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A. Makkelie


“How the hell did we lose her already!?” Blake growled loudly and had trouble keeping his wolf at bay.

Spencer shivered and looked guiltily at him. “Dominic; he must have been tracking us ever since we killed two guards in his pack. The smell of the girl’s clothes must have set him off.”

“You really thought I didn’t know that already?”

“Why is she so important? She’s just a human.”

“There’s something about her. There must have been a reason that she was held captive by the pack.” His expression changed.

Spencer sighed. “Please tell me she isn’t your mate.”

“You know that we can only mate our own kind, Spencer. So no, she’s not my mate.”

It was true. A werewolf could only mate their own kind; mating another was never heard of.

“Sure. But you’ve been different since you met her. It’s almost like she is in fact your mate.”

Blake looked at his beta. “She isn’t. I just want to know what the deal is with her. A pack usually never holds a human captive; it’s against the pack rules. So why take the risk with her?”

Spencer nodded. “There is something else. I bit her when I pulled her out of the tree. I was going for the kill, not knowing that you would want to keep her alive.”

Blake looked at Spencer, and his body filled with rage. “You did what!?” Blake was on the edge of turning. His bones were starting to move.

“I’m sorry. If she’s alive, I’ll try to find a way to get her back for questioning. But it can be difficult if she’s inside the pack house of the Silver Pine Wood Pack.”

Blake sighed and calmed down.

“Just figure out a way. I have a feeling she’s too important to do nothing. Also, try to find out anything from the Dark Wood Pack. Maybe they left something that can help us find out who she is.”

Spencer nodded and walked away.

“And Spencer.”

He turned around and looked at his alpha.

“Don’t ever bite a human again. Or I’ll make you regret it.” Spencer shivered again and walked away.

“Don’t fight it, Kiara! Don’t you want your wolf to live?” Her dad grabbed her arm and bit her. She screamed out in pain while his venom went through her body.

She fell on the ground and looked at her crying mother. “This is the last time; if it still doesn’t work…” Her dad paused.

“If it doesn’t work, she won’t be ours anymore. She will be a human orphan.” Her mother started crying even louder, while her whole body started to change.

She felt all her bones breaking. Her spine broke in half and…

Kiara screamed and sat straight up in the hospital bed. Her whole bed was soaked in her sweat, and she felt her heart racing in her chest.

This was the first time she had had a dream about her parents and what they had done to her.

Normally, she would have nightmares about her pack and what they had done to her, but never about her parents.

After she calmed down, she looked around and saw that she was alone. Slowly and painfully, she got out of the bed and walked toward the door. Would they really be so stupid?

She slowly grabbed the door handle and pushed it open. The door opened without any sound, and she saw an empty hall. Kiara slowly walked out of the infirmary. Truly, no one was around.

This was her chance!

She quickly walked through the hall and came to the center of the pack house. On one side, there were couches and a foosball table, and on the other was a large table, larger than any she had ever seen.

This must be a large pack. Her thoughts were interrupted by voices coming from behind her. Kiara ran to one of the couches and jumped over it.

She landed on her bad leg and fell hard onto the floor. She bit her lip to keep from screaming and listened for the voices, but they had stopped talking.


She closed her eyes and focused on her heart rate. Within a few seconds, it slowed down until it had almost stopped, and she kept it that way.

After a few moments, the voices started talking again and slowly faded. Kiara opened her eyes, and her heart rate became normal again.

It was something she had learned in the pack. If it looked like she was too weak to do anything, they sometimes left her alone.

They had wanted to keep her alive as long as possible just so they could have the joy of abusing and torturing her.

She looked at her leg and saw her white pants had become darker near the bite wound. No time to worry about that now. She peeked over the couch and saw that she was alone again.

She walked slowly to the door, and luck was on her side. They really never locked anything here. It was raining, but she didn’t care.

All she cared about was getting out of here and going to the humans to finally be free.

“We couldn’t defeat the rogues, but the two that we captured must have some information. We’ll question them as soon as possible.”

Dominic nodded, distracted.

“Nic, are you okay?”

Dominic looked at his beta and nodded again.

“It’s the girl, isn’t it?”

Dominic sighed. “There is something about her I can’t put my finger on.”

“At least you have her name, and you know she’s human.”

“I can’t do anything with that information, Zack. I want to know why she was captured by the rogues. What did they want with her? Doc said her wounds were inflicted by a wolf. So they must have tortured her.”

“At least you know they didn’t bite her, or she would have become a feral by now.” Dominic froze and looked with large eyes at his beta.

“She was bitten… Her leg! She had a wound from a wolf’s bite!” He growled out of frustration. “I’m an idiot!” He turned around and opened the door of his office.

There she was.

He could smell her blood from a mile away. She opened the door and ran outside in the pouring rain.

Dominic jumped over the railing and changed in midair. His torn clothes fell to the ground, and he ran toward the door.

Kiara heard a loud slam behind her. She turned and saw a black wolf running toward her.


No way in hell she was gonna stay here. She started running. There was no way that she was going to be faster than him, but she had to try something!

The woods were no place to run as a human, but it was all she had.

She ran toward a couple of bushes that were barely large enough for her to go through, but not low enough for her to climb over. If she had to go around, she would get caught in a moment.

Here goes nothing.

She dove into the bushes and, with a lot of scratches, fell on the ground on the other side. Kiara looked back and saw Dominic making a jump.

Dominic was just as large as she was, maybe even larger. She stood up quickly and started running again. She heard Dominic howl as he landed.

The pain was unbearable, and she knew she was going to get caught. She looked to the side and saw a cave. Not thinking twice, she ran for it. Dominic was on her heels, literally.

She pushed herself for the last time to go harder and ran inside the cave. It was too dark, and she could not see where she was.

As she took another step, she fell inside a large hole and landed in water. She looked around and saw a faint light underneath the water. She heard Dominic howling.

Kiara took a deep breath and dove. She couldn’t see a thing except for the light, which became brighter and brighter.

She swam through a hole and realized she was in a lake. She quickly swam to the surface, gasping for breath when she emerged.

It was still raining when she went ashore. Not knowing where Dominic was, she fell to her knees and tried to catch her breath. Her whole body ached, and she couldn’t go on for much longer.

The venom from Spencer’s bite started working, and she felt her body changing. She lay down and waited for the “change error,” as her father used to call it, hoping that Dominic wouldn’t find her.

She felt her bones shifting and breaking. She grabbed a branch and placed it between her teeth. No matter what, she couldn’t scream. They would find her if she did.

The sound of bones breaking told Dominic the direction she was in. He knew what was happening. She was becoming a feral.

A human who was bitten wouldn’t become a werewolf. That was just a story that people told each other.

What the bite would do was change the human into a feral, a creature that was neither a wolf nor a human, but something in between.

They were wild and would kill anything in their path. Only a wolf could kill them.

After everything that he had done to save her, she couldn’t become a feral just like that. He wouldn’t let her become one. He needed to know why she was different.

“Why did she run?”

“She’s been through a lot. She doesn’t want to be here,”

“You told her that she wouldn’t be safe out there, and yet she went anyway. Maybe Blake turned her into a lunatic,”

“Shut up, Mike. She’s scared. She was tortured by Blake, who is a wolf. Of course she doesn’t want to stay with another wolf pack. Just find her before she turns,”

Mike kept running toward the sound of bones breaking and saw that he was approaching a lake. “Why isn’t she screaming? It must hurt like hell,”

“I don’t know,”

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