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Her Possessive Guard

E.R. Knight

Chapter 2

Adam glanced at his watch, his eyes scanning the university building where his little cousin, Megan, was currently living.

A wry smile formed on his lips. She must be perplexed, wondering why he was approaching her now, for help. It wasn’t his style. Never had been.

But he was desperate, and she had agreed to help him out.

He ran his fingers through his thick, dark hair—the only giveaway that indicated a hint of nervousness in him.

Megan had told him about a roommate. A female roommate. He wondered for the third time if she was also Megan’s girlfriend.

His cousin hadn’t hesitated to announce to the family that she had different sexual preferences, and he admired her for that. It took guts, and she had it.

He stood straighter when he rang the doorbell.

He could hear bickering on the other side of the door. Suddenly, the door swung open.

Megan appeared behind the door, smiling, her blue eyes devoid of judgment.

“Adam, hey!”

Then she hugged him, a warm, crushing hug. He almost laughed. She had always been expressive. He responded with a one-armed hug, his traveler pack in his other hand.

“It’s good to see you, Meg.”

“Adam,” Megan exclaimed, “I want to introduce you to my roommate.”

Megan stepped aside, revealing raven-black hair tumbled around a face he couldn’t seem to forget. Full lips that were now partly open, and olive-green eyes that were startlingly bright against her pale complexion.

Fuck me.

It was her.

No fucking way.

She looked exactly the way he remembered her.

He ran his gaze down her body. She was dressed in a tank top with baggy shorts that reached below her knees.

It was the most unflattering outfit he had ever seen on a woman. And yet, she was the sexiest thing he had ever laid eyes on. His pants were suddenly too tight.

He looked back up at her face.

She did not seem surprised to see him; she looked annoyed.

He frowned.

“Adam, Kara. Kara, Adam.”

Megan’s voice intruded on his observation.


When neither responded, Megan narrowed her eyes and stared at them.

“Have you guys met before?”

He saw the color rise to her cheeks.

He hardened even more.

“Your friend,” hissed Adam, “likes to take five to ten business days picking ice cream.”

“Maybe you’re just impatient,” suggested Kara sarcastically.

Her voice sent a shock through his body. Husky, musical, and fucking sexy.

“Of course you think that,” he said lazily, as though it wasn’t of any consequence, the discomfiture in his pants the only evidence of how much she was affecting him.

Women never affected him. Period.

So why was he acting like a horny motherfucker now?


He needed to get a grip.

“Typical,” he answered.

“Excuse me?”

He stepped inside, placing his bag on the floor.

“It’s just like a woman to think she’s never the problem.” He glanced around the apartment.

From the corner of his eye, he watched her sputter, reddening till she looked like a tomato. He almost smiled.

Megan was merely watching them, her eyes lit up, clearly enjoying the show.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Kara snapped at him, stealing his complete attention again.

He looked at her, pausing to gaze appreciatively at her chest. She wasn’t busty. Just the right size.

Yeah, it would be a perfect fit in his palms.

He had a full-blown erection now.

“Megan, where can I keep my stuff?”

Kara cut in before Megan could speak.

“In the living room, right there.” She pointed to the corner of the room.

He glared at her.

“Does this apartment belong to you alone?

She didn’t look away, instead, her eyes narrowed.

“You’re a prick.”

His expression didn’t change.

“Guys I think you need to stop—”

The glare from Kara shut Megan up.

In their rage, neither Kara nor Adam had realized that they were standing extremely close to one another. Their noses were inches apart. Adam smiled cheekily when he realized. Just as their lips were about to touch, Kara swung herself away from him.

“I want you out of here by the morning,” she snapped as she slammed her bedroom door behind her.

I’m not going anywhere little raven.

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