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Love Hate Mail

Lily Rose

Chapter Two: I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll Blow Your Twat


Chris is sitting in front of me, taking notes as I give her all the ins and outs of the position.

Fuck my days, her legs go on for days in that skirt and her blouse gives me a little preview of her amazing breasts.

I mentally slap myself, not just because she’s my fucking assistant but I can tell right away she’d be a pain in my ass, if first impressions were anything to go by. Chris keeps biting the pen lid and my dick is stirring behind my zipper.

No one has ever spoken to me the way she does, and, well, if I can’t fuck the sass out of her, I sure as hell am willing to push every button she has.

“So, happy enough?” Chris looks at me.

“So, just so I am clear, your coffee must be on your desk first thing for your arrival, I have to arrange your meetings, accompany you on site visits, pick up your dry cleaning and deliver to your apartment…

“Pick up groceries when you need them, get your lunch, general admin work, and when you call, I answer, no matter what. That sounds about right?”

I smirk. “That is exactly right; it would appear we have a good listener.”

Chris crosses her legs and tilts her head, her hair falling around her tits.

“So let me get this straight, you have pretty much employed me to be your bitch slave.”

I shake my head.

“Not at all, you’re my personal assistant…the operative word being personal. Look, if you’re not up to the task, you know you can always quit.”

And there it was, the look of fire and determination.

She straightens her back up and gives me the biggest fake smile she can muster.

“Don’t think for one second that I don’t see your game. I was warned all about you before I accepted this position.”

“Clare gave me a glowing insight. I can’t be broken, but you can have fun trying.”

I am equal measures turned on as I am pissed off.

All I want to do is pin her against the wall, rip her panties off, and sink my fingers deep inside her until she is panting my name.

“That will be all…” I watch as she gets up, snatching her notepad and pen from the desk, and storms toward the door. I can’t help but smile. This is going to be fun.

Chris thinks she can win against me, but she has never handled someone like me.

“Oh, and Chris, I would like my coffee now.”

I can see the flames come from her ears as if she is about to explode. Chris smiles.

“Right away, Boss.” She spits out every word at me.

To: Clare Wheeler

From: Marcus Parker

Subject: She’s staying

Just to make you aware Chris is now my assistant, do not take any action, it’s fine.

If the shit hits the fan, you are being held accountable. M

To: Marcus Parker

From: Clare Wheeler

Subject: Wish I was there

I am pleased you came to your senses, now behave yourself. Talk soon, Boss.



Keeping my head down for much of the day, I pretty much stay out of Chris’s way. I am not a complete asshole. I am going to break her nice and gentle.

I can’t believe I ever agreed to this. Chris is the girl I fuck; she’s not the girl I work alongside when she is the ultimate temptation to me.

I look up when I hear my door open.

Chris is hot as fuck, an easy ten, but with that sassy mouth, she’s even hotter. I am still equal parts pissed off and turned on from our altercation this morning.

There is something about her that is driving me crazy; how the hell am I ever lasting six months with her.

“Just to let you know that you have a meeting with the foreman at the site at 10 a.m. tomorrow, followed by a meeting with planning permission after lunch.

“I took the liberty of booking you a table at Wilton’s on Piccadilly as per our pre-approved list for 2 p.m. Do you need anything else?”

“Nope, that will be all. Thank you for today. I will see you tomorrow morning.”

I watch as she closes my door, my dick twitching in my trousers.

Not happening, so down boy, there is plenty of other pussy out there that we can have fun with. That one is not worth the hassle. As I walk into my apartment, I drop my keys on top of the file.

“MARCUS!” I see Blake running at me and jumping me for a hug.

I catch her in my arms. “How are you both?”

I look over to find Scott on the sofa with some Chinese food. “We are great, so good to finally have you here.” Scott smiles at me. “How was work?”

I walk to my bar. “I need a drink!”

“It’s the first day; how bad could it have been?” says Scott.

I then tell Blake and Scott all about my new personal assistant, Chris, every last detail, and Blake is hugging her cup of tea with the biggest grin on her face.

“How did you not look at the file to know who Clare got for you?”

I scoff. “I was busy, okay!”

