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The Alphas Series

C. Qualls

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A chance encounter with her mate should’ve left Kya feeling complete and whole, but she’s left with a sense of disappointment. When she relocates to her aunt’s pack, Owen, who is set to become the next Alpha, is tasked with guiding her. But as they spend more time together, Owen's true nature is gradually revealed, leaving Kya with a difficult decision to make. Should she stick with what she already has, or take a risk and venture into the unknown?

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1

Book 1: Alpha Rejected


To say he is a player is an understatement.

Alpha Declan Redd is known for his many affairs. She-wolves happily bed the powerful playboy.

I never understood those skanks. Don’t they have any sense of self-worth? I certainly do.

“Sarah was bragging about their night during breakfast. I wanted to barf.” I shake my head as my best friend Alana tells me about her sister’s escapade with Alpha Redd.

Alana feels the same about Alpha Redd being a nasty player. She would never behave the way her sister does with him. He’s twenty-four and has yet to find his mate. The poor woman; I feel for whomever gets stuck with him.

I pull my books from my locker to put them in my backpack. Our school is for werewolves only. Six different packs send their students here.

I’m Kya. Alana and I are the only seniors from our pack. It’s great to meet other wolves, but mostly, the packs cling to their own.

There are four future alphas here. One is a senior, two are in middle school and one is in elementary school. I pull out my homework and get back to the conversation.

“Doesn’t she care about her mate?” I ask, referring to Sarah.

Alana leans on the locker next to mine. “Apparently not. He’s not her first conquest, just the highest ranking.”

I sling my backpack over my shoulder and slam the metal door shut. We take our time walking to our anatomy class. She and I both want to be healers. I have a natural gift, but she struggles a bit.

The pack doctor is my father. I’ve inherited his natural ability and plan to follow in his footsteps. My mother is more compassionate and has the perfect bedside manner, which I also inherited.

Alana pulls up her phone. “Check out this one.” A blue sequin dress is being modeled on the screen.

“Ooh, I like that one. It would look great on you.”

She tucks her phone away as we make it to our class. “I’m going to go try it on after school. Do you want to come with?”

I nod as I take my usual seat. “Yeah. I still need to get mine.”

The mate's ball is tomorrow night. Right on time too. It’s the same day as my birthday. The ball is for unmated wolves eighteen and older.

We get our wolves around puberty, but mating comes around the age of adulthood. It’s not common for anyone younger than eighteen to find their mate, but it has happened.

Also, it will be a full moon. I can’t wait to find out who my mate will be, if he’s there.

They say if you meet your mate on a full moon, your bond is bound to be even more powerful. Mates are destined by the Moon Goddess. Our mate is our perfect other half…in most cases.

There have been some rejections throughout history. Of course, I say that with sarcasm. Rejection does happen, but it’s mostly because the guy has a long-time girlfriend that he’s madly in love with, which makes no sense to me.

Your mate is more important and is supposed to have a stronger pull. I could never imagine rejecting a mate. It would have to be only under dire circumstances.

Alphas, especially, need their mate. Their bond makes them a stronger, better leader. The luna is the mother of the pack. An alpha and luna bond is rumored to be even stronger than any other bond.

But what would I know? I’ve never felt a pull nor had the telltale signs.

Your heart is supposed to beat faster, your breathing becomes labored. When you smell the sweetest scent, you search for its source until you lock eyes. Once you touch, electricity pulses through you.

I shake the thought away and return my focus back to the class just as Mr. Knox begins talking about the circulatory system.

The dress shop is off-territory in no-man’s-land. Basically, it’s a human town that isn’t claimed by a pack.

Alana drives her family’s van, while I set the radio to our favorite station. We listen to country music. No one in our pack gets it.

“We might run into Sarah. She went with a few of her friends to get dresses too,” Alana says.

I roll my eyes. “Fabulous. As long as we don’t get matching dresses, we’ll be good.”

