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Half-dog, half-femme-boy Iro earned his way through college among humans doing livestreams showing skin and fur. When a job offers him the opportunity to live among the mythical and fantasy creatures he came from, he dives in headfirst. Working for a politically (and seductively) powerful Succubus with a spider girl, a shark woman, a cat lady, and a birdbrain may just be the employment Iro never knew he dreamed of!

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Chapter 1: The What, Now?


“I know, I know. You’re all very disappointed, but we all knew this was coming. And you’ve all been coming far too often, so it’s time to take a little break.

“So just keep an eye on my socials, and I’ll keep you updated for when this might come back. ‘Kay?”

The speaker put on an overly cute face and blew a kiss into the streaming camera. “Go have some fun. I know I will. Byyyyeeee.”

He cut the live stream and immediately slumped in his chair, exhausted.

“How the hell do people do this for so long?” he asked as he pushed himself back in his chair and spun around to face his roommate.

“And why me? I shouldn’t have gotten this popular. I expected a hundred, maybe, but thousands? Tens of thousands?”

His roommate, a cute college girl lounging on the bed across the room, lowered her book to peer over the top and raise an eyebrow.

“Because, Iro, ever since you people showed up, nobody can get enough of a real live femmy dog boy teasing them on stream. And plenty of people just love to drool all over a little trap like you.”

Iro, the streamer in question, pulled at the tight neckline of his skin-tight sleeveless top and swallowed awkwardly.

“I’m not that much of a trap…I just…look and sound like this.

“And you’re the one who encouraged me to stream, anyway, Beck,” he said with a remarkably androgynous voice, easily mistaken for a deep-toned female or high-pitched male.

Rebecca, or Beck to Iro, shut her book and stood up, walked over, and planted her hands on Iro’s thighs. They were barely covered by his skin-tight booty shorts, the fabric causing the furred skin to bulge slightly.

She cast her eyes up his slim frame and feminine features, his gray-and-white fur, and pointed dog ears.

“I know, and you got yourself all the way through college on donations. Was a little skin and fur on cam so bad? Besides, you love attention, don’t you?”

Iro’s tail wagged slowly through the hole in the back of his chair as Beck leaned in and nuzzled his face with her own nose. “I guess. Will you come visit sometimes?”

Beck stood back upright and scoffed. “Obviously. Where are you going again?”

Iro stuck his tongue out and huffed. “Home. The transfer program gave me all kinds of good times, yourself included, but it’s getting bothersome having to be everyone’s good dog on the streets. I need a break.”

“And did you find a place? You said things were getting crowded over there since some humans started moving in.”

Iro sighed. “Yeah. A job too. Two in one. Live-in occupation. Not too many details, but the pay will keep me afloat while I look for something bigger, and the rent is paid for as part of the job.”

Beck turned back with a frown on her face. “That doesn’t sound very legit. You sure it’s not some kidnapping front?”

Iro chuckled. “No, not really, but I’ve got a nose for danger. I’ll be all right.”

Beck bit her lip as she approached Iro again. “And a nose for a few other things. One more sesh? Before you go?”

Iro smirked. “You’re going to miss me after all, aren’t you?”

Beck lightly nipped his nose as she leaned back over to whisper in his ear. “I’m going to miss that bussy you talk about all the time. Get on the bed, stupid. You leave in an hour, and I want you to have to waddle out of here.”

Iro felt a blush form on his face, his fur ruffling in anticipation.

He let his tongue loll out of his mouth and pant eagerly as Beck released her hold on him and walked to the dresser to grab a big, canine-shaped strap-on dildo and started working her clothes off.

Iro bounded to the bed and put himself on all fours, tail wagging happily as he watched Beck lube up the toy and approach with a lusty grin on her face.

“Beg, puppy.”

Iro shivered and put on a typically needy face that he used on stream all the time to entice viewers to donate as he looked over his shoulder at the approaching girl. “P-please will you demolish my little bussy, Becky?”

