bow my head in submission. I try my best to not get on her bad side, or should I say worse side.

“I don’t want excuses, you little slut! Just make me some goddamn breakfast so I can get to work! Some of us actually need to make a living!”

“Yes, ma’am. Sorry ma’am,” I quickly respond as I begin pulling ingredients out of the refrigerator.

I take everything over to the stove as I begin to make her a ham and cheese omelette with tomato and spinach.

My stomach growls and my mouth waters as I watch the food cook on the stovetop. I wish I could have some.

My aunt only allows me to eat whatever is left on her plate, which isn’t usually much. I do my best to sneak what I can, but I have to be careful.

She once caught me eating some of her leftovers in the refrigerator, and I got a beating. I was sore and hardly able to move for days after that.

I hate my life now. I use to have a great one. My parents were amazing and loving.

They were always making me laugh and telling me how much they loved me. They would comfort me and hug me whenever I was hurt or sad.

We had been so close. Then, six years ago, they were in a car accident that killed them both.

I was supposed to be with them but had ended up staying with a friend that night instead. Now, every day I regret not being with them. I miss them.

I miss my old life. I miss my big, beautiful home with the large garden out back where I would play. Back then I had friends, parents; I was happy.

“Stop daydreaming, you fat cow!” Aunt Tessa hollers, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I move the omelette to a plate and take it over to her before pouring her a cup of coffee with her creamer of choice and a dash of milk.

I begin to walk away to begin the rest of my chores for the day when she stops me.

“I have a guest this evening. The house better be spotless. And while he’s here, you better not leave your room. Don’t even make a sound,” she orders, pointing her finger threateningly in my face.

I quickly nod my head before rushing off.

She frequently has different men coming over and taking her out; they often come back and head to her bedroom.

All the while, I’m pretending like I don’t exist up in my so-called room, which is actually the small attic space above the living room.

The rest of the day is spent cleaning as I dust, sweep, mop, do the dishes and laundry, and clean the bathrooms and everything else.

I don’t need to give my aunt another reason for a beating. I’m just finishing up when I hear the doorbell.

Jumping in surprise, I look at the front door, debating whether I should open it or not.

She typically doesn’t want any of her “guests” to know I’m here, but I’m sure she’ll get mad at me if they leave because I didn’t let them in.

I stand there for a moment before letting out a sigh and going toward the door.

I open it to find a man standing in front of me with a dark goatee and mustache.

He has a receding hairline, and he’s only a few inches taller than me.

His brown eyes quickly narrow at me as they rake over my body, making me feel nauseous.

The corner of his thin mouth tilts up into a smirk, and my body instantly tenses.

I don’t feel comfortable with how this guy is looking at me, and now I’m regretting opening the door.

I close it slightly so that I’m ready to slam it in his face if necessary.

Drawing myself up to my full height and summoning as much confidence as I can, I ask, “May I help you?”

“I’m here for Lutessa. I didn’t know she had a maid…,” he begins as he takes a step closer, and I fight the urge to back away.

“She’s not home yet,” I reply before pausing, unsure of what else I should say. Should I ask him to leave a message? Or to come back?

Should I offer him something to drink? Should I let him wait in the living room?

I don’t like the idea of being alone with him, but I’m not sure what Lutessa will do if I send him away.

“That’s fine. I’ll wait,” the man remarks as he shoves his way into the front room, causing me to stumble backward.

He catches me by the waist and pulls me close, making me cringe at the smell of stale cigarettes.

He holds on longer than necessary, and I quickly squirm out of his grasp and step away.

“O—Okay, y—you can just wait in h—here, then,” I stutter as my nerves begin to get the better of me.

He smirks at me, seeming to enjoy the fact that he is making me nervous.

He saunters toward me as I continue to back away until I hit the wall.

His hands come up along either side of me, caging me in as he leans toward me and speaks softly near my ear.

“I can think of a few ways to pass the time…,” he begins as his hand begins to move up my thigh and under the hem of my dress.

I grab his wrist, stopping its progression, and his eyes meet mine.

“Stop,” I reply forcefully.

“Quit being such a tease,” he states before yanking his hand out of my tight grip.

“I—I’m not. I’m just not i—interested,” I begin before taking a deep breath to regain my composure.

“Lutessa will be home soon, and you can wait on the sofa,” I sternly inform him before turning to walk away.

