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Making Love

Sunitha Bangaram

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Chapters: 2

Reading Time: 15min

Manik wanted to marry his childhood sweetheart, Nandini, but circumstances got in the way. They both ended up marrying others, but they never forgot their love for each other. And after a year of trying, they’re finally reunited for a clandestine lovers’ tryst.

Age Rating: 18+ (Cheating, Domestic Violence, Drug Use/Overdose, Self-Harm, Suicide)

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2 Chapters

Chapter 1



Manik was sitting near the bus stop, eagerly waiting for someone. Impatient, he checked his mobile once again, then made a call.

“I’m waiting. How much more time will it take, babu?” he asked softly.

“More than ten minutes, Mani,” he heard her say in a husky voice, as if she’d just woken up.

“More than ten minutes? I can’t wait anymore!”

She giggled. “It’s a bus, Mani. I can’t drive, na? Patience, boy.”

“You will pay for this, babu, and I’ll make sure you pay for it hard.”

“I love hard…and fast,” she slurred.

“Babu, don’t you dare raise my temper. The consequences won’t be good for you. I may have to punish you.”

“Will you?” she asked, sounding hopeful.

Manik’s pants hitched and he groaned in pain. “Nandini, don’t provoke me,” he warned, and she giggled even more.

The bus halted in front of him, and a beautiful long-haired girl with chubby cheeks, fleshy lips, doe eyes, and a beautiful, twinkling smile came out.

Manik went to her and took her bag, then put it on his Royal Enfield. He got on and said, “C’mon, Nandini, hop on. We need to go. Fast.”

She smiled at his urgency and sat beside him one-sided.

He frowned. “What are you doing, babu?” he asked with extra sweetness in his tone.

“What did I do, Mani?” she asked, even more innocently.

“Really, babu! OK then.” He started the bike with a jerk and she fell onto his back. He smirked.

She hit his back with her tiny hand. “Manik,” she scolded softly.

He once again felt a hitch in his pants. “Just five minutes, babu. Then I’ll show you what you did,” he said, gritting his teeth.

They reached an apartment, and Manik looked around. When he found no one, he took Nandini’s bag and pulled her with him to the first door on the first floor. He opened it in a hurry, took her in, and locked the door.

He dropped the bag and put both his hands on his waist, then took a deep breath. Nandini, too tired to calm her nerves, beetled her eyebrows.

Manik grabbed her wrist and tugged her to him, then started to kiss her madly. He sucked her lips, entered her mouth and explored it fully, while one hand held her hair and the other pressed into her waist.

Nandini, in turn, engulfed him in her arms securely.

When he noticed she was out of breath, he pulled back. Panting, she looked at him a little angrily, but before she could say something, he attacked her mouth again, as if he were starving.

And why wouldn’t he be? For one whole year he’d been waiting for this day. He’d been continuously nagging Nandini to come to Pune, and she’d given him excuses every time.

At least she’d finally agreed. And he’d been on cloud nine ever since, immediately booking her a ticket from Mumbai to Pune and planning everything perfectly.

Manik and Nandini had been childhood sweethearts, but when Nandini’s father asked Manik to marry Nandini, Manik asked if he could wait two years so he could establish his business first.

Her ego bruised, Nandini refused him and married Raj Kapoor instead.

Manik was devasted. He lost everything that day.

After her marriage, Nandini had come to see him—and found him drenched in alcohol and smoking weed.

She cried and removed all alcohol, drugs, and cigars from his place, then asked his mother, Nyeonika, to call her the next day when he was sober.

The next morning, Manik smashed up his room and injured himself. His mother called Nandini, who came running.

Manik was about hit the TV with his guitar, but Nandini got in the way and the guitar hit her in the head, which started bleeding. Manik was shocked. It all happened in a fraction of second.

He dropped the damaged guitar and ran to her, and she looked at him with pain.

“Are you satisfied?” she asked.

“Nandini! Are you mad?” he cried when he saw how badly she was bleeding. “Why did you get in the way? Let me call the doctor. Please.”

“No! Let it flow,” Nandini said with a stern voice, trying to get away from him.

He held her tight. “What the hell? You’re injured, Nandini! For god’s sake, stop being stubborn. Mom, call the doctor please.”

“Why? Let me die, na? You left me and let me marry someone else, so why this concern now?”

“Nandini?” He felt deflated. “I…I begged Uncle, Nandini, but he didn’t listen.”

“Really?” she asked with venom. “Are you now filling your desire to pursue your business?”

“Nandini, we can fight later, but let me clean you up and have my mom call a doctor for god’s sake. I beg you.” Crying, he tried to stop the blood flow and blew air on her wound to make her feel better.

“No. I won’t allow myself to get treated.” She got up and tried to walk away.

“The fuck you won’t, Nandini! I’ll kill you if you walk away like this. Let me clean your wound.”


“Please, I’m begging you. Please.”