Blake tuts, “Busy doing what, or should I say who?”

I give her an evil glare. “Don’t like your tone, Blake. I had a bumpy flight, what can I say”

I watch as Blake walks toward the table. “Is this it?”

I take a sip of my drink. “Yeah.”

Blake bounces on her heels. “Can I?”

“Can’t see the harm, knock yourself out! I won’t be reading it, after all.”

I watch Blake as she scans Chris’s folder. I watch her eyes light up like Christmas morning before she laughs.

“Anything interesting?” Blake peeks up at me.

“Well, it would appear she is very qualified—too qualified—smart as hell, and comes with excellent references.”

Blake cocks her eyebrow. “So, how are things really between you and Pamela?”

I almost choke on my drink. “What? What has that got to do with anything? Why are you so obsessed with my wanking sessions?”

Blake giggles. “No reason, not really. However, you seem pent up; clearly Pamela is doing something or not.” She laughs at me. “No wonder you’re pissed. She’s fucking hot, I would do her.”

“Who are you talking about?”

Blake flips her phone at me, showing me a picture of Chris. “Oh, I just looked her up on Facebook!”

I scoff. “How did you find her? I couldn’t find her on it.”

Scott laughs. “Clearly, you didn’t look hard enough?”

Blake gives me another chuckle.

“Why do you keep laughing at me?” I ask.

“Oh, Marcus, that’s something you will need to figure out on your own. Spring Roll?” She glares at me with a big shit-eating grin.

The next morning, I arrive at my office, and Chris is sitting there typing away. I didn’t sleep very well due to jet lag. “CHRIS!”

She struts in wearing a black dress that clings to her hourglass figure. She is wearing a bright red buckle belt and heels.


I look at my empty cup. “Where’s my coffee?”

Chris looks at the cup.

“I didn’t know if you would be on time, so I didn’t want to make you a cup before you—”

I halt her with my hand. “What did we discuss yesterday?”

Chris looks at me with a frown. “I know but—”

“NO. No buts, I want my coffee on my desk for my arrival, no excuses. Now go sort out this problem!”

Chris storms out before returning a few minutes later with the coffee cup. She reaches out and goes to put the cup in my hand.

The next thing I know, hot coffee is in my lap.

“Shit! What the hell, Chris?”

Chris shakes her head. “Don’t blame me, it’s not my fault you have a shit grip.”

I shoot my head up and look at her. “Well, don’t just stand there, get me a tissue or something?”

A few minutes later, Chris comes back into the room. “STRIP!”

I stare at her, stunned. “Excuse me, Chris?”

She emphasizes every word. “Strip off your trousers now!”

I look at her dumbfounded. “No, Chris.”

She shrugs. “All right then.” Chris comes over and starts patting my crotch, causing my dick to stand to full attention and shout “Sir, yes sir” like a drill sergeant.

“STOP!” I grab her hand and she bats her eyelashes at me. Holy shit, her eyes are as green as emeralds and just as sparkly. My god, this girl is something else.

“Well, I told you to take off your trousers!”

I gently push her away before I do something stupid. “Get out, Chris”

“What… You asked for my help?”

I point at her. “OUT!”

Chris glares at me. “Whatever you want!”

I strip out of my jeans and open my door. “Chris!”

As she looks up, I throw my jeans at her. “I need these washed now! And push back my 10 a.m. meeting, please.”

Chris folds my jeans neatly. “Right away.”

I sit in my boxers for exactly one hour and sixteen minutes by the time Chris walks back in.

“There you go, all clean. The 10 a.m. site visit has been rescheduled for tomorrow now.”

I don’t make eye contact with her.

“Okay, you can get out now.”

I hear her temper. “Fine!” She walks out, slamming my door.

A little while later, I hear laughing from outside. What the fuck is going on now? I open my door and walk out.

“What are you doing here?”

I find Blake smiling at me. “Just thought I would pop by and meet your new assistant. I have been told you are in a mood today.”

I look at Chris, who is sitting there like butter wouldn’t melt.

“Well, it would help if someone didn’t drop a coffee in my lap.”

Chris stops me. “Get it right, Mr. Parker, you just didn’t have a strong enough grip.”