He grabs my wrist and pulls me toward him, and I instinctively strike at him with my free hand.

A loud smack resounds through the small house, followed by a tense moment of silence.

My eyes widen as his face grows serious and he turns to glare at me. “You little bitch!” He begins to advance on me again, and I turn to run.

My head is yanked backward as he grabs a handful of my hair. I let out a wail before he slams me into the wall.

Dark spots dance in my vision as I collapse to my knees.

Blindly, I reach my hands out, trying to force myself up, but his fist hits me in the face and I fall backward.

I let out a groan as I writhe on the floor from the pain. “Please!” I beg. “Stop!”

He doesn’t listen as he rolls me onto my back and climbs on top of me so that he is straddling my hips.

“Oh, shut up, you little whore. Just give me what I want,” he demands before grabbing the neck of my dress and tearing the front open, exposing the plain bra that I’m wearing underneath.

My hands reach in front of me as I try to push him away.

He struggles to grab my wrists, and I finally manage to get my hand on a heavy ceramic ashtray that is sitting on the entry table.

I smash it over his head and he falls off of me.

I quickly get up to run away, but his hand darts out and grabs me by the ankle, causing me to fall on my face.

Just then, I can hear the sound of the front door as the knob is turned and it is opened. Aunt Tessa walks in and immediately freezes as she spots us.

“What the hell is going on here?!” she yells as she marches toward us while the man scrambles to get up to his feet.

As I’m struggling to get onto my own, my aunt yanks me up by the arm.

“Are you coming on to Dean, you worthless tramp?!” she shrieks as she shakes me roughly.

“N—NO! H—he tried to rape me!”

“LIAR!” she screams as she shakes me again.

“What man would go after a fat, no-good whore like yourself?! You are nothing! And it’s time you learn that!”

She raises me up in front of her before smacking me across the face.

The sting is instantaneous as my hand flies up to cover my cheek and tears fill my eyes.

Her face calms slightly before she turns to the filth that is just standing there watching the scene unfold.

“Dean, wait for me in the car. I need to teach this slut a lesson before our date. I’ll be right out.”

He shoots me a glare and nods before turning to leave.

I wipe at my wet cheeks as I hear the door close, and my aunt goes over to the coat closet and comes back with a belt.

“Please, Aunt Tessa,” I plead with her. “I’m n—not lying! He f—forced his way in. H—he hit me…”

“Why are you always ruining my life?!” she hollers over me as she brings the belt down on me like a whip.

I instinctively hold my arms up in front of me to protect myself, and the belt bites into my forearms.

She grabs me and throws me onto the floor, and I land on my stomach before she hits me with the belt again.

She hits me over and over as I curl up on the floor, trying my best to protect my head and neck against her assault.

When she finally grows tired, she drops the belt on the floor and leans over me.

“When I get back, this mess better be cleaned up! You hear me, you lazy slut?!”

I begin to sob, only managing to give her a slight nod.

She turns on her heel and leaves me lying in a heap on the floor with bruises and cuts now covering my body.

I remain there as my body is racked with my heart-wrenching cries. My whole body is slick and sticky from blood.

It aches to move, but I don’t want another beating.

After what seems like forever, I manage to get myself up and clean the mess before crawling into the shower to rinse off.

Eventually I’m collapsing in my bed, which is an old, dirty mattress lying on the floor. I curl up in a ball and pull my itchy blanket over me.

All of my movements are slow and painful, and if it weren’t for the pure exhaustion that I’m feeling right now, I’m not sure if I would be able to fall asleep.

Fortunately for me, I’m too tired, and darkness soon takes me. I don’t know how long I’m asleep before my aunt’s voice fills the room.

“Get up, Everly! Get dressed! We’ve got to get going!” she demands.

My eyes flutter open and I look around, confused. It’s still dark out.

“What’s going on? Going where?” I ask sleepily, still trying to make sense of what is happening.

“Just hurry up and do as I say, you worthless brat!” she responds before slamming the door and marching back downstairs.

My body is screaming as I force myself up and get into a dingy white dress.

I slide on my shoes and go downstairs, where I find Aunt Tessa waiting by the door with her coat on.

Her foot is tapping on the floor impatiently, and she looks up at me as I begin to descend the stairs from the attic.

“It’s about damn time! Hurry up! We don’t have all night!”

