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Guns and Royalties

HF Perez

Blissful Moments


Oh, God!

She was really losing her virginity tonight. And she had picked a living, breathing Adonis to do the job.

He carried her to his mammoth bed with ease, as if she weighed nothing. Her dark brown eyes were hazy with lust as she kept observing him.

Dominic was devastatingly magnificent. He held himself with confidence—an air of dominance surrounded him, which excited her even more.

He tossed her on his bed playfully, and she had to smother her squeal of surprise.

He chuckled deeply, his whole countenance changed, the hard planes of his face softening.

Lips curving with amusement, he watched her with his gleaming dark eyes.

Her bravado left her at once. Should she tell him?

She couldn’t do it. He might balk and kick her out of his room if he knew.

She knew men like him had no use for inexperience. She just had to act like she knew what she was doing and tried to recall the smut chapters from books.

Dominic stared at her hungrily and began to undress. Shrugging off his coat, his tie, and his dress shirt.

God! He was a fine specimen of a man. All hard muscles, broad chest and shoulders, washboard abs.

Should she follow his lead? She was about to get up and stopped when he shook his head.

“No. Let me.”

His voice was thick, gravelly. She clenched her thighs; his eyes narrowed to her crotch.

With urgency, he toed off his shoes, followed by his pants, leaving him in black silk boxers which kept his thick arousal hidden for the time being.

Beau licked her lips, her eyes caressing his chest, peppered with dark hair.

“You look beautiful, Dominic,” she whispered in awe, committing what she was discovering to memory.

“You are the one that is beautiful, baby,” he murmured, his dark eyes never leaving her form.

When he finally removed his boxers, she gulped. Shit! It wouldn’t fit.

It was long and thick. The veins were throbbing on the body that was as thick as her wrist, and the head was swollen, angry red, with clear moisture at the slit.

“You have never seen a cock?” His brow was arched; he looked puzzled by her reaction.

“ have...” Her voice was so small, she could barely hear herself.

Dominic fisted his cock before her; it swelled even more. He pierced her with his narrow-eyed stare.

“I don’t want to hear about your previous lovers. From now on, you belong to me. No one else.”

She trembled.

His tone was harsh, yet his touch was gentle; his warm hands on her ankles, removing her shoes, he massaged the ache in her heels, earning a moan of relief from her.

With the grace of a panther, he crawled on top of her, parted her leg to give him room to play.

Reaching for the hem of her dress, he pulled it off of her slowly, unveiling every inch of her body.

She was not wearing a bra; her dress had cups sewn in.

She could feel his hot breath on her skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

She grew very self-conscious in her lacy underwear, while he sucked in a sharp breath, gazing at her breasts with barely leashed hunger.

Her light brown nipples were pebbled in anticipation.

“Fuck! You are gorgeous, baby!”

Dominic’s hand trembled as he released her hair from its chignon, replacing it with his fingers, tilting her head towards him so he could ravage her lips.

They both groan. She responded with lust, learning from him. Her hands kneaded the bunching muscles on his back, caressing his smooth skin.

Growing bolder, she reached for his taut ass to feel more of him. He humped heavily and firmly on her thinly covered slit.

“Dominic...” She arched her neck, pleading for further intimacy.

“Not yet, detka. Let me taste every inch of you before I fuck you.”

God! It made her want him more when he speaks in his native tongue the endearment he has picked for her.

As he promised, he began to lick her neck, nipping and sucking the skin, leaving red-purple marks.

His dark soft locks became her purchase as she offered herself to him. Her blunt nails scraped his scalp and he groaned.

Dominic transferred his ministrations to her heaving breasts, his hot tongue mapping the valley in between, tracing, licking, and kissing towards her left nipple, without warning he swooped down, engulfing the pebbled tip.

She arched her back, moaning deeply and he sucked hungrily, nibbling gently before soothing the sting away with his wet tongue.

He gave her other nipple the same attention while rolling the one with his thumb and forefinger.

His free hand went to her p, caressing her wet slit through her panties. Too much. She felt like bursting.

“Fuck, Dominic.”

Barely aware she was rubbing her wet p on his rough fingers, seeking relief.

He growled, moving down to her navel, making her squirm as he licked her belly button.

His teeth on her skin.

“What are you doing?” She looked down in panic.

“Let me taste your juices, baby,” he answered before going back to his fascination.

He parted her thighs wider, leaning down to bury his face in her cloth-covered vagina.

His tongue darted out, running from top to bottom, groaning at her taste.

“Yes, detka. Your juices taste so good.”

Dominic’s patience left him altogether. With one flick of his wrist, he tore her panties from her hips. Leaving her completely bare.

He licked her creamy moisture right from the source, humming in approval.

She cried out his name. Almost insane with need.

“Look at me while I feast on you. I want to see you come.”

The dirty words coming from him were an aphrodisiac.

Heavy-lidded, she glanced down at him, panting, legs quivering. He was eating her like a starving man; the throaty sounds he made brought vibrations.

As his dark eyes connected to hers, his rough fingers parted her mounds, giving her clit full access, circling his tongue on the bundle of nerves, suckling gently then gradually adding pressure.

