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The Warrior Princess

S. J. Allen

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Chapters: 28

Reading Time: 3h

Milly Gray, half witch and half wolf, strives to be just as successful a fighter as her father Diego Gray, the Iron Soldier, alpha king of the Blue Moon Pack. She works hard and leaves no room for error, no room for a mate. This presents a problem for her and for Wyatt—the first-born son of the Lunar Pack, next in line to be their King—who is Milly’s fated mate. When danger in the form of rogues, witches, and the Blood Moon Pack threaten Milly, Wyatt, and their families, they must fight together to save everyone. Will they save each other, too?

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Attempted Rape, Torture, Violent Death)

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Chapter 1


“Prince Alexander and Prince Matthew, accompanying Princess Milly of the Blue Moon Pack, are here to see you, your Majesty.”

I looked up from my books and nodded to my messenger to let them in.

Nixon, my second-in-command, looked on from his desk in the corner as the three guests walked in.

The princes stood tall and broad, at easily six foot four, and the female stood between them, an average height of five foot five.

Her features were a stark contrast to the men’s. They had golden-brown hair and hazel eyes, while she had jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes that could see into your soul.

“Welcome to the Blood Moon Pack. I trust your journey was pleasant?” I stood up and shook the princes’ hands. The female rolled her eyes as I skimmed past, ignoring her, and dropped her own hand back to her side.

Why would I want to shake her hand?

“Yes, it was satisfactory, thank you,” one of the brothers said.

I looked at them more closely.

Hmm. Twins.

“I’m sorry. I am having trouble telling you both apart.”

They laughed in unison. The female watched every move I made, her chin stuck out in defiance.

Likes what she sees, clearly.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, crossing her arms across her chest.

“I am Alexander, and he is Matthew,” the twin on the left of the female said.

I nodded. “Thank you for that. I will try not to get you both mixed up.”

“Don’t worry. It happens all the time. We’re used to it.” Alexander chuckled.

Nixon came over and shook the brothers’ hands, then stood in front of the female.

“What’s with the armored leather?” He plucked at a weapon strap across her chest.

She squared her shoulders and stared him down. “I am a warrior. That requires me to wear a warrior’s uniform.”

Nixon bent over in laughter. “A female warrior! I have truly heard and seen it all now.” He looked at me, wiping tears from his eyes.

I tried and failed to hide my amusement.

A female warrior, indeed!

“You’re a—” She went to step forward but Alexander and Matthew snatched her back.

I laughed to myself. Returning to my desk, I motioned for them to sit.

Alexander and Matthew sat in the chairs, and the female stood between them.

“May I ask what brings you to my pack?” I leaned back in my chair, ignoring the scowling female.

What an ugly little thing.

“Our king believes a friendly relationship between neighboring packs could prove to be beneficial in the future,” Matthew said, while Alexander nodded in agreement.

My eyes slid again to the female standing between them and then back to the group as a whole.

Nixon cleared his throat behind me. I shared a knowing look with him.

Raphael was a good king, a great one even. Ruthless in his prime days, he had been a strong role model for many young royal wolves as they made their ascent to their respective thrones, myself included.

But over the years, he had gotten soft.

Allowing mating between wolves and witches—diluting the bloodlines, so to speak. Allowing half-breeds to be born, including his own family.

He had tainted the royal bloodline, throwing away thousands of years’ worth of pure-blooded royal wolves.

“Yes, well, we always welcome relationships with our neighbors—” Before I could continue, sirens rang out across the lands.

“Humans!” Nixon roared as he bolted for the door. I was close on his heels. I could sense the three royals following us closely as we made our way down the stairs and out onto the lands.

My warriors were leading the women and children into the bunkers. The men saw us exiting the pack house and pointed us toward the intruders.

Off into the distance was a group of humans. They walked across our borders, wearing blue ski masks, with red pinpricks for eyes and machetes in their hands. Male or female, it didn’t matter. They were going to die today.

Over the past year or so the humans had become a big problem for me. Every month, a group crossed the borders. Every time we killed them or scared them off, but they always came back in larger numbers, and stronger.

They were killing all of my common wolves. Those were easily replaceable, but as the king I hated to lose anything to those who were beneath me. And humans were absolutely beneath me.

I turned to tell the pesky princess to join the women in the bunkers, but before I could say anything to her she bolted past me, shouldering Nixon roughly aside as she went by.

The twins followed close behind her, drawing their swords as they ran.

The female ran faster and flipped into the air. Twirling through it, she landed on all fours, punching the ground as she did so.

The earth rumbled underneath her. A couple of seconds later, as she stood up, drawing her sword, the humans flew back a couple of feet toward the forest.

She should have killed them.


“You have to admit, the female is rather impressive,” Nixon muttered darkly beside me.

I nodded, clenching my jaw tightly, opting to remain silent. There was no denying all three of them were exceptional fighters. Well, they were Diego Gray’s children.

She swiped her hands before her, knocking more humans past the borderline.

Filthy half-breed.

My warriors turned to me in shock. A female warrior was unheard of in my pack. Practically criminal.

She sliced her way through the humans with such ease, the twins worked with such unison—it was commendable.

“Don’t just stand there! Fight!” I roared at my warriors. Nixon and I charged forward.

I will deal with the warrior princess later. She will be reprimanded. Her presence will give the females the wrong idea.

There will never be a female warrior so long as I draw breath.

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