She opens the front door and gestures outside to her car that is parked out front. “Aun—”

“Shut up! Just come on! Get in!” I shake my head and get into the passenger seat before buckling up.

I lean my forehead against the window as my aunt comes around and gets into the driver seat.

The cold glass feels good to my skin, and I close my eyes, taking in a deep breath.

We are driving for a while, and at some point I fall back to sleep.

When I wake up I have no idea where we are, but see that it’s been three hours since we left the house. Where is she taking me? What is going on?

I’m starting to get nervous. I sit up straighter and begin looking around, trying to figure out if there are any signs or landmarks that I recognize.

Soon, we are coming into a big city, and she is winding through roads.

My anxiety is continuing to grow as I keep trying to find out where we are going. Each time, she tells me to shut up or to leave her alone.

My stomach is churning as I watch the buildings around us. They seem to get more and more run-down the farther we go.

Finally, we stop in front of a plain brick warehouse-looking building with a solid, black door. My aunt drags me up to it and rings the doorbell.

A large man in a tight black T-shirt and jeans answers with his arms crossed against his chest. “State your name and business,” he says gruffly.

“Lutessa Andrews. I have a meeting with Lord Vlad Lacroix,” she states as she keeps a tight grip on my arm.

The guard nods and steps back, allowing us through before leading us through a dark hallway.

It seems just like any old warehouse except for all of the sounds I can hear from rooms I can’t see.

Loud music blares through the walls as though there is a club on the other side.

As we keep walking, I can hear moans and screams from various rooms. With each step, my sense of dread grows. Where the hell are we?

We are led through a set of double doors, and suddenly the space is transformed with thick, luxurious carpet of deep red and white and black walls.

Once we reach a door at the end of the hallway, the man knocks on it, and a voice from within calls out, “Enter.”

The guard opens the door and gestures for us to go in before closing it behind us.

Another man is sitting at a massive mahogany desk in a high-back chair.

His skin is deathly pale and his black hair is slicked back. He’s attractive with his tall, lean build and his gray eyes, but he is also very…eerie.

The corners of his mouth twist upward into an evil grin as we come in, and he stands from his desk and comes around to meet us.

My aunt shoves me forward, and the man begins to circle me as his eyes trace over every inch of my body.

“So, this is the girl?” he asks softly, and I wonder if it’s meant to be a rhetorical question.

“Yes. This is the one I told you about,” she answers.

He nods as he comes around to the front of me again.

“Good. She’ll do nicely.” He turns and walks toward his desk as he picks up a small brown bag and brings it to my aunt, dropping it into her hand.

“And your payment. Just as we discussed.”

“Thank you, sir,” Aunt Tessa replies.

I turn to her with confusion. “Payment for what?”

“He’ll tell you. You’re not my problem anymore.” With that, my aunt turns and walks away from me, leaving me alone in this room with the strange man.

I look at him, waiting for an explanation.

“Is it not obvious, my dear?” he asks in a mocking tone. My eyebrows furrow as I try to piece everything together, but I’m not sure.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that it seems as though my aunt just sold me to this man. But that can’t be right. Can it?

The man smiles. “Very good, little one. You would be right.” My eyes widen as my attention turns back to the man. I didn’t say that out loud.

Did he just read my mind? “Right again,” he says with an evil smile.

“B—But h—how? Why? This is illegal! It’s—” I begin, trying to make sense of everything.

“Human laws don’t concern me,” he remarks as his wicked smile spreads across his face, showing me his two sharp fangs.

His eyes turn a bright crimson-red, and a surprised gasp slips through my lips before everything goes black.

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“Let’s hear it for Ruby Red, everyone!” the announcer calls out, resulting in the room bursting into cheers, claps, and wolf whistles as I hurry off the stage.

I quickly pull my silk robe on and tie it as I rush back to the dressing room where the other girls are getting ready for their own sets.

I reach my vanity and have barely sat down when Mistress Victoria Dupont walks in.

“Scarlet Kiss, you’re up next. Be ready in five,” she begins as she speaks to the girl at a vanity behind me.

Then she turns to me. “Ruby Red, you got customers waiting for you in room D of the Blood Bank.”

I inwardly cringe as I keep my face indifferent and give her a curt nod before turning for the exit that leads to another hallway. I hate my life.

I spent years being mistreated and abused by my hateful aunt, and now I’m a slave to the fiercest vampire master around.

