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Kristen Mullings

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When Sage and Roman hear that Ekko escaped from prison, they wonder if they'll ever find peace. Ekko, now hell-bent on revenge, stalks his prey, and not even his own brother can stand in his way.

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New Beginnings

Book Four

When Sage and Roman hear that Ekko escaped from prison, they wonder if they'll ever find peace. Ekko, now hell-bent on revenge, stalks his prey, and not even his own brother can stand in his way.


KingsleyWe really doing this, sis? Are you the big boss now?
SageLOL, yes, we're doing this, and yes, I am the boss now.
SageI also expect you to be prompt with our Facetime meeting tomorrow. We have much to discuss.
KingsleyI wouldn't miss it for the world. It's late here; I'll catch you in the morning; we miss you around here; come back soon.
SageI miss you guys, too. Once I get settled in here, we can talk about another trip. I need to catch my bearings in the corporate world. I'm not used to being a boss yet.
KingsleyOh, Idk about that; you seem like you've kind of always been a boss bitch, as far as I'm concerned. <3
SageIt's genetic, cuz I could say the same about you.
KingsleyZzzz. I'm tired. Chat more tomorrow?
SageOf course; good night, little brother.
KingsleyGoodnight, big sister.

I put my phone on the bedside table and turned off the lamp.

A smile spread across my face as I thought of my brother.

Not so long ago, I didn't know he existed, but now I can't imagine a world without him.

I took Kingsley on as my first official client as CEO, and I was feeling so proud and determined to ensure he got the recognition he deserved.

He is profoundly talented, and I wanted to see him succeed.

I closed my eyes and fell into slumber as I dreamed of opportunities to help turn my family's life around.


I was tired; it wasn't even lunch, and Kingsley and I had the best FaceTime chat that morning. He shared his vision for the future and forwarded me his portfolio.

I could not help myself; I hung up the phone and immediately emailed Rosa.


I've come across something too valuable to pass by and thought you might be interested in doing a spread on an up-and-coming artist from Jamaica. His work is truly profound and inspirational. It speaks for itself. See the attached file. Let me know what you think.


I gulped as I closed my email and rifled through Kingsley's portfolio again. Surely, Rosa would keep him from slipping through the cracks. This is precisely the type of artist she's been looking for.

She wanted something real. Something that speaks to the soul. Something beyond cultures, skin color, and politics. She wanted an earth-shattering expression that speaks across the void.

This was it.

Kingsley was the real deal; I needed others to see that.


OMG, child! This is wonderful. Where did you find this young man? This is the first time I have seen such raw, untapped talent. He's barely just begun. But, with the right push, he could change the art world as we know it. Please forward me his details so I can reach out to him.

Thank you,


A surge of excitement coursed through me as I typed my reply.


Holy shit, I expected her to like it, but I thought she might fight me at first.

She is nothing if not hard-headed, and I didn't expect her to take my word and opinion at the drop of a hat, but she was respecting my eye for talent and seeing what I see in my brother.

My heart warmed with pride.


Of course, I'll send you his details promptly. Thank you for your time and consideration. I found him in Jamaica when I went to see my father. It turns out he is my brother, and I am thankful you can see his potential.

Thank you for everything,


I swallowed hard as I pushed "send" and sighed in relief.

This was it.

This was what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to showcase talent worldwide and show everyone that artistic talent like this doesn't have to be a pure white-bred, upper-class, privileged kind of life.

There is art in the streets. In the ghetto, on the island, hell, in third-world countries. People are overlooked every single day for being poor, black, brown, female, Asian, etc.

I wanted the world to know that artistic expression knows no color, gender, or religion. Truth pours from an artist's soul, which we must value and cherish.

I smiled at my computer before shutting it down and heading to lunch.



This was all new to me.

I felt comfortable when I was working for Winston. When he was the one calling the shots and telling me what to do, but I'd never really worked like this.

I'd never gone out on such a limb like this and procured several buildings and properties to be brought back to life, but something about this line of work spoke to me.

I'd never felt more alive at work than I did working construction for Winston.

I smiled as I looked at my phone and dialed his number.

Roman: "Hey, Winston, it's Roman."

Winston: "Hello, Roman. What can I do for you?

Roman: "I've got some documents I'd like to send you and see what you think. It's primarily blueprints and schematics for a couple of properties here, but I'd love your advice on how to proceed.”

Winston: "Of course. My family owes you a debt of gratitude; I'll help you however I can."

Roman: "Perfect, Winston, thank you. I want to put you on payroll and hire you as a consultant if that's ok?"

Winston: "Oh? I hadn't thought of that; would it require much travel?"

Roman: "Not necessarily; we will try to do most of the work remotely; I just value your opinion and craft."

Winston: "You flatter me, Roman. Thank you for the opportunity to help me support my family."

Roman: "Of course, let me know if there's anything else I can do; in the meantime, watch your email for the documents I mentioned and the contract. Cheers."

Winston: “Cheers.”


I'd never been so happy to be home after a long workday. Sage looked beautiful, sitting in her negligee on the bed when I entered our room.

"I missed you all day," she cooed, and I crawled across the bed, kissing her soft lips.

"I hired Winston as a consultant today," I grumbled as I removed my shirt.

Before she could ask, I interjected, "Remotely."

Her eyes widened, and she leaped into my arms, "Oh, Roman, thank you for helping my family!" She gushed as she fumbled for my zipper.

Sage showed her gratitude by taking my stiff shaft in her hands; she stroked me gently while looking me in the eyes.

"I love you, Roman," she purred.

"I love you, too, mein kätzchen," I growled under her efforts.

Sage licked her lips before taking my throbbing member in her mouth. Her slow, hard suckles caused me to squirm against the bed.

I grabbed her scalp, taking her hair in my grasp, pulling it hard as her head bobbed up and down.

I cried out in delight as she swirled her tongue against the head of my dick, her fingers grasping my balls as she slowly massaged them.

"Oh, Sage, you're such a good girl," I hissed as she pulled her face away from my cock and ripped the pants from my body.

Sage pushed me against the bed and climbed on top of me, taking my hard cock, deep inside her.

"Roman," she gasped as I slid inside her dripping-wet center.

"Sage," I said breathlessly, as I felt her every pull and tug as she ground over and over on my dick.

"Yes, baby, cum," I groaned, as she gasped against her efforts.

"Cum for daddy." I took her ass cheeks in my hands.

"Yes, my love," she howled as she cried out, her orgasm consuming her.

Afterward, she slumped beside me, tracing her fingers across my chest, "is this what happily ever after looks like?" She murmured as she drifted to sleep.

"I hope so, mein kätzchen." I kissed the crown of her head and slipped into a deep sleep.

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