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Emmeline's Alpha

Leila Vy

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Emmeline has lived in servitude under her stepmother’s roof since her father passed away. At night, she escapes into her books, until one day she comes face to face with a fearsome legend. Alpha Gideon Steel has been searching for his mate for a long time and he’s finally caught her scent. He’s determined to keep her and whisks the beautiful Emmeline back to his pack house. However, the scarred and merciless alpha used to being feared, finds that he’s something he never expected to be in her gorgeous eyes. Wanted. Can she accept him as he is or will the wounds from both their pasts keep them apart?

Age Rating: 18+ (Domestic Violence, Violent Death)

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Chapter 1

He has only been seen in the hours of darkness. Some say he’s a myth. His face is said to be riddled with scars, his hair as silver as the moon. His fury roars like thunder, and his heart is as cold as ice.

Those who have seen him haven’t lived to speak about it.

Emmeline snapped shut the old book she had stolen from the library and stood up from the concrete floor with a yawn. Her bedroom was in the basement and sitting on the cold, damp concrete floor had left her aching.

Stretching out her limbs, she turned out the light and drowsily crawled onto her old, torn cot. The worn mattress squeaked under her weight.

Her slight form fit the small bed perfectly. She sighed and curled up into a ball, pulling her thin blanket up to her chin.

Her mind swirled with the stories she had just read. Alpha Gideon Steel was a legend among the wolves. Emmeline didn’t doubt the rumors about the things that he had done, and she feared him.

Everyone feared him, but Emmeline was also intrigued by him.

She yawned again. Tomorrow was a big day. The alpha had requested everyone’s presence, and Emmeline was excited to get out of the house for the first time in a very long time. Eventually, sleep took over her body.


It was early morning when Emmeline stood in line with her stepmother and two stepsisters, Loretta and Lauren. They were dressed in beautiful sundresses.

Emmeline had on her mother’s sundress. Its deep red color enhanced her evergreen eyes and pale skin.

She had combed her midnight hair out so it hung down past her waist and pinched her cheeks to add a bit of color. Her stepmother didn’t allow her to wear makeup.

The alpha appeared at the top of the hill. He was in his thirties and had yet to find his mate. Finding one’s mate was an important, but not effortless, task. Many went for years without finding their mate.

Wolves risked turning feral the longer they went without them. Hence, wolves would roam around, leaving their packs temporarily, in search of their other half.

Emmeline’s stepmother didn’t want her to find her mate. Emmeline’s father had passed away a few years ago, leaving Emmeline in the care of her stepmother and two stepsisters.

Her stepmother wanted Emmeline to be forced to tend to her needs, even after her own daughters had mated and married. Why had she stayed then, even when she was of age? Emmeline had nowhere else to go.

“Do not be afraid…” The alpha trailed off with his speech, but Emmeline stopped paying attention. Her mind wandered back to the story of Alpha Steel she’d read last night.

She wished she didn’t need to attend these events. She could spend her free time reading her favorite books. She didn’t often get to enjoy any peace and quiet.

Emmeline’s attention zipped back when someone gasped beside her. She noticed the alpha had finished his speech, and everyone had turned toward the hill.

The air had changed. It was dark, chilly, and ominous. Even the sun couldn’t warm her.

A moment later, four enormous wolves emerged on top of the hill. Everyone gasped, and many cowered. Her stepmother and stepsisters hid behind Emmeline.

Emmeline’s eyes fell upon the largest of the wolves as they trotted up to the alpha. Whoever he was, his sizable, black wolf form was intimidating. He towered over many.

The fierce, cold look in his eyes could very well freeze her soul. She watched him walk slowly among the line of wolves.

With a quick nod from the large wolf, who she assumed was their alpha, they stepped out of line and began walking toward Emmeline and her family.

When he was a few yards in front of Emmeline, he stopped in his tracks. His nose lifted, and he sniffed the air. A frightening growl rumbled from his chest.

Everyone jumped as he searched for the scent that had caught his attention.

Closer and closer he came to Emmeline. Soon, he was standing in front of her. She looked him right in the eyes. Something stirred inside her, and her wolf howled with joy.