He runs the underground where his establishment, the Blood Bank, caters to all types of needs and fetishes.

The main aspect of his business, though, is the illegal human trafficking that takes place. None of the “entertainers” are here by choice.

We are all victims of kidnapping or trafficking. There are women and men of all types and varying ages here, and we offer a number of services.

The building has a strip club that I am often forced to perform in. There is also a BDSM club, a brothel, and the Blood Bank.

Luckily, I’ve never been forced to work in the brothel. Master Lacroix has strict orders that I am to be kept a virgin.

Only a few of us have that luxury.

We are the ones that were virgins when we were bought or stolen. We excelled in our training and are the favorites to his paying clients.

We are considered the most beautiful of the girls in his “collection.” The problem with this is the reason he wants our purity to stay intact.

It’s because virgins bring in the highest dollar amounts at auction.

The moment he feels that we are meeting the end of our popularity with his clients, our virginity will be sold to the highest bidder.

I, for one, hope that I have found a way to escape before then, though I’m sure my time will be here soon.

I’m twenty-three now, so at best I have a couple more years before I have to worry about that.

Unfortunately, most girls are sold by the time they are twenty.

The only reason I’ve been able to protect myself for this long is the fact that he makes so much money off of me as it is.

I tried for years to escape this hellhole, but I always got caught. Chances to run were always few and far between.

The worst part is that vampires can read thoughts, so I had to be very careful around them.

To top it off, if they have your blood in their system from feeding on you, then you don’t even need to be anywhere near them.

There has only been one time I managed to get out of the compound, and I was found two towns over because Master Lacroix had drunk from me.

He could see everything that I saw and was able to easily find me.

Every time I got caught trying to escape, I would receive severe beatings. They don’t care if they beat you within an inch of your life.

If it gets to that point, they simply give you a small drink of their blood, which contains healing powers.

They give such a minuscule amount that you don’t heal completely, but it will keep you alive.

Then you are left in your cage to heal the slow and painful way. You don’t even get time off after the beating.

And if you aren’t capable of performing, then you aren’t fed. At least they feed me better than my aunt ever did.

They have all of us on strict diets and exercise routines to keep us healthy. Healthy blood tastes better.

Finally, I reach room D and take a deep breath as I put on my persona of Ruby Red.

The only way I am able to get through this nightmare is to compartmentalize.

My ability to put on a show and pretend is the reason so many clients want me.

It’s what has kept me safe from losing my virginity to any of the sick bastards that come here.

I open the door to the dark room with the large, red upholstered sofa that is shaped like a semicircle.

The room is round with a large mirror in the ceiling and a dancing pole on a small round stage at the opposite side of the sofa.

Two men are sitting on the sofa, eyeing me hungrily as I walk in.

“Hello, boys,” I murmur seductively as I lightly trail a finger down my body to release my robe. “What will it be today?”

The silk fabric slides off of me and pools around my feet as one of the men pats the spot between them.

“After your performance, we knew we wanted a taste. Come. Sit,” the one on the right insists. Both men are tall and lean.

Their fangs are showing already as they gaze at me and lick their lips.

The one that spoke has blond hair and blue eyes, while the other has brown hair that is pulled into a ponytail and brown eyes.

“You looked simply delicious,” the one on the left states. I go and sit between them and adjust my hair as I offer up my neck to the brunet.

He moves closer to me, his arm wrapping around me as he cups my breast.

I feel his nose lightly graze my neck as he smells my scent before his fangs sink into my flesh.

The blond moves to kneel down in front of me as he brings my left leg up around his shoulders.

He gives my thigh a few feathery kisses before his teeth pierce into my femoral artery.

Vampires are known for being very sexual beings. Though they need blood to survive, they often like to mix their feedings with pleasure.

As they drink from me, their hands grope and caress me. These two seem quite nice compared to most of the vampires that come in here.

They all know that we aren’t here by choice. Vampires typically have little regard for human life, feeling as though we are beneath them.

Throughout my years in this establishment, I’ve met many vampires who are cruel and ruthless. However, I have known a few good ones.

In my earlier years, I even fell for one. His name was Phillipe. He was very handsome and very sweet.

He was always gentle with me and would talk to me, trying to get to know me.

He would even tell me that one day he hoped to get me away from this horrible place. That I should be cherished, not used and abused.