Beck smirked as she reached Iro and unsnapped the button that held the tail hole of his shorts closed and yanked the tight fabric halfway down his thighs. “You know I will, pup. Howl for momma now.”

Iro put up one hand and curled his fingers with a wave as he tilted his head slightly. “Arooo?”

Beck scoffed again as she lined up the silicon toy and pushed into the waiting hole, causing Iro to properly moan as his asshole was spread wide.

That’s better,” she said as she started thrusting into him, grabbing his tail and pinning it against her chest to keep from being batted in the face as he happily wagged his big, fluffy tail.

“Do me a favor. Hold this,” she ordered as she continued to thrust, pushing Iro’s tail forward until he managed to grab it in his teeth, humming happily as she railed his ass.

Reaching down between his legs, Beck grabbed his moderately sized prick and began stroking, running her hands over the bulbous knot at the base all the way to the pointed tip before rubbing back up.

Iro whimpered and squirmed under her new touch and clenched and unclenched as he fought an impending orgasm.

Beck felt his tension through his cock and smirked. She knew how to finish him off. While maintaining her rhythmic speed, she began going deeper until she was at the base of her toy, buried in his ass.

She bent over, pressing her bare chest against his thinly-covered back and whispered into his ear, “Be a good boy and cum for me.”

Iro tensed up at her order as she finished stroking his cock. Once more, she cupped the tip with her hand, and he whimpered into his makeshift tail gag and came into her hand, clenching around the toy in his ass.

Exhausted, Iro fell forward, slipping off the knotted toy, and rolled onto his back, holding his hands up against his chest and panting playfully for Beck. “T-thank you, mommy!” he teased.

Beck grinned and fell in beside him and held her cum-covered palm out to his mouth. Furtively, Iro lapped at the sticky fluid and hummed as he finished. Beck hugged him tightly.

“I’m going to miss this. Count on me visiting soon.”


Iro waved at Beck as he entered the airport and shouldered his pack, grabbing his suitcase and went through security.

He hadn’t gone through an airport in years, not since he’d left his home island to come to the United States for college. Things had changed since he had been here.

They were a lot easier, less scrutinizing, and far fewer airport staff cared that he had dog ears and a tail. Other passengers were keen to stare, and one even recognized Iro from his streams, asking for a group selfie.

When the flight was finally over, Iro stepped out into Inasa City, one of the largest non-human societies located on an island a few hundred miles off the eastern coast of Japan.

This was his home, and he could smell it. It raised all the fur on his body to see mostly non-humans roving about, manning food stalls, airport security, and everything in between.

Sure, there were humans, too, but they were the minority and were more than used to the sights. For once, Iro could blend in.

Leaving the airport and hailing a taxi, he went to the address on the job hiring slip he had received. As he went farther into the city, things started to shift.

The cityscape changed from tightly packed apartments to more spacious manors and mansions. The signs got more artistic and the pedestrian traffic thinned.

The taxi stopped outside a large, gated mansion with ivy growing on the walls and bricks that looked like they had seen a few lifetimes of service.

The taxi pulled away, and Iro was left standing in front of the gate with his backpack and suitcase and the clothes on his back.

“Okay, Iro, you got this. Just…walk up, introduce yourself. Nobody knows you here. You’re just…getting a job and a home…” He talked himself up as he approached the gate.

The ornate metal bars surprised him by swinging open at his approach, causing his tail to puff up and his ears to stand at attention.

The soft clopping of hooves got his attention as he waited for some kidnappers with nets to leap from the bushes when a female centaur in a pinstriped suit approached.

She had long, blonde hair and a stern expression on her face. Iro was most distracted by her impressively sized chest and her cleavage peeking through a boob window, causing his prick to rise to half-mast.

“You. You’re Iro, yes? The new maid?” she said with a fittingly firm tone and clearly enunciated words.

Iro, a little dazed from imagining his head in between her chest, shook his head and tilted it to clear his thoughts. “The new what, now?”

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