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V.J. Villamayor

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As their best friend status morphs into something more serious, Max winds up in Selena’s bedroom. When things start to get heated, Selena asks Max if he trusts her. He can barely utter a “yes” before things take an unexpected but sizzling hot turn.

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Chapter 1


Max lost his breath as Selena unceremoniously shoved him onto the bed. A light shimmer of perspiration dotted their skin from both the humidity outside and the sexual tension that had built all through their date.

Years of being “just friends” had somehow snowballed into late-night texts, then phone calls sharing fantasies, and finally—dates. This rougher side of Selena was a side Max hadn’t seen before, and it turned him the hell on.

Max pushed himself up to sit against the pillows and leaned back as his darkened eyes watched Selena, letting her hair tumble down from her clip.

Her deep-emerald dress hugged her body. Its high slit on one side teased him all night with glimpses of her smooth thigh.

Selena unzipped her dress and allowed the satin material to pool by her feet. Her black stilettos matched her lingerie, and Max felt himself grow harder, if that was even physically possible right now.

Selena crawled onto the bed, her eyes holding his while she settled herself between his legs. “Do you trust me?” she purred, popping each button of his shirt undone, exposing his feverish skin.

“Of course, I—” Max choked on his words when Selena bent down to trace his nipple with the tip of her tongue. “I-I do.”

“Are you sure?”

Max’s head fell back at the pleasurable tingles shooting from his nipple straight to his engorged cock. “One hundred and ten percent. Of course I trust you.”


Selena wasted no time in leaning forward to kiss Max. Their lips clashed together, tongues sliding out to taste one another.

They fought each other to take his clothes off, and once his boxers were thrown somewhere in the corner of the room, Selena once again settled on top of Max, spreading her legs to straddle his hips.

“Take off your bra and underwear.” Max chuckled, grinding his erection into her core.

Selena smirked, leaned forward, and pressed her bra-clad breasts against Max’s naked chest.

Max had always been a “boob man,” and seeing her soft mounds pressed heavily against him made him go crazy.

Max gripped Selena’s hips tightly as his pelvis ground against her wet pussy before moving his hands up toward her breasts.

At the same time, Selena slid her fingers down from his shoulders to grab his hands and pull them up until she held them trapped on either side of his head.

Bringing her lips to his ear, Selena whispered, “I’m in charge tonight, Max. So, I think I’ll keep my lingerie on…for now.”

Before Max could ask if she was serious, a soft click sounded. He looked up and noticed Selena had locked his wrists in a pair of silver handcuffs wrapped around the headrest of her bed.

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