“Then promise me you’ll stop all this madness and attend to your business. At least become the best businessman you can for me. You left me. Don’t leave business too, Manik,” she pleaded.

Manik felt devastated. “I…I can’t…I can’t live without these things. They’ve become a habit. I’m addicted.”

“Fine then. It’s decided. You enjoy your habits, and I will enjoy these type of injuries. I’m a housewife, so I have plenty of things to harm myself with, Manik. Good luck. Let us fight to the death and see who wins.”

Manik took her by both shoulders and turned her toward him. She almost fell, but Nyeonika came up behind her and held her tight.

“Don’t you dare talk about doing such things, Nandini!” he shouted in anger.

“Oh, so only you have the right to kill yourself like this? Wait.” She shrugged off Nyeonika and walked to the kitchen cabinets and got out a knife.

Manik was about to take the knife away, when she cut her hand with so much strength she got a deep cut.

Manik roared in outrage. “Nandini! What is this pagal pan? Oh god, what should I do now, Nandini?”

“Say to me you will stop all this. If not, I will cut myself again,” she warned.

Manik looked at her with pain, scared now. His Nandini was never like this. He forcefully took the knife from her hand. “OK. I will never in my life touch these things again.”

Nandini took his hand. “Promise?” she asked with smile.

“Promise.” He hugged her tightly, crying.

The doctor came and treated her properly. Afterward, Manik sat beside her and asked, “How are you, Nandini? Is he treating you well?”

“Yes. I’m pregnant,” she said.

He closed his eyes with pain. “It should have been ours. Only ours.” Tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Manik, you need to move on. Everything happened already, and dwelling on it doesn’t solve problems. Be happy for me, Manik.”

“Are you happy?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

Manik smiled too. “OK. I will.”

After this incident, Manik concentrated on business, Nandini gave birth to two kids, and Manik married Veebha and had two kids of his own.

One day, Manik had some work in Mumbai, so he planned to surprise Nandini since it had been a long time since he’d seen her.

He didn’t inform her, just came to her place, and when he asked the watchman about Nandini’s apartment, the man gave him a sad look. “Oh, she lives on the fourth floor. First apartment.”

Before walking away, the watchman added, “Look, man, don’t ring the bell, just knock. If he wakes he’ll start ranting again.”

Manik got negative vibes—was confused and even scared.

He quickly ran up to her apartment, and when he was about to knock, he heard a loud voice through the door.

“I haven’t died yet! It’s you and your father that should die! It’s because of you both I became a drunkard. You piece of dirt, why did I get you of all things?”

“Shall I serve the food?” He heard Nandini’s soft voice say.

There was a thud, and the sound of children crying.

“Baby, why are you crying? Papa loves you most. Come here to me… See? You made her like this. She isn’t even coming to my arms. ~You~ made my life pathetic.”

“No! That was the alcohol,” Nandini snapped.

Then came the sound of a slap.

The voices continued, but Manik’s heart and body had gone numb. He left all the items he’d brought for Nandini and her children at the door and walked away.

He wanted to kill that person who touched his girl, but he didn’t want to hurt her more by his presence.

The next day, when her husband was at the office, Manik came back and confronted her.

“Please, Manik,” Nandini begged him. “I can’t just walk away. I have two kids and they love their father. When he isn’t drunk, he’s the best person. It’s just because of the alcohol.

“I can’t just walk away. He’ll change one day. Please believe me.”

“Believe you? How pathetic, Nandini! I moved on believing you were happy. But I’m living in hell and you’re living in hell. What’s the use?”

“Kids, Manik! You have two and I have two. We can’t be so cruel as to keep our children away from one of their parents.”

“I want you in my life, Nandini. Come back.”

“Like it’s that easy? Leave it alone, Manik. Come, let’s have lunch.”

“No, Nandini. Let’s have affair,” he said with determination.

What?” she almost screamed.

“Yes! A long-distance relationship. We’ll help each other emotionally, physically, financially. This fate that defeated us, let us defeat it. Whenever we get the chance, we’ll meet, but we’ll also talk every day.”

“But Manik—”

He just took her by the waist and kissed her madly with all the love he had for her.

The bell rang, and they pulled away from each other just before her children came in.

From that day on, they’d talked to each other daily for hours.

She became his strength, as Manik’s wife was a gold digger who just wanted money, and he used his connections to get Raj Kapoor transferred to the main branch of his office.

With bosses all around, Nandini’s husband couldn’t drink anymore and treated her better.

But Manik wanted Nandini. Ever since he was a teenager, he’d dreamed of having her, and now that things were settling he wanted her totally. He kept himself away from his wife, determined to save himself for Nandini.

And now, after trying for one year, she’d finally come to Pune and was in his arms, kissing him.

Manik lifted her without breaking their kiss and took her to the bedroom. She blushed.

“Nandini, I want you madly.”

“Me too, Manik, but let me freshen up and take a shower first.”