Alana nods and makes the turn off the road. I don’t have anything against Sarah, but she just doesn’t like me for some reason. She gets annoyed whenever I’m around Alana.

Alana and I have been friends since kindergarten. Sarah is two years older than us. She used to be nice, but once she hit high school, things changed. She became boy crazy, while Alana and I stayed focused on our studies.

We hear giggling as soon as we walk into the shop. Two other groups of girls are chatting and looking for the perfect dress. Sarah spots us immediately. She has a blue sequined dress hanging over her arm.

Alana grunts then whispers to me. “I showed her my dress this morning. Damn it.”

Sarah holds up the dress. “Lani. They didn’t have any in your size, I looked. It’s such a perfect dress, it needs to be shown off, right?”

Alana is curvy and voluptuous. She has a great body. Guys hit on her all the time. Sarah is more trim and willowy. They have the same dark eyes and hair, but otherwise they are completely different.

“You know, now that I see it in person, it is more your style, Sarah,” I say. Sarah scoffs and goes back to her group.

Alana looks at me with her brows knitted. “Why would you say that?”

I nod at Sarah as she steps out of the dressing room modeling the dress for her friends. “She looks skanky in it.”

Alana cracks up. She takes my hand and leads me to a rack that contains her sizes.

Alana finds a cute silver dress that looks amazing on her. We then begin looking for a dress for me. I have an athletic build, so I tend to have a few more choices. We find a red dress that shows off my legs with a slit up the side.

We finish up at the store and get a bite before heading back to my place for homework.

Mom, Alana and I ate. We'll be home soon,” I mind-link my mom so she knows not to make too much for dinner, which she will anyway.

She’s not used to cooking for just the three of us. My brother, Chase, became beta six months ago when Alpha Redd took over from his father.

He has his own place now. We rarely see him anymore, but he’ll be at the ball. I can’t wait to see him. He’s been too busy to stop by since becoming the beta. He’s a great brother though, even Alana gets along with him.

My brother being beta means I grew up knowing Alpha Redd…or Dec. I call him Dec when he’s just being the guy I grew up with, and I call him Alpha Redd when he’s whoring around.

Chase and Dec have been best friends for as long as they’ve been alive. Dec is a good guy. He’s powerful and protective of the pack. Personally, I have nothing against him, until recently.

Once he became alpha, he got tired of waiting around for his luna and turned into an asshole. I’ve lost count of all the girls he’s been with, not that I’m counting. It's just sad.

Alana growls in frustration. “I can never say these stupid words. Who came up with Trabeculae Carneae?”

I giggle as I finish coloring the pulmonary trunk. “They’re Latin words. It basically means meaty ridge.”

My phone buzzes on the bed. Doofus Ass pops up on the screen. I answer the call. “Hey, you remember the little people, huh.”

Chase chuckles on the other end of the line. “I was just wondering if you want me to escort you to the ball, milady.”

I giggle. “Yeah, sure. Aren’t you going to be hanging around Dec, though?”

Chase grunts. “Hopefully not. He’ll be surrounded by all the desperate she-wolves. You know I hate that crap.”

I smile, glad that Alpha Redd hasn’t corrupted my brother. “Alrighty. I’ll be waiting for you. Alana will need a ride too.”

Alana raises one brow in question. I shrug my shoulders, as if to say why not.

“Yeah, of course. I’ll be there by seven. Be ready.”

“Was that Chase?” Alana asks.

“Of course. He’s escorting us to the ball. He just got a nice truck, so we’ll be arriving in style.” Alana shrugs her shoulder, and we get back to studying.


I wake up excited for not only the ball, but also my birthday. I’m eighteen today.

My mom walks in my room singing the birthday song, holding a lemon cupcake with chocolate frosting. She does it every year right at 6:47 a.m. That’s when I was born.

I sit up and smile. I make a wish. Moon Goddess, please let me find my mate today. I blow out the candle and give my mom a hug. “Thanks, Mom.” I place the cupcake on my nightstand.

