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Desired Temptation: A Night to Remember

Ivy White

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Part of the Kenzo-Universe: Best friends Ella and Konan had a single night of pleasure together. Then he vanished, leaving her bereft and unable to find his equal. Unbeknownst to Ella, Konan was in the service of the dangerous Societa Oscura, and fled both to meet his obligations and to keep her safe. Ten years later they meet, seemingly by chance, at a BDSM club owned by the Societa; Ella, a social worker, has tracked down a girl in her charge who is hiding there. Wealthy, powerful, and dead sexy Konan will let Ella take the girl away, but on one condition: he will have Ella as his sub for the night. Will their night of passion shatter Ella's inhibitions and rekindle their romance, or have their lives grown too far apart?

Age Rating: 18+

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7 Chapters



I need to track down Camille, I tell myself, rubbing the tops of my arms. This club is cold.

I get up, leaving my drink on the bar. Camille must be nearby somewhere.

She’s only seventeen years old!

I’m going to die because of that damn mother of hers.

My stress levels are through the roof because I know that she is a woman who was a survivor of domestic violence, yet she still attends a sex nightclub where Camille’s father spends most of his time.

Stupid woman!

I need to remove Camille from this negative place where the demons of the world play.


I’m stopped in my tracks.

His icy voice causes me to lose my breath as it shivers through my being.

Memories fill up my mind as the fear of seeing him again freezes my feet to the floor.

I know that voice, and I had made a promise to myself that I would never let him affect me again.

I slide my suddenly-damp hands nervously down my long, below-the-knee skirt

“Excuse me,” I hear him say.

When I turn around, I see Konan grinning broadly, giving me a once-over.

Under his piercing, electric-blue scrutiny, I feel exposed.

He watches me play with my hands while raking back his dark brown hair, observing my every move.

I run my tongue over my chapped lips. I’m not here for any sexual activity; instead, I’m here to pick up a seventeen-year-old girl who is far too innocent to be in this place.

My eyes dart to his broad, muscular, very well-defined chest. His shirt is slightly see-through and the buttons threaten to snap away from the thread that holds them to the material.

The view leaves a lot for my imagination to wander. Flashbacks remind me of the time that I gave my body to him.

That time when I was innocent and naive, and I granted him access to my body and mind.

Honestly, I didn’t think for one second that the two of us would never speak to one another again after that.

The devastation that I felt when I woke up to find him gone was laced with hate and worry. My only option was to never bring up our sexual encounter in conversation again.

I do still ask myself why he got scared off. I put it down to him either not liking what he saw or me not being good enough for him.

I will admit that I do miss him: the way that he made me feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, and secure; his touch; his scent; his cocky personality; and his sheer presence.

Now, I see him in a different light. He looks like a wealthy man, and I’ve noticed that a lot has changed in ten years.

Then again, I know that he’s wealthy because this place does not have a cheap entrance fee. Lucky me, I managed to get it waived because I’m a social worker on a mission to find an underage teenager.

I had to beg the receptionist at the front desk to let me in. He informed me that it would cost $50,000 for a single night. After a long conversation of my pleading with him, he finally granted me access.

Of course, I simply do not have that amount on hand, but it is clear that Konan does. His black suit says it all. The cloth is vicuña, the most expensive material in the world.

Not only that, he looks immaculate…and he is trying to get my attention. Me, a woman who went to a thrift store to buy a suit for her low-salary job.

I would have to be stupid to walk over to him and say, “Yes, sir, I deserve your attention.”

I’ve always known about Konan being a dominant. When I was with him in college, he told me that he would frequently visit a BDSM nightclub on the weekends. I didn’t think that it would be this club, though.

After the two of us spoke, I did my research on the subject and I was devastated to find out that the sex we did have was what he referred to as “vanilla.”

I wanted to experience Konan’s world, but he disappeared into thin air and I didn’t hear from him again.

Following that night, I slept with many men, and none of them fitted into the BDSM category, which proved to me that these types of men were hard to find. After six years, I decided to give up looking.

Konan motions for me to put my bag on the ground and says, “Come here for a second, please.”

I look over at him while removing my brown hair from my face.

What is his goal?

I no longer recognize the man who stands in front of me.

He patiently waits for me, his arms crossed over his broad chest, and I cautiously and sheepishly walk to him.

He has always had the patience of a saint. Once, he waited two hours for me to finish my class.

Still, to this day, he makes me uneasy. He appears to be staring into my soul by the way that he is looking down at me.

I take a deep breath in and move slowly.

His blue eyes slowly rake up my body as he examines every inch of me, from my five-dollar shoes that just about do the job all the way up to my messy, wind-blown brown hair.

I am confident that he can elicit every issue I face in life, including flaws, the emotions that I struggle with, and the security concerns that I face.

