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The Emma Series

C. Wright

The Club


“Urgh, Carly, can we please, please get out of here now? You have tried on at least twenty dresses. We have been here almost two hours and all you have done is try on dresses!”

Knowing Carly, we still need to get matching shoes, lingerie…. Carly huffs and glares at me, so I try a different approach.

“You look drop-dead gorgeous in the navy cocktail dress. It hugs all your curves and shows off your long, tanned legs. Plus, it brings out your blue eyes.”

“Really? Do you think so? Do you think Cashè will like it?”

“Since when do you actually care if he likes you in something? He just likes to take your clothes off, right?”

I am a bit caught off-guard with her question seeing that they have been fuck buddies since God knows when—non-exclusive, might I add—and now she cares if he will like a specific dress? Something is up.

“Carly, spill—now!” I demand.

“You know, B, I have been thinking. Maybe Cashè could be more than just, you know— good for sex?”

I stare at her as if she has grown horns.

“Seriously? Are you telling me that now, all of a sudden, THE Carly is starting to have feelings for a man?”

“B, you can really be such a bitch sometimes.”

I look at my watch and see it is already 5 p.m. We can finish this conversation later. I grab the navy dress and my plain black one and usher her to the cashier.

She offers to pay for both dresses but I decline, as always. We pay and literally run to her BMW. We are so going to be late.

We are just finishing off our hair and makeup when the men arrive, loud as ever and already tipsy.

We start drinking champagne and beers and before long we are standing in front of Bijoux, one of the best clubs in town and the hardest to get into.

The queue is long but knowing Carly, she has a plan to get us in without having to stand outside for too long. I think she is scared I might start to sober up and leave because I hate this sort of thing.

In a blink of an eye, she starts walking to the entrance, swaying her hips seductively. She smiles at the bouncer and just like that we are all inside the club.

My first reaction is holy fuck, it is stunning. The inside of the club looks like something out of a magazine.

The style, decor, and even the scantily clad women and men dancing in cages are perfectly placed to give an ambiance of perfection.

Carly pulls me to the bar and orders shots for everyone. We both know the guys will only be with us for a short while before hooking up with random women.

Carly sees Cashè talking to another girl and orders four shots each for the two of us.

I am going to get so wasted.

The bartender places a bottle of champagne in front of us, leaving us staring at him with wide eyes. He is good-looking: blue eyes, brown hair, nicely toned body. And he looks amazing dressed all in black.

He openly stares at Carly and says, “On the house.” I don’t think I have ever seen her blush before. Maybe it is the alcohol or the lights in the club—but no, she is blushing.

I pop the cork and we finish the bottle in less than twenty minutes, leaving the both of us more than tipsy.

I feel like dancing and having some fun. I pull Carly to the dance floor and we both let the music take over our bodies.


Whiskey glass in hand, I scan the dance floor with my sea-green eyes, bored out of my fucking mind.

My eyes land on a tall, black-haired beauty swaying her hips to the beat of the music, completely ignorant of all the men staring at her. Is she just oblivious to their stares or does she like it? I wonder.

Luis, my trusted friend and bodyguard, had me come to the club tonight to handle some business.

Now that it is sorted out, he is standing in my office on the second floor, looking through the glass at all the clubbers dancing and drinking.

I am bored until I spot her. I have never seen such a beautiful woman in my life.

I beckon Luis closer to show him who I am staring at.

“I want to meet her. Make it happen,” I say, pointing at the beauty on the dance floor.

“Yes, boss.”

I continue watching her as she moves her body freely without a care in the world.

I see her full lips and wonder if she is also as fake as fuck like the rest of my ex-fucks, because neither her full lips nor her plump breasts can be real, can they?

I watch Luis speak to the ladies using his best panty-drop smile to get them to the VIP room. I wonder what excuse he came up with this time.

After what feels like hours, Luis leads them together with a few guys to one of the upstairs VIP rooms.

When Luis enters my office, his smile is wider than I have ever seen it.

“Boss, you will not believe it, but Emma is fucking stunning.”

“Tell me,” I growl impatiently.

“She is twenty-three. She and her friend graduated today. She has an MBA as well as an MS in Accounting. She might be the one to solve our business problems, boss.”

I ponder this for a few seconds before making my way to the VIP room. This is going to be so much fun.


This must be our lucky day. Seriously, first, we graduate and now we are invited by the owner of the club to go to the VIP room.

I know for a fact that a VIP room for a night is not cheap. I worked in a club before but nothing this fancy and the prices were astounding.

We all sit down, opening the champagne that is already on the table. I see a table with food and stumble-walk toward it.

I take a plate and start piling food on it. Fuck, you would think it has been days instead of hours since I have eaten. When I turn around, I walk straight into something or rather someone.

When I feel a hand steadying me, I look up and almost drown in a pair of sea-green eyes. His whiskey breath mingled with his decadent scent has me intoxicated.

Fuck! This is not going to end well.

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