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One of Us

Aimee Dierking

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Justin Mariner, president of the notorious motorcycle club Devil’s Reign, meets his match in the least likely place: his daughter's school. Avery Harper, a sweet kindergarten teacher, is about to glimpse life's darker shades. As secrets unravel, will their worlds collide or connect?

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1


Justin moved back in his chair to slump down a little more, giving the sweet butt on her knees sucking his dick more room.

He wasn’t really into it, but a mouth was a mouth when he was stressed out. If only he could turn his hearing off to drown out the fake, porn-like moaning she was making, it would be so much better.

He grabbed her hair with one hand, keeping her locked where he wanted her, and reached over to turn up the volume on the radio with the other.

The sound tended to carry in his clubhouse office, and he was relieved when he couldn’t hear her as much.

Heather looked up at him from underneath her lashes and gave him a wink before going harder on him.

Justin tried not to roll his eyes, but instead closed them to imagine someone else was sucking him off. He had no idea who that would be but went with a movie star to just get the job finished.

He was getting close and wanted it to be over and knew that if he pushed her all the way down and thrust up, that usually hit the spot he needed to finish.

So he did, thinking about a faceless woman with soft hair, and felt his finish burst out four or five times as he grunted.

He opened his eyes and looked at Heather licking him clean, and it was all he could do to not yank his dick out of her mouth and throw her out.

“Oh Justin, that was so good! I love the way you taste, it’s so sexy!” she cooed.

He couldn’t help it and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, thanks, Heather. Now you can show yourself out. I have work to do.”

She pouted as she sat back on her heels. “You don’t want to help me out?”

“Nope. I have things to do. And you know I don’t eat pussy,” he replied, standing up, shoving his semi-flaccid dick back in his pants, and zipping up.

“How about a finger or two?” she asked.

“NO. Now get out,” he growled, sitting back down to look at his computer screen.

“But, Just—”

“I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT!” he yelled.

Heather jumped a little. “You don’t have to be such an ass! I’ll leave and see if Logan needs any help.”

Justin grunted his indifference and turned his chair back to his desk, dismissing her.

“I’ll see if Kelly wants to get something going at Pauly’s party. We can have a threesome again, baby,” Heather purred.

Justin motioned for her to go to the door. She left, blowing him a kiss, and he let his hands rub over his face in frustration.

He jumped when he heard a sarcastic voice say, “You know there are better ways to relieve stress. Ways where you don’t make others want to vomit when they hear it or for you to catch an STD.”

Justin looked up, unamused. “Ha, ha, Sis. Thanks for the memo.”

She smirked, “I’m just saying…”

“Well, what else do you have to say? I have things to do. I’m trying to get some work done,” he said, suddenly tired.

“Oh, I know you do. But I have another doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so you have to pick up Miss Thang from school today.”

He flopped his head back. “Shit, I forgot about that.”

“I know you did, that’s why I’m here to remind you. You doing okay, big brother?” she asked, suddenly concerned.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Just a lot on my mind for some reason... Trying to see if we should expand the shipping business or start up something else.” He sighed.

She went over to him and cupped his face.

“You will figure it out, Jussy, just like you always do. But I worry about you... You need to find someone to settle down with, make a family with. Someone Lexi can look up to.”

“Not settling down, already told you that. Marriage and old ladies aren’t for me. And besides, she has her Aunty Kiki to look up to,” he said, smiling softly at her.

“Don’t butter me up.

“I start the hormone shots in a few days and will be a raging, emotional mess, so just keep this conversation in the back of your mind when you want to kill me and dump my body along route 52,” Kiki said.

He felt a pang in his heart knowing how badly his little sister and best friend wanted a baby of their own and how hard it had been for them. He hated that it was so much work and heartache.

He patted her hand. “I’ll keep that in mind. Now go and let me figure this out.”

Kiki leaned down and kissed the top of his head. “Set an alarm so you don’t forget Lexi, and remember she has the new teacher. Cute little thing too.”

Justin waved her off, setting an alarm to remind him to get his daughter.

She chuckled as she left, closing the door behind her and muttering, “Hopefully he doesn’t forget! I love him, but he can be such a dumbass.”

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