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The Striptease


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Rose and Parker are newly dating and hanging out in Parker’s bedroom when he suddenly remembers Rose sent him a text earlier, offering to do a striptease for him. Rose claims someone dared her to text that, and Parker then dares her to go through with it. Rose is not one to refuse a dare, especially when Parker has promised her a special reward—his hands and tongue all over her body.

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1

The Striptease


I’ve waited so long to taste her. To feel her. Intimately, not just the outside of her body.

I gaze down at her, the thin hoodie she wears hiding her curves, the baggy gray joggers holding behind the fabric treasure beyond my wildest dreams.

Rose Lux Johnson.

Fuck, how I want her.

“You really want me to do that?” Rose laughs, trying to disguise her nerves.

I nod, lifting her from the bed and taking the spot she occupied.

“You once texted me asking if I wanted a striptease,” I chuckle as her eyes close with embarrassment.

“It was a dare—”

“Then I dare you to do it, but only if you want my hands and tongue all over your body.”

I know from the way her eyes flicker with excitement that she does.

Her hand drifts up to her hair, tugging softly at the band that held her apple-scented brown locks, allowing them to cascade over her shoulders like a waterfall.

She then moves her fingers over the waistband of her joggers, her eyes burning on mine as she pushes it downward, her fingers revealing the soft flesh of her thighs.

Only Rose could kick joggers away from her and look hot, but then I’d relish her in a fucking jumpsuit.


I lift my eyes back to hers upon hearing her speak, and her voice is nothing like it normally sounds. It’s husky yet innocent, teasing yet confident.

“Yes,” I respond, my own voice catching in my throat. I’ve fantasized about this moment since I first saw her, and now it is finally happening. I have to restrain myself.

Rose crosses her arms, lifting the bottom of the hoodie over her stomach before revealing the purple underwear she has mentioned before.

It’s not just purple—it is purple and black lace, the panties so tiny they are barely worth wearing.

I swallow, feeling the blood rush to my cock when she drops the hoodie.

She bites her lip nervously, pushing her hair behind her ear before she walks over to me. It is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

My hands rise up from the bed, her hair dropping onto my chest as her lips hover over mine.

“Do you want to unclip my bra, or shall I do it?”

Within seconds, the clasp is loose, and Rose cups the bra to her before turning around and allowing it to drop to the floor.

The sight of her bare back and ass in those minuscule panties is enough to make me die already, but then she looks at me over her shoulder.

“You are so fucking hot, Rose,” I mutter, my fingers itching to touch her. She releases her hands, and just knowing that if she only turns around, I’ll see her perfect breasts makes me wild. My heart is pounding in my chest, and my cock is harder than rock, and then Rose hooks her fingers under the side wings of her panties and slides them down, allowing me to see her entire ass as she does.

“Fuck,” I hear myself growl, my eyes drinking her in as I stand up, unable to resist her anymore. “You’re done, right?”

I walk up behind her, tugging my T-shirt off and loosening my jeans, desperate to feel that skin against mine.

I’m standing there in my boxers as she turns around, wrapping her hands around my neck and gazing up at me.

My cock is pressing against her stomach now, but I don’t think twice about lifting her up into my arms.

She giggles, her mouth finding mine as I carry her to the bed, placing her down gently. The faint scent of her pussy reaches me, and I feel almost delirious with lust.

I move my head down from her lips, taking one of her soft, brown nipples into my mouth as she arches against me.

My finger is at the entrance to her pussy, and Rose impatiently guides it into her, which takes me by surprise.

“Yes, Parker,” Rose moans, and I soon insert another finger into her. She is silky and tight, but my girl knows what she wants, wrapping her legs around me as she drags me closer to her.

I move to the other nipple, and she reaches down, her fingers just stroking the tip of my cock.

It hits me then that Rose isn’t as innocent as I had originally thought, and that excites me, as well as awakening jealousy within me.

Who? When? Before I can think of anything else, Rose pushes me away so that I’m on my knees, and she slides down off the bed, taking me into her mouth as she gazes up at me.

The position is erotic as fuck, and I catch sight of Rose sucking my cock in the mirror on my wall, her dark head bobbing up and down as she swallows me.

“Jesus,” I hiss, tasting her on my fingers as she watches me.

It is too much for me then, and I stand up, grabbing a condom from the bedside table. I have fucking hundreds of the things—I just hope she has the stamina.

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