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Middle of the Night Loving

V.J. Villamayor

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Exhausted from work, she only wants to get some sleep, but the sound of her husband’s voice and the warmth of his body pressed against her makes her reconsider how much sleep she really needs. Perhaps there’s another way to relax from an exhausting work week, especially when her husband is willing to give her exactly what she needs, multiple times.

Age Rating: 18+

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Chapter 1

Middle of the Night Loving


He has got to be joking right now. He knows I’m exhausted.

I’d had the week from hell. Work was stressful; I’d been working overtime, and the strain was messing with my sleep as it was. I ignored him and willed myself back to dreamland.

“Babe.” My husband slid into bed next to me and spooned me from behind.

Despite the intrusion on my sleep, I snuggled back into his bare chest. He was always so warm, and I welcomed the comforting heat of his body as his arm slid over my waist to pull me against him.

“Are you awake?”

“No…,” I grumbled in reply. Please just let me sleep…

“Okay, goodnight.” He gripped my hip to lean me back against his chest. His lips placed a whisper of a kiss on my cheek and then on the corner of my lips.

I turned my head to return his goodnight kiss. Instead of a quick peck, our lips lingered, molded together like they had always done in the years we’d been together.

His grip tightened on my hip, and I felt him begin to harden at the base of my back. His tongue licked my lips, and I gladly welcomed its touch against mine.

Soon, it was no longer just his body keeping me warm. Heat blossomed within me as my heart began to race. Something about his touch and his kiss always set fireworks off within my body.

I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped me when he ground his erection against me. Our lips broke apart, but I didn’t dare open my eyes.

An animalistic growl reverberated from him as his teeth nipped at my neck. Oh my… he knew this was my weakness. All he had to do was place a few kisses on my neck, and I was a goner.

His hand moved from my hip to glide up under my shirt and roughly grab my breast. His finger and thumb rolled my nipple between them, sending shocks of pleasure from nipple to pussy.

I cried out. How could I not? His mouth was hot and heavy against my neck—licking, sucking, kissing and biting. I loved it. He knew I would be helpless just from this treatment alone.

Wetness pooled between my thighs, and I rolled back against him, giving in freely and offering my body on a plate for him to do whatever he pleased.

“Fucking hell, you’re beautiful,” he growled as he grazed his teeth down my collarbone to home straight onto a nipple. He worked my nipples expertly, his body half covering mine.

My hands gripped his hair, pulling, pushing, steering—I didn’t know anymore—while my back arched to get even closer to him.

His hand pulled aside my panties, and expert fingers caressed my core while he chuckled against my breasts. “You’re so wet.”

“Of course I am… and I completely blame you,” I moaned back.

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