Sex Dreams & A Very Good Morning - Book cover

Sex Dreams & A Very Good Morning

V.J. Villamayor

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It’s the middle of the night, and Trey is dreaming that a woman is pleasuring him. He can picture her perfectly, from her long dark hair to the angel wing tattoo on her back, or would those be devil wings? When he wakes, Trey discovers that some dreams are more realistic than others.

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Chapter 1

Sex Dreams and a Very Good Morning

“Yesss…!” she moaned, arching her back with arms spread forward and fingers clenching the bedsheets.

Trey bit his lip as he thrust again, his hands gripping her shoulders to pull her firmly against him. Her inky black hair cascaded in a messy waterfall off her shoulder, and her tattooed back was slick with sweat.

He leaned forward, his chest pressing against her tense back, and he sucked on her earlobe. “Tell me what you want.” His voice was gruff, and his hips flexed with teasing long strokes.

“Ha-harder!” she said with a mixture of impatience and desperation. His breathy whispers made goosebumps erupt across her skin and her pussy clench. “I need it harder!”

Trey grinned. He pulled out and stroked himself, tracing the head of his erection up along her wet pussy.

Her guttural moan was lost in the pillow her face was buried in, but her ass needily pushed back against him, offering her heated core for more, more, more.

“Needy little bitch, aren’t you?” Trey chuckled. His hand shot out and fisted her hair, pulling her head back. Her lips were swollen from her biting down on them, and her quick panting was making him harder. “Go on then, work for it.”

He pulled her back farther, lifting her to sit on her knees. She readily leaned back against him, her generous tits on show, and raised her arms to loop around his head. She also shifted her hips so her needy pussy could take his stiff cock in one go.

She used her leverage on Trey to glide up and down, squeezing him and clenching with every pump of her hips.

Trey was in ecstasy. He sucked on her neck, eyes zeroing in on her bouncing tits. He couldn’t help but take them in his hands and flex his hips to meet her every thrust.


Shivers ran down Trey’s spine. He tightened his eyes to keep his dream going as he bucked his hips at the sparks of pleasurable electricity at the tip of his cock. He desperately pulled at the memory of his dream, trying not to forget the hazy face of the sexy woman riding him.

He moaned when reality began to seep in. The struggle of being stuck in limbo between a wet dream and harsh reality was enough to make him groan.

As the hazy dream woman’s face disappeared and the weak streaks of morning peered behind his eyelids, he sucked in a breath at the surprising twirl of a tongue on the underside of his shaft.

Looking down, the woman he picked up last night was between his thighs, naked, and stroking him as her tongue toyed with the head of his cock. Her ink-black hair was spread across his thighs as she languidly licked him once more.

“Good morning.” Her husky morning voice greeted him.

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