One evening, he had bought some time with me, and things had quickly heated up. When he had asked for my virginity, I had agreed.

I didn’t want to lose it to just anyone. I didn’t want my first time to be when I would get raped by whoever I was sold to next.

I wanted it to be my choice. I wanted to be the one in control and making the decision.

Unfortunately, Master Lacroix realized what was happening and burst in on us. He staked Phillipe in his heart right in front of me.

The whole time glaring at me as if silently saying that Phillipe’s death was my fault. I cried myself to sleep that night.

That was when I decided to never be my true self around the clients.

I needed to protect myself, and taking on my alternate persona was the only way I could think of to survive this whole ordeal.

Now, I made myself be whatever they wanted me to be. I could be submissive or fiery. I could be flirtatious and seductive or shy and delicate.

I had grown very observant, and my ability to read people is the reason I have been able to keep my virginity for so long.

The one that was sucking on my neck swipes his tongue over the wound before kissing along my throat.

He pinches my nipple between his thumb and pointer finger through the sheer fabric of my black lingerie and gives it a light twist.

They have drunk a lot from me, and I am feeling light-headed. The lights in the room flash, letting them know that their time is up.

The one between my legs licks over the fresh bite marks he’s left, allowing them to close up.

A vampire’s saliva also has a healing ability, so that once they are done feeding, they can easily close up their wounds with a simple swipe of their tongue.

They both stand up and I lean back against the sofa, feeling tired from the loss of blood.

“You were truly delectable, love,” the brown-eyed man says as he wipes the corners of his mouth with his thumb.

“Yes,” the blond agrees. “I believe we will have to visit here more often.”

They straighten their clothes and walk out before one of the guards walks in and lifts my limp form.

He carries me down the stairs and places me on the thin straw mattress in the corner of my cage.

Luckily, that was the last of my night as it is now nearing five in the morning.

I pull the blanket over my body and curl into a ball as I allow sleep to take over.


The next evening, I’m awoken as a new set of slaves are marched down the stone steps and into the basement where the cells line the walls.

“Keep moving, you worthless tramps!” the guard yells before cracking a whip.

Several girls cry out as the whip stings their bare arms while they are led deeper into the room.

I stand up and move closer to the door of my cage as I watch them.

My heart breaks for them as they all move with tears streaming down their dirty cheeks.

One of the younger girls lets out loud, gut-wrenching sobs before a guard comes over and smacks her hard across the face, yelling at her to shut up.

I want to call out to him to stop, but I know I would just be beaten bloody. I’ll wait until they are gone to try to comfort the poor young things.

The girls are all lined up before the rest of us are released from our cells.

I instantly head over to the new arrivals and take a couple of their hands in mine.

They can tell that I’m about to talk to them, so they immediately huddle quietly around me to hear what I have to say.

“They are taking us to the training center now. Do as you are told and keep your head down. If you do a good job and don’t talk back to them, they won’t hurt you. This place gives you regular meals and showers. Just do your best to be brave and strong, and you can always come to me,” I tell them as my eyes move to each one of them, making contact so they know that I am speaking to all of them.

They all nod mutely as some of them swipe at their cheeks to dry their tears.

I stand and turn to face the exit as the guards open the door and begin to lead us toward the gym.

Those of us that have already had our slave training will be working on keeping our bodies fit.

The new recruits will be learning much less savory things. My stomach clenches as I remember my first several weeks here.

I felt so ashamed, so dirty.

Shaking those thoughts from my head, I walk over to a treadmill and get on before setting the speed.

After running five miles, I do planks, sit-ups, squats, and a few other things, making sure to work all of my muscles.

Our time is finishing up, and I see that the new recruits are being ordered to clean the gym now that we are done with it.

For their training, they start with cleaning and obedience before moving on to pole dancing, being a submissive, fellatio, and other abilities that will please our clients.

I watch as one of the younger girls stops scrubbing the floor and leans back on her heels.

She wipes the back of her hand across her head, and Mistress Dupont instantly spots her, marching over to her with a glare.

“What is the meaning of this?!” she screeches before dragging the girl up to her feet. “Did I say you could take a break?!”

“N—No, m—ma’am,” the girl stutters softly as she looks at the floor.

“Then why the hell were you not scrubbing?!”

“M—My a—arms are t—tired,” the girl explains as her eyes fill with unshed tears.