He sees that I am broke, and I couldn’t prove him wrong.

He is the person I lost my virginity to when I was a college student, and he knows all of my dirty secrets—which makes me a weak target for him to take down easily.

He holds up a finger as I come to a stop directly in front of him.


I take another step in his direction, swallowing the gooey saliva in my mouth. His solid, sharply defined chest is only an inch away from my face.

“Who are you trying to find?” he asks, and as I look around the room, he moves closer to me, blocking my ability to flee by placing the front of his black shoes over mine.

“Camille. She shouldn’t have come here. She is only seventeen, but her mother attends this club. The two of them are not allowed to be in the same building as one another.”

He smiles and nods in agreement. His demeanor completely changes as he gestures at a man with black hair while looking to the right side of the room. The man with black hair enters another room.

I clasp my hands together at my lower stomach.

“Who made the decision?” he asks. His jaw tenses and his eyes narrow.

My nerves are like fireworks as they explode through the roof. I don’t understand why this man is making me feel uneasy in his presence, or what he’s trying to accomplish.

He bites his bottom lip in contemplation as I tell him honestly, “The court.”

“Mm-hmm. Ella, tell me…when did you last engage in sexual activity?” he asks abruptly.

I’m taken aback by his question, and I cough because the saliva in the back of my throat won’t clear up by itself.

He’s changing the conversation. He always did that, and it used to piss me off.

He grabs my waist with both hands and drags me toward him, despite my attempts to back away from him by pushing his hands down and off me.

He moves his face closer to my neck and I feel his warm breath tickle my skin. I close my eyes.

Keeping me pinned firmly on the spot with his black leather, blemish-free shoes, he brushes his fingers through my silky-soft, messy hair.

“You require this care, don’t you?” he mutters.

I whine.

Instead of concentrating on this man who has the power to seize my emotions with his touch and ropes, I should be concentrating on Camille.

Touching my cheek with his, he breathes in deeply.

His cologne drifts up my nostrils, the scent of strawberries mixed with whiskey, cigarette smoke, and mint. A perfect combination. The heat from his body transfers to mine, warming me up instantly.

“No, I don’t. Absolutely not. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and find a young girl who needs my assistance before I can leave here.”

He resists my attempts to push him away and I faceplant his chest.

Deciding not to move, I allow his warm shirt to rest against my nose and inhale the hidden scent of his masculine body.

He wraps his arms around me, and I remain in his embrace for a short moment before I’m reminded by my ego that our first encounter didn’t go well.

“You really are a feisty one, eh?”

He grabs my right wrist and strokes it with his fingers.

I look down at his hand, watching as he slides his palm up my forearm.

He moves both hands up to my shoulders slowly, with a gentle grasp, and massages them.

“Relax. I don’t bite,” he tells me calmly, his face barely a whisper from mine.

He seems to have complete control over me, and I find it difficult to break free of him.

Placing his hands on my lower back, he presses his body against mine, breathing down my neck.

I close my eyes, wanting to be with him and wanting to distance myself at the same time.

I’m fighting with my younger self, and she is winning.

I want to sit on his lap and ride him like a pony, because that sweet spot between my legs is pulsing, but that would be unprofessional.

I also want to run out of that door and never see Konan again.

He holds my hips and touches my lips with his. I let him. I should be looking for Camille, but he’s so seductive and hard to resist…

My pussy is dripping wet, my face is literally on fire, and the palms of my hands are sweating.

I need this guy. Even though I know I shouldn’t, I do, and I want to experience what he has to offer again.

Our last encounter was mind-blowingly good and has left this needful desire to find somebody like him, but I’ve found myself feeling unsatisfied every time I’ve tried.

No man can compare to him, and I’ve always put it down to him being the dominant type.

The men I’ve jumped in bed with have been too nice and let me take the reins. I’ve always preferred for the man to take control. I can safely say that my search has been unsuccessful so far.

“Do you still remember what I did to you all those years ago? You were screaming while your tight pussy was closing around me.

“I told you that you would never find another man like me. How is that statement holding up?”

I feel him smirk, his cheek touching my jaw while he whispers.

He slides his five-o’-clock shadow across my skin, grazing it lightly, and I throw my head back.

Capturing my sensitive skin with his lips, he trails kisses slowly, gently, and precisely down my neck.

I try to tell him, “I should be searching—” but fail. My mind may not be in this for the long run, but my soul is, and my soul is winning by a long shot.

“Are you sure? I can demonstrate the qualities of a real man for you, you know. Why don’t you let me fuck your juicy, tight, wet pussy and I will show you where Camille is after that?”

I could slap my forehead.

Is this the same boy I used to be best friends with?

I have to locate Camille.