Blake is watching us with a big smile.

As she walks into my office, I close the door.

“Oh, I like her,” she teases.

“You like her cause she is giving me a headache.”

Blake sits. “Right, well, Mr. Grumpy Pants, how about you and I go to dinner later; we haven’t had a proper catch up since you got here?”

I pour myself a much-needed drink. “What about Scott?”

Blake smiles at me.

“He works late, but he said he will try to meet us later.”

“All right, then I will see you at Minx at six?”

Blake stands up. “Sounds good to me.”

I walk Blake to the door and I watch as she and Chris exchange goodbyes.

Blake looks back over at me with a cheeky grin. A few hours later, I am back from my meeting with the planning office. Everything was still on course and they assured me there would be no issues.

As I am about to reach my door, I hear giggling. I follow the laughter until I am stood in the kitchen doorway faced with Derek, my foreman, and Chris casually flirting up a storm.

“Derek? I was supposed to catch you tomorrow at the site.”

Derek turns his attention to me. “You were, but I had to drop some paperwork off for the insurances to Chris.”

I have a feeling in my stomach I don’t recognize, but seeing these two together caused it. I can’t put my finger on it.

“And that couldn’t wait until tomorrow?”

I can see Chris getting agitated by my line of questioning and she takes over.

“They need to be scanned and emailed before the close of business today or you won’t have workers on the site.”

Chris smiles sweetly at Derek before throwing me a “what you going to say now” look.

“Well, if you two will excuse me, I have work to do.” Chris leaves the room while Derek and I are hypnotized by her ass walking away.

Derek turns and looks at me with a cocked eyebrow.

“Are you playing some twisted game of temptation, why would you hire her?”

I shake my head. “Don’t start, my assistant in New York technically hired her through an agency. I thought I was getting a guy.”

Derek laughs. “That is 100 percent fine ass woman right there. Is she single?”

I glare at him. “I am not exactly getting to know her. She’s already a pain in my ass!

“She’s my assistant and that’s as far as I am willing to take it, and if I can’t fuck her, I am sure as hell going to push all her buttons in the hope she quits.”

“God, you’re an asshole! Okay, let’s say she quits, you think she will sleep with you after everything?”

I smirk. “Tell me something we don’t already know, I am Marcus Parker. No one has turned me down. I am completely charming when I want to be.”

Derek pats my back. “Well, I will see you tomorrow at the site.”

I walk with Derek chatting about a few issues that might crop up when we reach Chris’s desk.

She looks up and then tilts her head over to a stunning brunette in the waiting area.

“It was lovely meeting you, Chris.”

Chris smiles at him.

“Nice to meet you too, Derek. I will have all the insurances sorted out for your site team.”

I watch as Derek leaves the office, turning my attention to Chris, who is biting the top of her pen and watching as this sexy-as-hell brunette makes her way over to me.

“Kandi told me you would be here and to call in and introduce myself. I am Crystal. Do you fancy getting to know each other a little better?”

I catch Chris, behind me, give an eye roll and start typing on her keyboard really loud.

“Do you mind… I have work to do.” I place my hand on Crystal’s back and lead her into my office.

Well, why not get acquainted with the lovely Crystal? I look over to find Chris pull out a set of headphones.

“Present from Blake. She said these are the best noise-canceling ones on the market.”

“Hold all my calls for the next half hour.”

Chris straightens up, pushing her tits out. “That all? That’s not a very good performance time.”

Turning around, I slam my door. God, she is so fucking infuriating. I will show her performance time.

Picking Crystal up, I set her on my desk. I rip down her top as I suck on her perky nipples. She lets out a loud moan and grabs my hair hard, causing me to bite down on the top of her breast. She lets out a yelp.

“You like it rough?”

Crystal grabs my belt. “Love it rough”

“Well then, let me show you what Big Bad Marcus can do!”

Ripping her panties off, I tongue her wet, ready pussy. I pull back and give it a little warm blow before sinking three of my fingers inside her.

I am so angry and horny. I am determined to prove a point to Chris. I give Crystal everything I have, letting her moans and yells bounce off my office walls.

How do you like me now, Chris Tate?

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