“My arms are tired,” Mistress Dupont nastily mimics back. “I don’t want excuses! Ten lashes for your incompetence! Kneel!” she demands.

The young girl’s body shakes uncontrollably as she lowers herself to the ground.

Mistress Dupont rips open the back of the girl’s rags, exposing her back before standing behind her.

There is a loud crack as the whip comes down on the girl. She immediately lets out a pained wail before she starts to cry.

Without thinking, I move toward her, my heart constricting in my chest.

I should know better. What the hell am I doing? I don’t know.

I’ve just never been able to stand by and watch these young girls get beaten down the same way that I was. They don’t deserve it. None of us do.

As the whip is raised again, I quickly throw myself between it and the young girl.

My body curls around her as I take a similar position, shielding her with my body.

The whip strikes my back and I grit my teeth, not letting out a sound.

“Move, Ruby!” the mistress yells, using my stage name. They very rarely use my real name. Sometimes I wonder if they even remember it.

“No, ma’am,” I reply, frozen in my position.

“No?!” she questions incredulously. When I don’t reply or move, she takes that as my answer.

“Fine, you will receive the rest of Anna’s lashings and fifteen more for your interference,” she states.

“Yes, ma’am,” I reply before gritting my teeth and breathing in slowly through my nose, readying myself for the pain.

The crack of the whip sounds again as it stings my back. I endure through all of it and can feel my warm blood as it trickles down my back.

The room is in complete silence as everyone stands still, afraid to move or make a sound as they watch me being whipped.

After the final lash, everyone remains frozen for a moment as though in shock.

Suddenly, as Mistress Dupont steps away from us, the rest of the girls hurry up to me and the young girl named Anna.

They instantly help us up as they murmur comforting words and encouragement.

Two of the girls, named Mina and Callie, come up along either side of me, each of them wrapping one of my arms around their necks as they haul me up.

“That was very brave,” Mina says softly to me.

“Let’s go get you cleaned up now,” Callie adds as they help me toward the exit.

All of the girls huddle around Anna and me as they lead us out of the training room and to the showers.

An hour later we are all cleaned, and one of the girls has smeared an antibiotic over my fresh wounds to keep me from getting an infection.

We are sitting on a bench as we finish dressing when Mistress Dupont walks in.

“Ruby Red, Master Lacroix wants a word with you,” she states coldly before turning and leaving the locker room.

I take in a deep breath to try and settle my nerves as the girls around me grip my hands and squeeze my shoulders, all of them trying to comfort me and wish me luck.

Once I’ve gathered up my courage, I stand. “I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me,” I tell the girls.

“You better get ready and go to your next station before you all get in trouble.”

They nod and give me hugs before hurrying to finish up while I turn for the door.

I twist my hands nervously in front of me as I walk down the hallway to the master’s office.

I raise my hand to knock, but hear his voice call out before I even have the chance. “Enter,” his voice booms.

I do as I’m bid and close the door silently behind me before cautiously walking toward him as he sits at his desk.

“You wished to see me, Master,” I remark softly with my head bowed.

“Yes, sit,” he responds coolly.

I take the seat across from him, and he steeples his fingers in front of him as though he is thinking about something as he stares at me.

“Mistress Dupont told me about what happened today at training. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry. The girl was so young, and it was her first day. I couldn’t stand by and watch her get beaten for simply taking a break. She’s clearly not used to such strenuous manual labor,” I reply.

“Unfortunately, that is a problem, Ruby. You cannot be interfering with the training of our new girls. What you did today can be dangerous to my business,” he begins sternly, and my mouth drops open.

“Dangerous? How?” I protest.

“You are setting a bad example. The girls will get thoughts in their heads. They may start to rebel. I can’t have that,” he explains.

“But I—”

“It will be inconvenient, but they can at least be compelled to comply. However, as you know, that doesn’t work on you, for some reason.”

I purse my lips together. Along with mind reading, vampires have the ability to control one’s mind. They call it compulsion.

They learned early on that they weren’t able to compel me to listen. I have no idea why this doesn’t work on me.

Unfortunately, the downside to this was I got a lot more whippings and punishments to gain my compliance.

“Since I can’t guarantee this won’t happen again, I’ve decided it’s time to send you to auction.”

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Warning: this book contains material that may be considered upsetting or disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

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