My resolve lasts only until he reaches for and removes his gold tie from his collar.

I feel my stomach flip as my mouth slightly opens. My throat miraculously clears up and my heart starts racing.

He takes hold of the top button of his shirt and releases it.

I watch, directing my attention to his collarbone. I’ve had dreams about this man, and here he is taunting me again. This time, he’s with me in person.

I need this guilty pleasure in my life. 

“I’ve dreamed about you, you know,” he says. “I told myself that if I was to see you again, I would take advantage of it for all it’s worth.

“I know that you want me, so why won’t you stop fighting what you desire the most?”

I want to know the answer to that question, too.

Picking me up off my feet, he shoves his gold tie inside his pocket and carries me down a hallway to a room, which leads me to believe that the alcohol is speaking because I press my lips against his not thinking about the consequences. My fingers get tangled up in his soft brown hair as he squeezes my ass hard. Kicking open a door, he sets me down on a desk.

As he continues to unbutton his shirt, I quickly unzip my skirt and pull it off, kicking it to the floor, revealing my hot-as-hell purple G-string to him.

Having sex with him once won’t be a problem, right?

What can I say? I need him. Once I’ve had him, I can get rid of this guilty pleasure once and for all.

If my boss finds out that I’m doing this instead of finding Camille, she will definitely fire me, so I’m placing my job on the line here.

But I want to break the rules.

Konan shrugs off his suit jacket and shirt, then unzips his pants and drags them down his legs.

I take off my shirt and lie on the desk because I’m a girl who enjoys having naughty, naked sex.

This will happen this one time only.

Konan doesn’t object. In fact, he grabs my waist and drags me to sit up after sliding his hands up my stomach.

“Open those beautiful legs for me, my little pony.”

Is that where I got my pony thought from before?

I do remember him calling me that. Sometimes I do find it hard to get into a serious mindset, and his calling me a pony tickles me. That doesn’t last long though.

He unclasps my bra as he kisses the side of my neck, and I remove it to help him out by speeding up the process.

I press my chest against him and look up into his eyes.

Placing his index finger on my lips, he pushes me back until I’m lying down.

“Open your legs for me. Let me see what I’m working with.”

I nod and spread my legs, showing him my trimmed pussy.

That ignites a flame from deep within him because a second later, he touches every part of my body, nibbles my ear, licks his tongue across my lips,

I throw my head back, closing my eyes, in my own world of magical creations.

He tangles his fingers in my hair as we connect our lips and thrust our tongues inside each other’s mouths. It’s as if this is the last time that the two of us will ever be with one another again.

When he growls, “I knew you were a dirty bitch,” I leap off the desk and turn around.

“Fuck me, already!”

And that is exactly what he does. He grabs my hair while aligning his rock-hard cock with my entrance.

I wonder how he manages to slide deep inside me without any foreplay, but I put it down to me being soaking wet to begin with.

There’s nothing wrong with a quick fuck.

I will get off and so will he. From there, the two of us will go our separate ways.

Who wouldn’t say yes to this offer?

“I need you, I want you, I have to own you!” I scream—and after that, I hardly recall anything besides the sensations his cock gives to me.

I do wonder where that sentence came from, though. I guess I’m in need of some attention.


Sitting on the desk with Konan in between my legs, I listen to what he wants to tell me.

“What I’ll say is this. If you give yourself over to me completely tonight”—he touches my nose with his index finger—“I will take you to Camille. If you refuse my offer, you won’t find her. She is safe in my office upstairs.”

Konan grinds his cock deep inside me. His hands are on my lower back, pulling me in toward him. My legs are wrapped around his waist.

My eyes roll to the back of my head behind my closed eyelids. I can barely speak; it feels too good.

I know that he’s extorting me, but I’m thinking that it may be worth it.

I dribble, laying my head on his shoulder as my lower stomach tenses up. My mind can no longer help me. I groan, as does he, in my ear. The sexiest fucking moan I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

I can’t get enough of him.

“I’m confident I’ll find it,” I tell him with assurance.

He chuckles, swirling his hips around in a circle.

I throw my head back, crying out. I’m so flipping close to this release, I’m not joking. I need to let it go now!

He kisses my neck as he draws me closer to him. The kisses are rough because he sucks and pinches me with his teeth each time his lips make contact with a new patch of untouched skin.

“There is no point in trying to get past security, love, because you won’t. Will you accept or reject my offer?”

Konan chuckles and my stomach flips upside down.

“No!” I yell, and he releases me.

I try to grab him, but he steps away from me, leaving me in a mindset that wants to kill.

Who leaves a woman wanting more?

Of course. How did I not see this coming? He has framed me.

Did Camille tell him that I’m her social worker? I bet she did.

“Is this a set-up?” I ask him.