“I didn’t buy you any presents this year. Instead, I arranged a spa day for you and Alana.” She gives me a paper with the details.

“Oh my Goddess, Mom, That’s so perfect. Thank you so much.”

She smiles at me. “Daddy and I both work today, but I’ll be there when you leave. Alana already knows about your gift. You can take my car today.”

I nod. “Okay.”

After a birthday breakfast of Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, I pick Alana up and we go to school.

After school, we head straight over for our spa day. We get massages and facials.

“I think we’ll both find our mates today.” I tell Alana as our faces are trapped in the face pillow of the massage table.

“What makes you think that? I’ve been eighteen for two months now.”

I shrug my shoulder. “I don’t know. It just feels like a special day, you know, like the Moon Goddess is smiling down on us right now.”

We both giggle and let the massage therapists do their thing. After the massages, we get manicures. No fake nails, just a pretty painted design. Fake nails are pointless when you’re a wolf.

After our pampering, I drop Alana off and head back to get ready. I have to shower to get all the oil off of my skin.

I finish up my eyeliner and add a few more pins to my hair just as Chase yells out to me.

“Come on, princess. Your chariot awaits.”

I throw on my heels and head down the stairs. Chase whistles at me, looking dashing in his tux. He hands over two wrapped packages. “Happy birthday.”

I open the first one. It’s a pen light and trauma shears set, a good quality one. “Thanks, Chase.”

He smiles. “You’re welcome. This other one is from Dec.”

I scrunch my brows. “Dec got me something?”

He shrugs. “Yeah, well, I kept bouncing ideas off him about what to get you. So, he got you something, too.”

I smile and shake my head. Opening the small box, I gasp at the intricate gold bracelet inside. It has a wolf charm hanging from the middle.

“Wow. Here, help me put it on.” Chase clasps it around my wrist. “How does it look?”

He gives me a once-over. “You look beautiful. I’m going to have to beat off anyone that comes near you.”

I laugh. “Dec. Thank you for the gift. It's beautiful.” Alphas have a connection with the entire pack. Anyone can link him.

You're welcome. Happy birthday. Good luck tonight.

I smile, hopeful for tonight to be a success. “You too. I hope you find your luna.

He responds sounding defeated. “Yeah.”

Our mom walks forward with her phone, ready to take a picture. “Smile!” Chase and I strike up our usual pose. My hands around his throat while he sticks his tongue out making a face of pain.

“Ha ha. You two give me an actual smile, for once.” Chase wraps his arm around my shoulders and I lean into his chest. Yes, he’s that tall. The flash blinds us for a second, then, we give Mom a kiss and head out the door.

I text Alana that we’re pulling up to her house.

She’s on the porch, waiting for us. Her gown hugs her perfect curves in a classy, dignified way. She styled her long hair landing like a waterfall over one shoulder.

Chase gets out of the truck to escort her to her seat, he’s such a gentleman. He stops as he takes his first step up the stairs. “No fucking way!”

Alana swallows as she locks eyes with Chase. He holds his hand out and she timidly steps forward.

Her hand raises to meet his. She giggles and smiles the biggest smile I have ever seen on her.

“It’s you.” Chase pulls her into his chest. He runs his nose up her neck and a hand through her silky hair.

I watch the show, totally shocked. I’m so happy for the two of them. The two best people have the best mates. “Mom, Dad. Guess what… Chase and Alana are mates!

I whistle to get their attention. “Are we still going to the ball?”

Chase turns around to face me. “Oh yeah. I’m going to show off my beautiful mate to everyone.” He wraps his arm around Alana.

I get out of the truck and offer her the front seat. Chase helps her in, then shuts her door. He holds her hand as he drives to the hotel.

The ball is being held in no-man’s-land to prevent animosity between packs. The room is large and already full when we arrive.

I see Sarah chatting some guy up. She looks over when we enter, and rushes up to Alana to give her a hug. “Congratulations.”

She turns to Chase. “Welcome to the family.”

He nods. “Thanks. Have you seen Dec?”

