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Leighton has everything he could ever want and then some. When he decides to take a sugar baby, he finds the perfect candidate. But when she overhears his business dealings, she can’t decide if she wants to stay.

Angel struggled for most of her life, until Leighton offered her the world. She has a hard time accepting the gifts, but after a while, she finds she has feelings for her sugar daddy. When she becomes curious about Leighton’s other lifestyle, she needs to make a decision that will change everything.

Will Leighton and Angel thrive together? Or will their decisions mean the end?

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Chapter 1

The restaurant was busy. Why? I asked myself. I selected twelve o’clock specifically to avoid mass gatherings. I needed it to be quiet, and that is what I expected it to be.

In reality, I was given a busier restaurant than I had anticipated.

After pulling my phone out of my pocket, I checked the time. I was ready to meet with Angel and was waiting for her to arrive.

She seemed to be a nice girl, extremely sweet, and the picture attached to her application caught my attention.

I was not a man who took physical appearance into consideration, but she had the most amazing baby-blue eyes and soft vanilla-blond hair. I could imagine her in pastel colors.

I could see myself staring down at her five-foot-two stance. Innocence radiated off her. When I’d spoken to her on the phone, she had greeted me and given me this feeling that she was a rather shy person.

I was the same as my dad and took all his characteristics, which meant I was tall in comparison to her.

I’d always been interested in shorter girls and wouldn’t feel comfortable if she were to be taller than me, and I’d have to look up. It would feel bizarre in my opinion.

What I did know from her application was that she was eighteen. Seven years younger than me, I thought to myself as I flicked from page to page before staring at her picture for a brief moment.

The second I’d consulted with her on the phone I’d known I needed to meet up with her. I felt incomplete. There was this urge to see if she was the girl I would take under my belt.

I did have a previous sugar baby. It hadn’t lasted too long, and I would say it had taken about two months before I sent her on her way.

She hadn’t followed our agreement—I found her meeting another man when I’d told her I didn’t want my sugar baby to go on dates with another daddy.

It worked out that she’d had three at the same time, and I canceled the agreement.

Every day I would wake up and attend to my businesses as usual before going to work with Kai and my dad. Then I would go back home and sit around until I got bored.

You would find me in Kai’s club having fun with the submissives there late at night. Granted, I wanted to have a submissive at one point, but I wasn’t interested in what came attached with it.

I wanted to treat my girl to everything she desired. I had my money to fund it. It was rolling into my bank account like a tap filling a bathtub. It wouldn’t stop, and I had thousands landing in there piling up.

What was I supposed to do with it? Leave it in there? I decided against it and wanted to make a very special girl happy.

I remembered stepping foot inside a bar a couple of weeks prior to placing the advertisement.


When I was walking to go relieve myself, I could hear her talking with a young brown-haired woman behind the bar.

I knew the two of them worked there by their black-and-red uniforms. She was telling her friend she needed the money to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. I watched her as she ran across the bar and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

That night was jam-packed with families eating out. Bless her~, I thought as I placed my glass against my lips, savoring the flavor as I leaned my arms on the table.~

Smirking, I enjoyed myself watching her struggle to make ends meet.

Ray sat across from me, testing different variants of cheese. I was not the kind of man who could sit there and eat a cheese board, so I sat there enjoying my whiskey.

Ray took a sip of his wine and stared over at me with his lips in a straight line. I shrugged my shoulders and glanced at him for a second before watching the girl with blond hair fall over with a tray filled with drinks.

I did feel bad for her and watched as she was sent home for the night. I knew at that moment what I was going to do, and when she left for the night, I walked over and passed her friend my information.

“What is this for?” she asked me, looking confused.

I glanced over my shoulder at Ray who was smirking at me before stuffing his face with more moldy cheese. Not something I would personally try~, I thought as I turned back around to face her brown-haired friend.~

“I couldn’t help but listen in on you and your friend’s conversation earlier. She wants to make money. Tell her to contact me and I can arrange it for her.”

“With what? Becoming a prostitute?” She raised her eyebrows, crossing her arms.

She was trying not to show interest in the conversation, but I could see the excitement in her eyes. She was ecstatic for her friend to be offered the help she was in desperate need of.

“Do I look like the kind of man that will do that to women?”

“I don’t know.”

“No. I want her to become this.” I flipped the card over in her hand, and her mouth dropped open as she looked down at the words “Sugar Baby WANTED.” It was obvious she was at a loss for words.

Winking, I turned around and left the bar. I knew she watched me go. I needed to wait and see if I was to be contacted by the overworked woman I had my eyes on.

Ray walked out of the bar with the glass of wine, and I shook my head, smiling. That man doesn’t give two fucks.

She never did contact me. I decided to place an advertisement and wait to see who I could attract. When her application hit my desk, I looked at her picture.

I knew instantly who it was and thought she was gorgeous as I checked all her information. A smile formed on my lips.

I considered myself more mature. I hope that she will look at me as an older role model. She’s obviously in need of some cash~, I thought to myself as I rubbed my hand against my itching stubble. I needed to get it cut.~

I composed an email and waited to see if I would receive a phone call in return, which I did.

I thought about how I could spoil her without having to deal with the bullshit of being in a full-time relationship and I knew it would work for me.



“Hello, are you Leighton?” I glanced up from the table with my whiskey in my hand. After setting my whiskey on the rocks down on the table, I stood, straightened my suit jacket, and smiled at her as I held my hand out.

“I am, and you are Angel.” She gave me a swift nod, and I watched as she took a seat opposite me before I had the chance to go and pull her chair out for her. I liked to see myself as a gentleman.

She looked so fucking innocent, yet she came across as if she could keep me on my toes. Her smile showed that she was a bubbly and intelligent person.

I took my seat again as the waitress carried a bottle of champagne I’d ordered and set it inside a black ice bucket as requested. Taking a glass, I picked up the bottle and opened it before pouring it into the glass for her.

Pushing it across the table, I sat back and stared at her through my green eyes that I inherited from my dad.

“Tell me a little bit about yourself, Angel. Occupation, reasons for wanting this, and background.”

I placed her on the spot because I was a man who wanted to know facts and not a made-up story that she could have pieced together during our meal.

“As you know, my name is Angel. I was born in America, and my parents moved to Sicily when I was fourteen. I need the money to support my own lifestyle, and I work in a bar.”

My mind wouldn’t stop wondering. I needed to keep it together, and there I was imagining Angel beneath me on my bed. It felt like a curse that I couldn’t shift.

I shouldn’t have been thinking about her underneath me, but my head wouldn’t stop. She was beautiful, and I couldn’t deny it.

“Where did you hear about me?” I asked to see if her friend had mentioned me.

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