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Being the only human in a shifter family should’ve been hard, but for Tricora it was just how she was raised. From learning what it meant to be a leader from her adopted Alpha father to fighting with her three unruly step-brothers, she loved every second of it…that was until she was rejected by her mate for being a human. Now the Alpha King has claimed her for his own. But will she accept?

Age Rating: 18+


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Being the only human in a shifter family should’ve been hard, but for Tricora it was just how she was raised. From learning what it meant to be a leader from her adopted Alpha father to fighting with her three unruly step-brothers, she loved every second of it…that was until she was rejected by her mate for being a human. Now the Alpha King has claimed her for his own. But will she accept?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Melanie Gomez


Waking up this morning is slow going. Mind you I love my job, but lately it's getting old. I am a human living in a shifter world and even though I feel at home, I always wonder what if?

I was abandoned by my mother and left in an orphanage right after my birth. I was adopted as a baby to Alpha Cannon and his mate from the Blood Warrior Pack. It is said that I am part wolf but no one could verify it so just in case since my dad wasn't having any girls he adopted one.

Growing up was definitely different, but I didn't know anything else and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

I was trained just like his sons and expected to put more of an effort in since I was human. I had to compensate and work harder at proving myself because I am human.

My mom, Luna Callie, taught me everything I would need to know on how to help run a pack, while dad and my brothers Cameron, Caston, and Carson taught me to fight and have Alpha qualities.

Through the years I earned my tribal tattoos on my arms and my achievements to be tattooed in my hairline. They are nothing crazy and look just like tribal designs, but each one means something. They are just big enough to be seen but can also be hidden if needed.

When my 18th birthday came around I had my true test against the head warrior in our group. If I could last more than 10 minutes fighting I would earn my branding on my arm. The mark would show I am one of the best of the best and have fought for my life to earn it.

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to not only earn it but bear it for all to see.

The fight was everything and more. I survived, but just barely. I had to do this not only for the family but for myself. I had to give it all under the watchful eyes of my parents and brothers.

I collapsed right after but I made it, and as I laid there panting for air my brothers held me down as my dad branded my arm. I couldn't even scream so I just cried.

Afterwards, my brothers hugged me and laid with me on the ground whispering how proud they were that I was their sister. I will never ever forget that day for as long as I live.

I then went to college to get a business degree and after 4 years returned, getting my current job with Alpha Martin. I am on the books as his secretary, but also an advisor, and bookkeeper.

We have worked hard getting his pack to where it is now, but it's prospering and he refuses to let me go. So he raised my pay and gave me an easier workload.

Not that I couldn't handle it anyways, but I stay because he deals with a lot of local packs and have always hoped I could have a mate.

I mean I think I am a catch. I'm 5 foot 6 inches, 145 lbs as I had to be built for fighting and had to fight 3 brothers for food. Those were interesting mealtimes.

I don't have big boobs and I am ok with that because I make up for it in my ass. I sit out in front of the boss's office to be the first person people see. He says it's because I am eye candy for the single wolves coming in.

When he says that his mate usually smacks him but agrees. She always says anyone who is mated to me would be insane not to have me.

Today is a meeting day. A new pack is coming in to meet with Martin for a potential business deal. So I wore my black pencil skirt with my emerald green long sleeve blouse and heels, and put my hair in a low bun to cover the tattoos.

I have to look professional, and portray proper business etiquette. Usually he lets me wear jeans and a nice shirt, but on days like today we have to be dressed appropriately.

I am getting the last of the copies made in the closet room behind my desk when I hear the elevator ding so I know our guests are here. Martin told me to get the copies made and lead them into the conference room.

When they enter I see Alpha Stern, Beta Canton, and his Gamma Darren all walk in as the Alpha stops mid stride staring at me sniffing the air. I think I know what that means as my mom had talked about it, but since I can't tell I am assuming he would say something.

“If you have a seat gentlemen, I will be with you in just a minute.”

I watch as he says something to his men, and they start having an argument with him. I go back to what I am doing as the last copies come out.

I walk back to my desk to staple the copies, and can hear they are clearly having a heated discussion. The Alpha sounds pissed off about something. I can't tell what they are saying exactly, but it doesn't seem to be very good.

“Alright gentlemen, if you will follow me I will lead you to the conference room for the meeting. Alpha Martin will be in shortly.”

I walk as they follow me and as they enter taking their seats I hand them the packets and turn to leave to go get Martin.

“What is your name?” Canton asked.

“My name is Tricora.”

Canton looks at his Alpha when I leave to go get Martin and I wonder why he would ask me my name?



You have got to be kidding. What are the chances I meet my mate a couple days before the mating event where I am going to mark my chosen mate Brianna.

My men are pissed that I am thinking of rejecting her, but she is human. I will not take a human as a Luna for my pack. I don't care, mate or not. There is no way.

Canton looks at me like I am crazy. He keeps saying there is something about her, he just can't put his finger on it.