She shakes her head. “He was talking up some bimbo from a Rhode Island pack. I can’t believe they come from so far away.”

Alana and I both roll our eyes at the word bimbo. Sarah walks back to the guy she was talking to.

“Can I get you ladies a drink?” Chase offers.

Alana nods. “Thank you…mate.” Chase kisses Alana on the forehead and leaves us to chat.

I hug Alana. “I’m so glad it’s you. You both deserve the best.”

Her cheeks turn rosy. “Oh my Goddess. We’re sisters for real now.”

Chase is back in no time at all. He hands us both champagne. “Don’t tell Mom, Ky.”

I take a sip. “Of course not.”

Chase leads us deeper into the room. There are sparks flying everywhere. At least ten couples have met. You can tell because they have this dreamy look in their eyes as they inhale each other’s scent.

Chase pulls Alana onto the dance floor, leaving me to sip champagne alone. I walk around the room, just hoping the Moon Goddess is on my side tonight.

The alcohol starts to heat me up, not to mention the five hundred bodies crowded in the ballroom. I need air.

The first balcony is already full, so I go to the next one. The doors are closed, but I need to breathe.

I open the door and inhale the most exotic scent. It wraps around me like a warm blanket of sunshine.

I close my eyes and step into the moonlight. I inhale the fresh forest scent as if it’s my last living breath. I smile knowing he’s close by.

Opening my eyes, I begin to look for the source. I stop dead in my tracks when I hear the sound of flesh slapping followed by moaning. I’m not experienced, but even I know what those sounds mean.

Not wanting to be in the middle of that mess, I turn to step back into the room when my eyes lock with a pair of silver orbs.

Alpha Redd’s eyes go wide for a fraction of a second, then he smirks. “Care to join us?”

I can barely breathe, as if my heart has suddenly and painfully stopped. Shock takes over and I walk forward, ignoring the woman fucking my mate. My hand flies and lands on his disgusting face.

I stumble back into the ballroom, my arms around my chest.

Alpha Declan Redd. What was the Moon Goddess thinking? The tears flow silently down my cheeks. My heart is shattered; my head is spinning.

Moon Goddess, what do I do?

I’m jerked around by a strong powerful hand. It’s him. I react and slap him again. He growls deeply and menacingly. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

The crowd catches on that there is soon to be drama and circles around us. I stand up straight, my body still shaking from his absolute and utter betrayal. “No one to you. I, Kya Samantha Mason, reject you Alpha Declan Thomas Redd.”

The crowd gasps in one breath. No one has ever rejected an alpha.

Dec holds his chest and almost falls back, physically broken from our bond. My heart races wildly. I can barely stand, but I’m not going to lose it now. I unclasp my bracelet and drop it at my feet.

Chase pulls me to him. “Ky…”

I shake my head. “Don’t, Chase. I just have to get out of here.”

Alpha Redd looks to his beta, almost daring him to leave. My resolve shatters and my knees buckle under me. Chase picks me up and carries me away with Alana next to us.

We get to the truck and the flood gates break loose. Alana holds me as I sob all over her beautiful gown.

We’re home before I know it. Chase carries me to my room and lays me in my bed.

“I’m sorry, Ky; Dec is pissed. He’s ordered me back. I have to go.” I nod. He gives Alana a quick peck and takes off.

Alana adjusts me so my head is in her lap. “What the hell happened?” She gently pulls out the pins from my auburn hair.

I sniff. “Alpha Redd was my mate. He was screwing some chick when our eyes locked. He asked if I wanted to join them. I slapped him and walked back inside.”

Alana hands me tissues. “Oh my Goddess, Kya. I’m so sorry, hon. Wait, whoa, you slapped the alpha? I hope you don’t get in trouble for that.”

I shake my head. “Twice. There’s nothing worse he can do to me. I’m already broken inside. No pain can be worse than being betrayed by your mate.”

Alana relays the whole tale to Chase over the phone as I cry myself to sleep.

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