He shrugs his shoulders, grinning at me, getting himself dressed.

I pick up my skirt and drag it up my legs. I’m frustrated and in need of a release right now.

“You’re under stress. Let me take responsibility for everything. Be my girl, Ella, and allow me to look after you. You and I both know that you adore my cock, I’m sure of it.”

What does that even mean?

Then again…yes, I do love that cock. I just hate the owner of it.

I won’t give myself to him if that’s how he is going to treat me.

I’m far too angry and I need to get as far away from him as I possibly can. Self-respect comes first.

After getting myself dressed, I flee from him and look all over the club for Camille, but I can’t find her.

I run into the security guard Konan was referring to as I head for the stairs, and he crosses his arms, refusing to let me pass him.

“There’s a seventeen-year-old girl up there. Let me through before I call the cops!” I demand, and the security guard laughs at me, shaking his head.

“Sorry, love. Try again later.”

He looks unbothered, which irritates me.

I need to get Camille!

I try to shove him out of the way, but his body is like a brick wall.

“I will contact—” I try again but, he cuts me off.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time. The cops are on the Societa Oscura’s payroll. Don’t piss me off, because you will make my boss want to kill you. You have been warned.”

The security guard comes down the last step, towering above me. I shove him back.

He grabs my jaw with his big, rough hand in a bruising grip, and squints his black eyes at me.

“The Societa Oscura?” I ask him, and he chuckles.

“The Robenero family.”

That’s all he needs to say. They are the most dangerous family in Arlington, and nobody wants to get on the wrong side of them. I nod, and he lets me go.

“Kenzo owns this place,” he tells me, stepping up to stand on the stairs again.

How am I going to get Camille out of here?

I know that Kenzo is the kind of man who will not hesitate to kill me.

I only have one option left. I need to hand myself over to Konan, which will gain me access upstairs.

I don’t want to do that!

Throwing my head back, I snarl in frustration.

The security guard points to the next room.

“Now fuck off!” he shouts, and it booms through me.

I return to the main club room and see Konan sitting at the bar. I sigh. As I approach the bartender, he gestures in my direction. Konan glances over his shoulder at me.

I desperately need sleep right now. It’s been a long day, and I’m worn out.

“Just one night, nothing more. What are we going to do?” I ask Konan, standing behind him.

He definitely drills the name of this place into my head, if I haven’t already figured it out. Darkness. Dark. Exactly what Konan is.

“Fuck. You will let me give you your deepest wishes and desires. Then I will take you to Camille.”

He shrugs his shoulders,

I give him a wide-eyed look.

I failed to consider that. I suppose that since I am twenty-eight, I still find myself to be somewhat innocent and inexperienced.

“I have to get that girl back by two o’clock at the latest,” I say.

He shrugs again, as if it makes no difference to him.

“Just so you know, you’re forcing my hand here, and my pussy means a lot to me.”

He stands up and turns to face me.

I cross my arms over my chest, looking away from him.

He winks at me, grinning.

“All the better. The more we have to hurry up, the more magical it can be. I’ll demonstrate the proper methods.”

I don’t know what I’m doing or what the hell he’s talking about. I extend my hand to him. He takes it, and we shake on the agreement.

“It’s six o’clock. As soon as I’ve taken you to Camille, I’ll go and get you one of my lingerie sets.”

I snap my eyes to his.

“You’re letting me take her back beforehand?”

He nods, a genuine smile on his face.

“I am. We’ve shaken hands now, so there’s no going back on the deal. I want you to return to me immediately.”

I let go of his hand and follow him as he makes his way to the back of the club.

I am trembling all over as the idea of giving my entire body to him consumes me. Yes, the two of us had a quick fuck ten years ago, but from what I read on the internet, what he’s asking of me is rather disturbing.

As we approach the stairs, the security guard steps to the side to let us go up. I shoot him an evil glare as I pass him on the stairs.

When we reach the hallway at the top of the stairs, I see multiple rooms lining each side. I follow Konan to the final door on our right.

“She is in here using a tablet to watch a show. She’s too young to be here, as you said, but she was adamant that she wasn’t going anywhere. Mia told her to return home, but she refused, so I brought her up here.”

Leaning against the doorframe, Konan pushes the door open.

I enter the room calmly. Camille, wrapped in a soft, baby-blue blanket, looks up at me.

I couldn’t be more frustrated right now.

This little witch has made me sell myself to get her back safely!

“I have to take you to the children’s home, Camille, baby. You cannot remain here until your court date next week,” I inform her as I approach.

Kneeling down, I touch her cheek.

She screams and moves away from me.

“I’m not going back! You cannot force me. What exactly are you doing here? Leave, Ella!”

I sigh and cast a quick glance at Konan, who is watching us.