“If you reject her you're an idiot. There is something about her and I know the name from somewhere!” He seethed at me.

“I don't care! I love Brianna, and that is my mate. I will deal with this girl after the meeting.”

We sit here patiently waiting when we see Alpha Martin and the girl walk back in. Shit now I have to deal with her here while I try to concentrate on what he is saying. It doesn't work as I instantly smell her scent again.

Citrus and cinnamon, and as much as I tried to ignore it, my wolf Kyro is going crazy in my head. He is pissed at what I want to do, and has told me he will take over if I even attempt it. So right in the middle of the meeting I interrupt it.

“Tricora what is your whole name?

Confused, she replies, “Tricora Cannon, why?”

Before my men or wolf could stop me, I got it out before anyone was expecting it.

“Tricora Cannon, I am your mate but I do not want you. I, Alpha Jack Stern, reject you, Tricora Cannon, as my true mate.”

My heart cramped up while I just stared, gritting my teeth. I saw her grab at her heart, dropping to the floor as my wolf and men started screaming at me.

“What have you fucking done!” Canton yells at me.

“I accept your rejection,” she whispers.

I just watch while she balls up into a heap on the floor. I stand up, exiting the room, because I cannot stay here any longer and watch this pathetic show.

As I exit, my men are still screaming at me as Alpha Martin is now kicking me out of the office building. I don't fucking care anymore. I just want to get back to Brianna.



What I just witnessed is beyond anything I ever thought I would witness. How could someone, let alone an Alpha, do that to my Cora? He doesn't deserve her!

I stare at him when I quickly scoop her up and walk down to my mate's office, kicking open the door. She sees me holding Cora and runs over, taking her in her arms while I set her on the couch.

“What the hell happened to Cora, Seth?” She questioned me as if I had something to do with this shit!

“She just got rejected by her mate, Alpha Stern.”

Sara looks like she is about to kill someone. She goes stomping out of the room and into the lobby by Cora's desk. Apparently all the men are still standing there fighting about what just went down when I hear my mate shut them all up.

I walk out as she is trying to keep her wolf calm so she doesn't just kill everyone.

“Who the fuck do you think you are to reject my Cora!” She yells. “You have no clue who you just rejected, and when you find out I can guarantee you will be sorry!”

They all just stare as she stomps off, leaving me with them. I point to the elevator and watch when they walk away.

I pull out my cell phone and call Chase, her dad, explaining what has just happened. He and his mate are on their way to come get her to take her to her apartment. I don't want her attempting to drive home right now.

I just walk back to Sara's office and see her comforting Cora telling her he will be sorry. He has no fucking clue, and she is right! Cora would be an asset to any pack, especially his that is struggling to survive.

We need to get her home so she can sleep this off and try to give her something to distract her mind. I know that there is the mate event this weekend. Maybe she can help her friend Tara check people in.

I'll give her a call. It's Thursday today and the event starts Saturday. It will only be for a few hours, and who knows maybe she will find a second chance mate.


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When I got the call I was devastated. I just looked at my desk and hung my head in my hands. How could someone just reject her without even knowing her? They didn't even bother to get to know her! They just tossed her aside like the day's trash.

How could we prepare her for every aspect of a pack life and forget about the rejection part. I mind link her mom and brothers and wait for them to come down from their offices. They all come in waiting for me to answer on why I have contacted them.

“Cora got rejected today from her mate Alpha Stern.”

Within seconds her brothers are growling, storming out as her mom Callie buries her head crying. Our poor baby. We knew it would be a long shot of getting a possible mate, and hoped because she may have had wolf in her somewhere she would still get one.

She never shifted at eighteen but now we know it's somewhere because she had a mate. A mate who didn't want her. Mates are made just for each other, and he rejected our baby.

“She is at work and Seth wants us to go get her so she doesn't drive home.”

I allowed her to live in her own apartment that she pays for by herself. She wanted to be independent after college and even though I would rather her be here I knew it was the human side.

So I allowed her to get her own place and job and has been doing great and making me proud. She still comes back on the weekends to train, but gave her the weekend off this weekend for the mate event. She will need it. Maybe she can go and get a better fucking mate.

I stand up from the desk and grab her mom's hand. “Let's go get our girl, and take her home.”

We walk out of my office hand in hand and can feel the sorrow and hurt coming from her mom. Just the thought of her hurting this bad is nothing that a dad ever wants to see. Let alone from his only daughter.

My sons all found their mates and cherish them like I do their mother. It's been ingrained that when we find them we love and cherish them. I guess some packs run differently, and don't instill that thought.

We walk to our SUV and grab a few guards to go with us. Zach and Jackson jump in the front as we climb into the back. As the engine roars to life and we start driving the guys can tell something isn't right.

“If it's ok to ask Alpha, what is going on? Where are we going?” Jackson looked back from the passenger seat.

“We are going to Tricora's work to pick her up. She was just rejected by her mate.”

