Alpha's Servant - Book cover

Alpha's Servant

Danielle Jaggan

Chapter 2


Today was the day Alpha Ares was arriving, and the entire pack was festive. Everyone apart from the slaves, of course.

Yesterday we worked through the night. I hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep.

We had to clean any and every corner of the estate over and over every single day, and the already washed dishes had to be washed and dried two times for the day.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I put the finishing touches on the Alpha’s bedroom.

I sat tending to the freshly lit crackling fire in the mantelpiece fireplace.

The fire bathed my skin in warmth, tickling my cheek.

Slowly, I lay down. It felt like I was melting into the plush carpet.

Maybe shutting my eyes for a couple of minutes would rejuvenate me a bit, I thought while resting my head against and saying a little prayer in my mind to not get caught by the headmaster or any other werewolves.

And with that, I shut my tired eyes.

Before I knew it I was slipping out of consciousness, right on the Alpha’s soon-to-be bedroom floor.

I couldn’t fight it any longer. I let my slumber take me.


I woke up to a silent room and the eerie sensation that someone was watching me.

I braced myself for a scolding by the headmaster’s shrill voice.

Instead, a dark deep voice spoke.

“You really shouldn’t be sleeping here,” he said.

I spun around to find the source of the voice.

A dark shadow stood in the corner of the room. I couldn’t make out his face, just that he was tall and muscular.

“I–I,” I started to say.

“Silent,” the voice commanded. “You dare disobey your Alpha?”

He took a step forward, then another.

Just as he was about to step into the light so that I could see his face, I woke up.

Gasping, I opened my eyes. It felt like I had been drowning, fighting for just one breath of air.

The man was no longer there.

The sun was slowly setting outside.

“It was just a dream,” I comforted myself.

“What was a dream?” a voice asked.

Waiting by the door was the headmaster. He looked furious to find me asleep on the floor with the alpha just moments away from arriving.

“Get up,” he hissed. “All the women servants are needed for an urgent meeting downstairs.”


“What do you think this is for?” Primrose, a fellow servant asked me.

“No idea,” I shrugged my shoulders.

“I bet it’s about the alpha,” Scarlette whispered, careful not to be heard. “He’s already here.”

My heart sank the moment those words left her lips.

I shuddered at the thought of my dream from earlier. The more I thought about it, the less like a dream it felt.

Could that really have been the alpha?

“Gather around, ladies,” the headmaster ordered us. “Quickly!”

Around the headmaster was a sea of terrified faces. The headmaster hardly ever brought good news. The best possible scenario was more work. The worst was…

I shook my head, not even wanting to think about it.

“There is something you should all know,” the headmaster began. “Alpha Ares has arrived at our estate for a visit.”

A wave of mutters filled the room.

“He has made a special request,” the headmaster said. “Every night he is to be accompanied by a mistress.”

I could feel the tension build in the air around me. It was so thick I could choke on it.

“The lucky servant who gets to play this role must do everything the alpha commands,” the headmaster continued, “or suffer the consequences.”

Everyone whispered to one another. Some seemed concerned, like myself; others I could detect a hint of excitement in their faces.

“Silence!” The headmaster yelled.

A silence fell on the room.

“Momentarily, I shall be selecting one of you to be his mistress tonight.” The headmaster procured a bowl. “In this are all your names. The person whose name I pull out will be spending the night with Alpha Ares.”

The headmaster plucked a piece of paper out of the bowl and opened it.

He took a deep breath in before reading the name out loud.

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