He sighs and checks his watch.

“You can’t stay here, Camille,” I say. “If Gina, the area manager, discovers you are not in your bed, I will get in serious trouble. Can you please come back for me, if not for you?”

Camille attempts to kick me while tossing the tablet to the ground. Konan grabs her foot.

“What will you not do, Camille? I advise you to leave right away or I will tell your father that you have been acting inappropriately. He will probably get angry, and you already know what will happen after that.”

Quickly removing the blanket from her body, Camille nods.

I observe how she is behaving and make mental notes. When a parent is mentioned, no child behaves in that manner. Little girls usually laugh. Camille is in alert mode.

“I apologize, Konan. It won’t happen again.”

Konan gives Camille a dejected smile as she passes him, and he pats her on the head.

“I’m confident that you, your mother, and your father will soon be reunited, but you must work with Ella for the time being. You might never get home if you don’t do that.”

“I’m sorry,” Camille says, and leaves the room.

Konan watches her go.

“Camille, wait downstairs. Ella will join you shortly,” Konan yells,

“I will!” The girl’s voice echoes along the corridor as she skips down the stairs.

“You shouldn’t say that to a child who has experienced abuse, Konan,” I tell him.

He chuckles as he moves across the room after I tell him. Opening a drawer, he takes out the sexiest black lace lingerie set and hands it to me.

“That should be your size.”

I realize that I’ve left my bag downstairs. Holding the set in my right hand, trying to hide it, I make my way over to the door

Konan clicks his fingers.

“Stay there for a moment.”

He opens another drawer and picks up a beautiful collar covered with diamonds. It glistens underneath the light.

Holy shit. Is that for me?

I should take Camille home, but this man is like the spider who has me trapped inside his web. I want to know his next plan of action, but I know that I shouldn’t.

Knowing that he plans to place that around my neck makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. My heart melts as he walks to me and places both of his hands on my shoulders, guiding me to turn around.

I don’t know what I want anymore. I still haven’t gotten over him.

He moves my hair to the side and holds it up, waiting for me to grab it. I move my hair to sit at the front of my left shoulder.

“I want you to wear this tonight. You are the first woman to wear this collar, and you will be the last,” he tells me in a soft voice.

I touch it as he fastens the three buckles at the back of my neck.

I know that it won’t always be mine to wear, but I feel thankful to be able to wear it for a couple of hours.

For the first time since I was last with him, I feel wanted and special. I remember searching the web about collars and why they are important.


Turning around to face him, I keep my fingers on the collar as my eyes water.

“What’s the matter, babe? You look beautiful in that collar.”

Konan cups my left cheek with his hand and I nod, agreeing with him.

“I’m thrilled that you’re letting me wear this. It surely must have put you out of pocket by quite a bit.” My chest feels tight.

Konan nods, grinning.

“It sure did. A pretty little cent for the most amazing woman that my eyes have ever landed on. Put your set on before you leave,” he tells me.

Walking around his desk, he sits back on his black leather chair and the phone rings. Picking it up, he motions for me to get undressed.

Well, that solves the problem of how to hide it from Camille.

I nod and unbutton my blazer, shrugging it off my shoulders for the second time tonight.

I’ve been missing him terribly. I was distraught when I awoke in the barn to find him gone. I expected to see him again at the time, but he never showed up.

With the possibility of meeting him again in the future, I researched BDSM relationships in case I needed the information—not only to help myself, but also to make him proud.

“Konan speaking. What is it that you need?” he asks.

His legs are spread as he picks up a box of cigarettes and slides one inside his mouth. Lighting it, he watches as I unclasp each button on my blouse and open it up.

I keep my focus on him.

“You know that the Societa Oscura won’t back you up if you do that, Axanda. I told you this!” Konan is getting frustrated.

Flicking his cigarette in the ashtray, he places the phone against his ear and holds it with his shoulder.

“Hurry up,” he tells me.

Quickly, I remove my skirt. Unclipping my bra, I let it drop off my body and then slip off my panties.

This man is making me feel confident in my own skin. The way that his eyes are rolling up and down my body tells me that he wants to fuck me right here and now. There’s a fire in his eyes that I’ve never seen before.

“No, I will not tell Kenzo to meet you in San Francisco. You’re a snake!” Konan growls.

Picking up the black set, I feel the fabric with my fingers. Fine silk and lace. Very expensive too. I put it on, luxuriating in the quality.

At last, I stand in front of Konan in nothing but my black heels and lingerie.

He stares at me with predatory eyes.

This feels like old times.


I do as he says and clasp my hands together in front of me.

Clicking his fingers, he points directly next to him and I walk to where he sits.

Sliding his hands up my legs, he feels over the fabric and I keep my eyes pinned on his firmly.