“I want see you, explore you. I can’t wait anymore.” He started removing her dress, but all of a sudden she started to resist.

Manik frowned and looked at her. “What happened? Should we stop?”

“I …I mean, I’m now…” Nandini struggled to talk.

Manik smiled. “I don’t care if you’re out of shape, Nandini, or if you’ve gotten a belly. You’re beautiful, and you’ll always be beautiful to me.”

He continued removing her clothes until she was totally naked. She tried to cover herself, but Manik shook his head. “No. Don’t. Let me see all of you, which I’ve wanted to for ages.”

She closed her eyes, and Manik’s sparkled with lust. “You don’t know, Nandini, how beautiful you are. If you could see yourself with my eyes, you would know this. Let me touch you, let me give you pleasure. Please.”

Nandini looked at him with admiration. He kissed her again, then removed his T-shirt and his track pants along with his underwear.

Nandini shyly turned away.

“Nandu!” Manik said. “Look what you’ve done to me. Tell me, what will make you whirl in an ocean of pleasure?”

Nandini shook her head, and Manik made her turn toward him forcefully. “Don’t be shy. Explore me. I want your full attention, so don’t be shy, baby. Come on, see me,” he said softly.

She slowly looked at him, then started to lower her eyes.

Her gaze was enough to make Manik twitch, and his dick stood like steel rod. He groaned in pain, then took her hand and placed it on his member. She shivered, and he flinched at her warm touch.

“No way I can control myself any longer. Let me inside.”

He hovered over her and looked into her eyes. “Just this once, let me go raw. I know you’re already wet. Next time we’ll play.”

She nodded.

He kept his dick at her entrance. “Just breathe, Nandu.”

“This is not my first time, Manik,” she said with giggle.

“Achha.” He just entered his tip, and she hissed in pain and held his shoulders to stop him, tearing up immediately.

“Get it now?” he said, kissing her eyes. “My dick is not human-sized, which is why I warned you, baby. I know you’ve been starving for ages, because I also know that Raj Kapoor became impotent due to excessive consumption of alcohol.”

She got more tears. “You know that?”

“Yes.” He pushed in more.

“Manik, it’s hurting me!”

“It will, baby. It’s starving for you. It’s just heaven, Nandu. Breathe. Come, take it fully,” he encouraged.

She took a sharp breath, and taking this as advantage, Manik thrust harshly. “Good girl,” he said when she gasped in pain and shock. “Shhhhh, baby. See? I’m in. Come on, breathe.”

She took light breaths and tried to relax.

“Come on, look at me. I don’t want just sex, Nandu—I want to make remarkable love to you. I won’t be gentle, nor will I let you be. Come on, let me ride you to heaven.” He winked, and she blushed.

He pulled out and felt her relax, but in no time he filled her again. “How is it, baby? Do you know now what you made me?” he asked with excitement.

He did it again, and she gasped and panted, her pussy on fire. It was still painful, but at the same time, she felt so aroused that she couldn’t handle more.

“Manik! Stop, I may… Oh god, please!”

Manik took one of her nipples in between his thumb and forefinger and started to rub it roughly.

“Don’t cum yet, Nandini. We’ve barely started. We’re just playing. Come on, look at me,” he said, then took the nub in his mouth and sucked harshly.

She felt pain but also more aroused.

He took it in between his teeth and pulled it softly, but when his sharp teeth scraped her, she almost lost it, tightening her walls around his dick.

“Baby, look at me,” Manik groaned. “I said na, we’re just getting started.” And this time he thrust harshly.

She hissed. “You’re an animal!”

“You made me an animal, baby.” He started to move rapidly, and she tried to catch her breath. But he was nowhere close to slowing down.

“Manik! Aaaaaah!”

“Wow, Nandini, your sounds are making me even more greedy. Come on, give opposite thrust, baby,” he said, finally slowing.

“What does that mean?” she asked innocently.

“I push in and out, and you move your hips in the opposite direction. So if I’m out, you move your hips up. If I push in, you move down.”

“I don’t know, Manik,” she said, feeling embarrassed.

Manik kept one hand under her hip and moved for her until she understood. She moved her hips slowly. He smiled. “Good. Come on.”

He made little moves, and she matched him. He started moving faster, and she did too. The room filled with the music of their skin, a rapturous sound that Manik found so erotic.

Nandini was totally lost in his moves. When she couldn’t take any more, she started to shiver and become rigid.

Manik understood. “Let it go, baby. Give it to me, come on.” He gave her stronger thrusts, and the whole bed moved noisily with him.

She couldn’t take any more.

He rubbed her clitoris and she shivered and milked his dick, her expression of release making him loose his seed in her. They both screamed.

“You look sexy when you cum for me, baby,” he said, panting and lying on her body, which smelled strongly of sweat and her scent. He inhaled deeply.

“I love you, Manik,” she said, taking sharp breaths.

“I’ve been in love with you always, baby, and I’ll love you forever.”

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