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New Love for Christmas

Brizee Breck

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Holly had it all. A great job, a loving husband, and a baby on the way. Then she lost her husband before Christmas in a tragic accident. Devastated, she finds comfort in the arms of her father-in-law and a long-buried mutual attraction begins to stir. Can new love bloom inside this family?

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Chapter 1

Holly sat on the bed, watching her husband pack a suitcase. “Why a business trip before Christmas?” she asked.

“I don’t know, baby, but I will definitely work on getting home before Christmas,” Nathan said.

“I’m glad we did all the shopping before you left,” Holly said.

“Me too. I can’t wait to see my dad’s face when he sees what we got him,” Nathan said.

“Your dad is coming early, right?” Holly asked.

“He will be here three days before I get back home if things go as planned,” Nathan said.

“Well, I am lucky to be married to the hottest marketing executive in the city,” Holly said.

“Baby, I’m the lucky one to be married to the sexiest lawyer in the country and the best one at that,” Nathan said.

“I’m glad I stopped my pill,” Holly said.

“And we’ve been working nonstop on starting our family. I hope we have good news at Christmas,” Nathan said.

“Want to make sure before you go?” Holly asked.

“Oh, baby, you know I definitely will make sure you are pregnant before I leave,” Nathan said. He pushed the suitcase off the bed as they pulled their clothes off.

He got on top of her, kissed her deeply, and they began making love. They came together as he released his hot seed deep inside her body.

They lay there kissing and made love two more times before they got up to shower, where they made love again before Nathan got back to packing.

Soon, it was time for him to leave, and they went to the front door. Holly’s brother Mark was waiting outside in his car.

“Hey, Sis! Hey, Bro!” Mark called out.

“Hey, Bro, thanks for taking him,” Holly said.

“Not a problem. I was picking up Ashley’s parents anyways. Their plane lands at the same time his starts boarding, so it works out,” Mark said.

Mark’s wife Ashley was almost due to give birth to their first child.

“How is Ash?” Holly asked.

“She’s ready to pop anytime. That’s why her parents came early. We might be parents by Christmas,” Mark said.

“I can’t wait to be an aunt!” Holly said.

“I can’t wait to meet the baby! We better get going,” Nathan said.

“I’ll take your suitcase so you guys can say bye to each other,” Mark said.

“Love you, Bro,” Holly said.

“Love you, Sis,” Mark said. He kissed her forehead before going to the car. Nathan hugged her closely and buried his face in her neck.

“I love you so much. I’ll call when I get to my hotel,” Nathan said.

“I love you. Be careful, babe, and come home quick,” Holly said.

“I will do everything possible to be home before Christmas,” Nathan said.

He kissed her deeply and passionately before leaving with Mark. She went into the house and closed the door.


Three days later, Holly was finishing dinner when the doorbell rang. It was her parents.

“Hey, Mom. Hey, Daddy,” Holly said.

“Hey, sweetheart,” Sam said.

“Hey, baby girl,” Maria said. They both hugged her and came in.

“How are you doing?” Sam asked.

“I’m doing good, just missing Nathan,” Holly said.

“When is he due back?” Maria asked.

“Hopefully before Christmas,” Holly said.

“When does his dad get in?” Sam asked.

“Tomorrow,” Holly said.

“Did you get all your shopping done?” Maria asked.

“Yes, I did. I got all the presents wrapped and ready to go. Nathan can’t wait to see Nick open his,” Holly said.

“What did you get him?” Maria asked.

“That big present against the wall, Nathan got him the big screen TV that he always wanted,” Holly said.

Maria’s phone beeped. She looked at it. “Oh my goodness! Mark is taking Ashley to the hospital!”

“Let’s go!” Holly said. They locked up the house and went to the hospital. They saw her twin siblings, Eric and Faith, waiting.

“Hey, Sis!” they greeted.

“Hey, you two,” Holly said.

“So exciting! Can’t wait to be an aunt!” Faith said.

“And I can’t wait to be an uncle! I told our brother I was going to spoil that baby,” Eric said.

“I bet he liked that,” Holly said.

“He said he’d kill me,” Eric said with a grin.

“Like we would let him, Bro,” Faith said.

They sat and waited. Holly texted Nathan and told him it was baby time. He told her to keep him updated and send pics. Then her phone rang.

“Hello?” Holly said.

“Holly, it’s Nick. I got in a day early. I’m at the house.” He was Nathan’s father.

“Oh, I’m at the hospital waiting to become an aunt,” Holly said.

“Ashley’s in labor? I thought she had a couple more weeks!” Nick exclaimed.

“Baby is coming now,” Holly said.

“I’ll come there then,” Nick said.

“You don’t have to. The key is in the usual spot, so make yourself at home,” Holly said.

“I can come to the hospital; it’s not a problem,” Nick said.

“I just thought you would be tired from the trip,” Holly said.

“All right, good point. I’ll be here when you get back,” Nick said.

“Okay, Dad,” Holly said. She hung up and sat there with the family.

“It’s a girl!” Mark said.

“Oh my goodness, a granddaughter!” Maria said.

They all hugged Mark before going to see Ashley and the baby.

“So precious,” Holly said. She took pics and sent them to Nathan.

“Holly, we would like you to be godmother to this little princess. I know we will have more kids, and Faith gets the next baby as godmother,” Ashley said.

“I better,” Faith said.

“Nathan is godfather, of course,” Ashley said.

“And he said she is beautiful and that he can’t wait to meet her,” Holly said. They spent an hour taking turns holding the baby before they took her back to the nursery.

“What’s her name going to be?” Maria asked.

“Emma Rose Green,” Mark said.

“That’s so perfect,” Maria said.

“Thanks, Grandma,” Mark said. He hugged her tightly.

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