Moving the thong to the side, he slides his fingers in between my tender crease and I lean up against the wall, throwing my head back.

I’ve never felt aroused like this before in my life.

“That’s a good girl. You stay there. Pass me your right leg.” His voice is gentle.

I raise my leg. Guiding it to sit down the side of him on his chair, he glides his fingers over my clit.

The wall is the only thing that keeps me from melting to the floor.

“No, Axanda! You send that check through to Maple and he will cash it in,” Konan shouts and I jump slightly.

Sliding his fingers down my thighs, he slams the phone down and stands up. Pulling my body to his with my leg still on the chair, he touches my entire back with the palms of his hands.

“Stand in front of my desk here, babe.”

He moves me with his hands, and I place my palms face down on his desk.

Konan sweeps some papers across his desk out of the way, then pulls my panties down my legs. I step out of them.

“So fucking adorable, yet fuckable. Your body is amazing, Ella. Separate those sexy legs for me, babe.”

I readjust my position and Konan instantly places his hands on my ass cheeks, letting me know by his firm grip that I belong to him for the night.

An online friend of mine told me that men in the BDSM community look after their women as if they are their toys. I believed her, but I never expected this.

Konan is paying close attention to everything and the way that he’s looking at me…never have I ever had a man look at me in that exact same way before.

I can’t even remember Konan looking at me like that all of those years ago.

This man is very compassionate and lets me know what I should do next.

I think I could get used to this.

“Head down on my desk for me, babe.”

He places his hand in between my shoulders and I drop myself down slowly as his hands caress my ass, feeling every single inch of it.

My breath catches at the back of my throat when he touches my sex, gently sliding his hand over my clit before he grabs it lightly.

Tickling my sides with his fingers, he cups both of my breasts. I feel his white shirt putting pressure on my back. His body feels warm and makes me feel comfortable in the room with him.

“Leg up. Just there.” He lifts my leg up so that it’s lying on the table, and slides a finger inside me.

I try to grab the edge of the table, but I’m too short. The table is too wide and I have to place my hands flat down on it.

My lower stomach tenses up, and butterflies set off in flight. My heart begins to race for its life and my palms start sweating. I moan quietly, appreciating the pleasure that he’s giving me.

Closing my eyes, I whine deep from within and he kisses down the back of my neck sending shivers up my spine. All of the light hairs on my body stand up.

I feel myself getting closer.

Well, I think that I am, but I cannot be sure. It’s been so long since I got intimate with anyone, and that was over a year ago now.

“Are you close? I know that you have been building for a while now.”

I shake my head.

“I think so. I don’t know.”

I lay my head down on the desk and close my eyes.

Konan decides to work his finger quicker before he adds a second one and that’s when I feel it: my G-spot sparks to life and a pulse appears out of nowhere.

“We found that it would be easier for you to cum with outside stimulation to your pretty little nub last time, didn’t we?” he asks me.

I tense up my entire body.

He remembers that?

It’s so intense for me to deal with, but I know that the release will feel good.

“No, no! I can’t do it, Konan!” I shout and he laughs, removing his fingers from my wet mound.

Wrapping his arms around me, he chuckles.

“Like that, is it?” he asks me.

I nod. I need to learn how to deal with how intense it can be from deep inside me.

“I love you. Did you know that, hmm? I’ve always loved you, Ella.”

My heart skips a beat and I slide my hands on the desk, listening to him.

He loves me?

Twisting me around, he picks me up off my feet and places me down on the desk, brushing his fingers through my hair.

“I’m not lying to you, Ella. I genuinely do love you, babe. Honestly. Mark my words.”

“You do?”

I look up at him and he nods, guiding my face to his.

“I do.”

Capturing my lips with his for a short kiss, he closes his eyes. Sliding his nose across mine, he breathes heavily and the scent of mint drifts up my nostrils.

“I still think about that night when I fucked you in the barn. I barely knew what I was doing back then, and you were a little virgin who needed my guidance.

“The way that you looked at me was with pure emotion. You wanted me to fuck you for that intimate connection, but at the same time, you were terrified.

“I could see it with the way that you tensed your body, yet your eyes were pleading for me to show you what true love was. That is one night that I will never forget.

“You see, you were my trophy. I had a plan to make you my wife in the future, but we grew apart.”

“‘Grew apart?’ I never heard from you again.”

Konan opens his eyes.

“Yeah. I fucked up.”

He gives me a sad smile and leans his forehead against mine.

“I promise that this time I won’t do that to you, babe. I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?”

I nod. I can forgive him because I’m sexually frustrated right now, plus I miss my best friend. When I needed him the most, he was gone—and I will be damned if I am going to let him go again.