I see Jackson turn around and put his head in his hands because he is clearly upset. I have known that Jackson has had a thing for Cora, but never acted on it because she is my daughter, and he has been waiting for his mate.

I did hear a rumor that they both made a pact that if by 25 they had not found their mates they would choose each other. As much as I am all for true mates, I would not object to it, especially if she hadn't found one by then.

We drive for an hour and as we approach the business we see Seth standing outside with Sara, and our girl. Before Zach can even put it in park her mom is jumping from the car as Cora runs at her full speed. I slowly get out, walking up to Seth and putting my hand out to shake his.

“Who was her mate that rejected her?”

“Alpha Stern. I had a meeting with him today and right in the middle he asked her name and rejected her. Then left her crying, walking out like it was an everyday thing,” he replied.

“My heart crushed for her. To see him reject her so casually just blew my mind. I found out from staff as they were leaving that he has a choice mate who he would take any day over a human. Chase, he didn't even give her a chance. What if she is in fact a wolf, and he just blew her off.”

“I know, I just don't get it! Let me take her home so she can relax.”

I quickly turn to see her crying in her mom's arms, seated inside the car. I jump back in and we head towards her apartment to drop her off.

I see Jackson looking back while he is driving and I know he is hurting also for her. Zach is driving her car back so she will be able to get to where she needs to go later. To finally find your mate and be tossed aside like you're nothing would devastate any wolf.

When we pull in she looks at me and says that she will be fine, she just wants to go inside and sleep. I don't blame her at all for just wanting to be alone.

I get out and stand, watching while she slowly lowers herself down, and give her a big hug. She smiles up at me, turning and walking to the front giving Jackson a hug also.

I watched while he just held her while his tears fell kissing her head. I know that if nothing happens he will be an amazing mate to her.



I leave my parents and Jackson, and I get my keys from Zach and walk inside my apartment. It's not a grand thing but it is just perfect for me.

The moment I walk in I lock the door behind me, tossing my keys into the little tray on the desk by the door. On my left is a little couch with a TV on a stand, and on my right is my little kitchen table and kitchen area.

I walk down the small hall to the back and enter my bedroom, quickly stripping off my clothes to jump in the shower.

I have a bathroom attached to the bedroom which is nice for me, but when friends come over they go through my bedroom to use it. I don't have many people over but when I do it's either my friend Tara from the pack or some guards to hang out.

After my shower I throw my hair up in a ponytail and toss on some shorts and a tank top. I just want to be comfortable right now.

I walk back out going to my freezer, grabbing my ice cream and a blanket and head for the couch. I just lay there watching TV when I get a text from Martin to not come in for work tomorrow.

Take a personal day, he says. Ugh why though? Work would get my mind off of the asshat, but at the same time remind me of what happened. As I battle in my head arguing with myself my phone rings and it's Tara.

“Girl! Omg I heard what happened! I am coming over! We will get your mind off of him as this Saturday you are helping me work the mate event,” she yelled through the phone. “We will find you a better mate than that idiot!”

She could always make me feel better, and before long she is using her key to let herself in.

She walks in with all kinds of candy and more ice cream. My right hand gal brought me cookie dough because she knows me all too well. We both sit and laugh, we cry, and scream to get everything out.

She brought a bag with her which later I found out was clothes because we are having a sleepover till Saturday. Then I would go over with her to the mate event and hopefully find someone.



I could not get out of that building fast enough after the Luna ripped me a new one. Fuck her she doesn't know shit! My men still say I am an idiot, but I don't care. I am not having a human as a mate.

We are sitting in the car heading back to my territory when my beta shows me his phone.

“See I know I knew the name from somewhere! Tricora Cannon is the adopted daughter to Alpha Cannon!” he said. “It's said she is a warrior also!”

“How fucking good can you be if you’re a human! I don't care, I don't want her! I have my choice mate Brianna! That is who will be my mate and that is who will be your Luna!”

They just looked at each other sitting back. I know they think I made a stupid decision, but I don't care! This was my choice and now even Kyro isn't speaking to me.

When we drive up to our pack house I see my Brianna waiting for me. I jump out running to her, and take her inside as I need her next to me. I need to remind myself why I rejected that human and why I need a wolf as my mate.

“How did the meeting go? Did you get the deal done?” she asked.

“No, I got kicked out of the building. It isn't happening.”

“Why did you get kicked out?” She looked at me confused. “I thought it was a done deal and all you had to do was finish the paperwork and sign? What will we do now? We are running out of funds?”

“Some shit went down and it isn't happening, we will figure something out.”

Thanks to my parents the current living expenses drained almost the whole pack of money. We are struggling to just keep afloat, and this deal would have started making us some money so we could restructure things.

Although I think the word has gotten around on what happened today because I see pack members giving me dirty looks. I know they don't like Brianna, but she will be their Luna after this weekend so they better get used to it!


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