With her legs widely spread by his massive shoulders, there was nothing she could do but receive unbelievable pleasure.

The room echoed her moan and she began to fuck his mouth.

Feeling him insert his middle finger while sucking on her clit made her undulate. She couldn’t take it anymore.

Grinding on his face, for the first time in her life, not with her fingers, she came hard, screaming his name.

Her tight walls contracted on his finger, her juices flowing, he lapped eagerly, giving her small orgasms.

Fuck! She never knew it could be like this. It was her first real orgasm.

“Dominic...I need you inside me. Please.”

She didn’t care if she begged. She wanted the whole experience that for her could last a lifetime.

His curses filled the room, letting her know he was about to give her what she wanted.

The position he arranged made her comfortable, with the back of her on his soft pillows, to let her see how he would take her.

With eagerness in her brown eyes, she watched him, breathing heavily.

He rocked his hips, sawing his thick length on her, coating him with her cum.

“Watch me while I take you, detka!”

He was big.

Be gentle, please. She felt the swollen head nudge her slit.

It took a moment but it popped inside. It was a good thing she was so wet or it would not be easy.

“Fuck! You’re so tight, angel.”

He closed his eyes in agony, fighting for control. She took a deep breath, trying to relax, her hands balled into fists on the satin sheets.

Dominic reached down to play with her clit, her muscles relaxed a bit. He thrust forcefully, sinking more than half of his thick length inside her.

Hot tears flowed from her, she bit her lips to keep from sobbing. It was painful. It felt like he was tearing her in two.

“Baby. Look at me.”

She wasn’t even aware her eyes were shut. Blinking her tears, she gazed at him.

Christ! What could she say? He was just so big, she couldn’t help but contract around him.

He swore savagely when unconsciously more of his length entered her untried walls.

She stiffened, not moving.

“Breathe, love. You could have told me. I would have prepared you more. I’m sorry, detka. I will be gentle.”

Dominic leaned down to kiss her gently. His elbows propped on either side of her head.

Gripping his biceps, letting him soothe her, she returned his kiss.

The pain inside slowly ebbed, letting her feel his throbbing. Trying to distract her, he returned his mouth to her nipples, sucking her anew.

She squirmed, seeking more. He understood, and he began to thrust slowly, her legs wrapped around him instinctively.

Loving the friction, the swollen head hitting a spot inside her, her body bowed, eager for completion on his big cock.

Placing her calves on his shoulders, he began to fuck her balls deep.

Rocking her world.

She felt full to the brim, and she was stretched to the limits. The sensitive fleshy spot inside her tingled.

“Dominic...oh! Deeper!”

He groaned in excitement, grabbing her ass; he taught her how to meet his thrusts.

The head bunched, it kept on hitting her. He trumped his thumb on her wet clit, making her crazy.

“Fuck, yes! Come on my cock, detka! Now!”

She whined, and her sobs filled the room together with the wet slapping sounds of their sex.

He lay almost flat on top of her, her small frame bent in half as he penetrated her even harder, deeper.

She cried out, bursting from inside. Her orgasm unraveled from the tips of her hair to every inch of her skin.

Her whole body quivered, and her walls contracted rhythmically, milking him, seeking his semen.

While he held her inner thighs further apart, he arched his back, roaring his pleasure, filling her with his hot seed.

It seemed that both of them couldn’t stop coming. The pleasure coursing through their bodies was so intense.

The moans coming out of her as she kept on undulating her hips pleased him a lot.

Gasping for air, her legs slackened, and she released his hips. He lay panting on top of her, still trying to recover.

She felt tired and very, very satisfied.

Suddenly conscious of his weight, murmuring in a foreign tongue, he moved to the side, bringing her body on top of his instead.

They were still joined, and he was still throbbing hard inside of her.

She guessed they were just catching their breaths. They were far from over.

The night was young, and there was more to explore. She was a game if he was.

He was pressing kisses on her hair, her temple, and her neck, humming at her scent.

She puffed hot air on his chest, still out of breath, her heart thumping hard.

It was the most exhilarating experience. More than she could ever imagine.



“Do you think we can do it again?”

His deep chuckle vibrated on his chest, her nose wrinkled. His chest hair tickled.

“Yes. I am giving you time to recover. You were a virgin, my love.”

Her elbows propped on his chest, she gave him a beaming smile.

He blinked and blinked again. The smile he gave her almost made her heart stop.

With practiced ease, he guided her on top of him; it made his thick cock bury deeper inside her. They both cried out at the sensation.

She began to ride him. He gripped her ass, guiding her clumsy rhythm.

In this position she could watch how much pleasure she gave him.

With gritted teeth, face graven and jaw clenched, fighting for control, he let her ride him.

His head was thrown back on the pillows, eyes shut.

“Fuck! I am going to ride you and fill you with cum until you can't walk. Again and again.”

His wild accent, his harsh deep growls, and his seductive words, his hands on her breasts, his fingers tweaking her nipples triggered another intense orgasm for her.

Wailing, she came for him.

Yes. Yes. Love me all night.

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