I want to take control. My need to suck his cock is unbearable, yet at the same time, I want him to control me. To guide me, to admire me, to love me.

Hopping off the desk, I wait for him to take a step back. He looks at me with confusion and I drop to my knees before I look up at him through innocent eyes and he strokes my hair back.

“You helped me when I was a virgin. Can I help you now?” I ask him and he nods his head, grinning.

“You may.”

His cock is bulging beneath his black slacks. Scratching my nails over the surface, I feel his raging cock trying to force itself through the fabric toward my hand. He wants to spring free.

I know that it must be painful for him. It’s like trying to bend a bone. It would snap in two.

Unbuttoning his slacks, I unzip them and drag them down his legs. Pulling his boxer briefs down, I smile when his cock springs free, excited to see me. I’m glad that he’s hard because it shows me that I turn him on.

Stroking my cheek with the side of his thumb, he takes hold of himself and guides my head toward his tip.

I push my tongue out and the second that he feels my taste buds roughly grind against him, he pulls my head toward his torso.

Placing my hands at the tops of his thighs, I open up my throat and allow his large cock to slide straight to the back of my mouth while looking up at him seductively.

I practiced with a banana many years back with the hopes to be able to help him blow his load one day.

The instructions that he gave me ten years back enter my head again. The step-by-step guide to giving the perfect suck. I breathe in deeply, working myself up. Time for a gagging session from him.

I remove his cock from my mouth and look up at him. He turns his head.

“You can take the lead. I remember what you taught me.”

“You sure? Your throat may hurt later on.” His eyebrows knit together.

I nod, smiling.

“You’re the one in charge, remember?” I giggle.

Konan grins. For the first time, it’s as if his confidence disappears, but the second that I say that, it reappears again and he’s in complete control of the situation.

Guiding me to drop my head, Konan splits my hair down the middle and wraps the hanks around his hands.

I take his cock in the palm of my right hand and raise my head up ready to take him, all of him, inside my mouth.

“Ready?” he asks.


Opening my mouth, I wait for him to press his hands against the back of my head and when he does, I relax my throat, allowing him to thrust to the back of my mouth.

Closing my eyes, I feel his tip expanding, making my throat close over slightly.

Moving himself out of my mouth, he slams straight to the back of my throat again over and over again, reminding me of the strength that he has.

I know that my throat will hurt tomorrow, but I only care about him getting pleasure from me right now.

Moving my right hand up and down his shaft, I take his balls in my left hand and squeeze them lightly. I look up at him as he tightens his hold on my hair, driving himself inside me.

His eyes close over slightly.

I choke on him and I pull my head back, quickly closing my mouth.

“Open,” he demands.

I don’t process what he’s telling me to do.

He unravels my hair from his hands. Forcing my mouth open, he guides my head back and slides two fingers inside my mouth, twirling them around my tongue.

“Suck,” he tells me, and I do what he says instantly. My pussy is contracting.

Taking his cock in his hand, he moves it to my lips and I open my mouth up wider for him.

He yanks my head toward him and thrusts his hips forward. Taking complete control of the situation, he wraps my hair around his hand and wrist and he fucks my face.

I gag, and my saliva dribbles around him, leaving my legs and breasts covered in my own spit.

He doesn’t let me finish, but he does give me a smile of approval. He lets go of my hair, slides out of my mouth, and holds his hand out to me.

I remember Camille. She will be waiting for me downstairs while I’ve been a naughty girl inside this office with Konan.

“I need to go to Camille,” I tell him, taking his hand.

He pulls me to my feet and he shakes his head, smirking at me.

“She’s fine. Don’t worry. Xavier is looking after her.”

Twisting me around to face his desk, he puts a knee between my legs, and I part them.

Sliding deep inside me, he trails kisses down my back and my body shivers as this need for him to take me again strengthens.

Each kiss shows meaning and lets me feel emotions I didn’t think that I needed to feel.

Beads of sweat form at my hairline and the cold air evaporates it, leaving only hot air inside the room.

Glancing over at the window, I see condensation forming. It turns me on even more, and adrenaline shoots through me.

Each time he pulls himself out of me and slams straight to my G-spot, he makes me yelp. I grind my teeth together, fisting my hands.

Laying his hand down on the table next to my head, he drags my hair back with his other hand.

I look down at the veins on the top of the hand beside me. His thick fingers leave me imagining the way that his other hand holds my hair tightly.

So masculine and smoking hot! I will definitely need a shower after tonight.

“I have something planned.”

I glance over my shoulder at him, curious, and he smiles.

“I remember when you told me one of your fantasies.”

Oh no.

I don’t want him to remember them. I frown, thinking about each one. Why do we fantasize about situations where we know that things shouldn’t be done, yet we want to experience them?

I was drunk when he asked me that question, and I answered him honestly. The alcohol brought out the daring side within me, and I knew that I’d made a huge mistake when I woke up the following day.

“You don’t. No, Konan, please, no.” I plead with my eyes for him to not carry out any of them, but I know that Konan will want to make one of them, if not all of them, a reality.

Placing his hand on the side of my head, he pins me to the table.

“Which one?” A shaky breath leaves my lungs.

“Relax. What happens inside this building stays inside this building. Xavier, come in.”

Letting my head go, Konan pulls out of me and raises his slacks with his boxers to sit smugly around his waist. Zipping up, he smirks.

I bite my nails and Konan laughs, stroking my back.

I know what fantasy he’s talking about. It’s the most daring of them all.

The door opens up and Xavier walks into the room with a cocky, confident stride.

“What about Camille?” I try to find a way to leave the room. I’m out of my comfort zone now and Xavier is no longer looking after Camille, so she needs me to be there for her now.

“She’s fine. She’s on my phone, annoying Dante. She won’t come up here, and Enzo wouldn’t let her past him on the stairs if she tried.”

“Lie on the desk, babe. Xavier doesn’t bite and nobody will hear about this. Unless you don’t want to do this?” Konan says. He crosses his arms over his broad chest.

I look from him to Xavier.

“This is one of your fantasies, Ella. I don’t even need to tell you what the plan is here. It’s your call. Do you want to do it?” Konan looks me dead in the eyes.

I shrug my shoulders.

I’m not ready for that yet. It’s too far out of my comfort zone.

“I do, but I don’t have the confidence. Thank you for the chance, Xavier. Thanks, Konan, but I cannot do it.”

I keep my eyes on Konan.

He leans up against the wall, arms still crossed.

I smile at him awkwardly and he approaches me.

“There’s no need to apologize. I wanted to give you the option, and you don’t feel confident enough. There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re still human, after all. That’s perfectly normal.”

I nod as he strokes my cheeks with both of his hands. Konan’s lips fit mine like a puzzle piece, cushioned, soft, and wet.

I open my mouth and he wraps his hand around my neck, lightly guiding me. I connect my tongue with his and cry out.

“Thank you,” we hear.

I look at Xavier, who gives us a thumbs-up.

“Nice pussy. Enjoy, you two. I hope this will build your confidence and exceed your expectations, Ella.”

Xavier winks and Konan chuckles. I laugh.

Xavier walks to the door.

“I will keep Camille safe,” he says, and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

Touching my lips with his thumb, Konan guides my head back and my chin upward.

“You better go and take Camille home.”

“You’re right.”

I create distance between us and gather all of my clothes, dragging them onto my body piece by piece.

“Before it’s too late, refrain from judging a book by its cover, Ella. You will see that you’ve got Mia and Zane’s story completely wrong.

“I will see you after you’ve dropped Camille off. Xavier will drive you to the children’s home.”

I nod and walk out of the room. Downstairs, I find Camille waiting for me in the office with Xavier and another man.

I grab my bag off one of the chairs where someone moved it, and Camille and I leave the building, holding hands.

“Wait up. The car is over here,” Xavier shouts. Camille and I change our direction and walk to the car with him.

Sliding in the front of the car, Camille buckles herself in, and I climb into the back. Xavier gets in the driver’s seat.

“You didn’t listen to the rules, Camille.” Xavier glances over at her, switching the ignition on.

Camille shrugs her shoulders, looking down at her feet in the footwell.

“It’s not your dad who has a problem with it; Kenzo does. You shouldn’t be entering his club. You know what can happen inside that building, Camille. It’s too dangerous for you, sweet,” Xavier tells her.

She doesn’t say a word while he drives out of the parking lot.

“We both know that you would be out of that home by now. Kenzo would have removed you from there!”

Xavier floors the gas pedal. The car roars and speeds down the road. It’s very noisy inside.

I would have a raging headache if I were to sit inside this all of the time.

“Then why didn’t he?” Camille shouts.

Xavier glances over his shoulder at me with a smirk on his face.

“Me? What’s it got to do with me?” I ask him, feeling targeted.

I don’t influence anyone’s choices!

“Konan wanted to say hi to you. When we found out that you were the case worker, Konan made a deal with Kenzo to leave you alone and to keep Camille in your care for the time being.

“He wants for you to see sense. That’s all I’m going to tell you.”

“Oh.” I stare at the back of his head, stunned.

So he did know who I was. Son of a bitch.

“See sense?” What am I missing, exactly?

“You will be back with us soon, babe,” Xavier tells Camille. “I promise you that.”

Camille nods and smiles.

At the children’s home, Xavier ends up walking her to reception while I stay in the car. After all, I cannot enter the children’s residence while wearing a collar.

We head back to the club.


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