She couldn’t stop staring at him. He had the most beautiful eyes, two dark pools of gray with shards of light green.

Their instant connection and the unrelenting emotions rolling through her compelled her to maintain eye contact.

Emmeline licked her lips and squirmed in her spot as she felt something stir in her stomach and between her legs. She watched him sniff her, and his eyes turned black.

Tingles erupted along her body, telling her exactly what she needed to know. This was her mate. He was taking her back to his pack.

He lifted his head and howled. In seconds, his wolves surrounded Emmeline. Her stepmother and stepsisters were pushed away. They stared as his wolves pushed her toward her alpha.

“This is the one?” Emmeline’s alpha asked. A short, angry bark answered, and Emmeline’s alpha took one last pitiful look at her before nodding.

There was no time to react or shift. She was thrown on top of the other alpha’s back and wrapped her arms around his neck to keep from falling. A rumble from his chest told her he enjoyed the feel of her against him.

“Hold on!” Emmeline’s stepmother shouted. Everyone turned to look at her. Emmeline’s stepmother, Abigail Tremaine, stood there tall, her blonde hair hanging in a braid down her shoulder.

She pointed at Emmeline and glared. Her fury had given her the extra courage to speak up against the alpha, which didn’t sit well with Emmeline’s mate.

He growled and pulled his lips back, snarling. She could feel his body tense, ready to fight.

“You can’t take her,” Abigail demanded. “She’s mine.”

A fierce growl came from Emmeline’s newly discovered mate. He was not happy with her stepmother’s disrespect. His wolves began walking toward Emmeline’s stepmother, baring their canines.

Abigail stumbled as she attempted to run.

“Enough,” Emmeline’s alpha ordered. “Leave. You got what you wanted. Don’t harm my pack members.”

The three wolves stopped in their tracks and waited for their alpha’s command.

“Please, let her go,” Emmeline whispered softly in her mate’s ear. She felt the tension leave his body, and he nodded before growling again. His wolves retreated, flanking him before bursting into a run.


They ran for hours. The sun had started to set when Emmeline’s stomach grumbled. Her mate barked, and they slowed down before finding a nearby stream to stop at.

Her mate nodded for her to slide off his back. When he saw she was on her feet, he ran off deeper into the woods.

The other wolves lay around her with their heads on their paws. She saw the way they were staring at her, and a blush formed on her cheeks.

She wondered why they hadn’t shifted to their human forms yet. Emmeline sat and wished she had listened to her alpha’s speech. She had left with her mate, but she had no clue who he was.

Thirty minutes later, her mate came back with a fresh-killed deer. One of the wolves stood up and trotted off behind a tree.

He returned in his human form, dressed in black shorts and a white T-shirt. He was as big as his wolf, with golden blond hair. His eyes met hers, and he smiled.

“Hello, Luna,” he said. “My name is Drake. I’m gamma in this pack.”

Emmeline smiled shyly at him. “It’s nice to meet you, Drake. My name is Emmeline, but you can call me Em.”

A threatening growl came from her mate as he lay down at her side, still in wolf form. Drake glanced at his alpha before shaking his head.

“Luna is fine,” he blurted. “Are you hungry?”

She nodded and licked her lips hungrily. Her mate’s chest rumbled, and she turned to him. It was almost as if he was pouting. Emmeline wondered why as Drake started a fire and seared the meat on the open flames.

Ten minutes later, he handed her a stick with sizzling meat on it. Emmeline ate it happily. It was delicious, but she wasn’t used to eating such a large amount.

When she had lived with her stepmother, she had received table scraps. She frowned at the leftovers. She didn’t want to waste it.

Slowly, she maneuvered the delicious meat toward her mate. He looked surprised that she would offer him food, but he began eating after a moment.

When they had finished, Emmeline’s mate stood and nodded for her to jump onto his back again.

Drake had already shifted back into his wolf form and was waiting with the others. Emmeline jumped but failed to jump high enough, falling flat on her butt.

Her mate snorted, and she narrowed her eyes accusingly at him. He crouched down for her to climb on. Once she got on, the wolves began running again.

She didn’t understand why he wouldn’t let her shift and run with them. However, she didn’t mind riding on his back. She was tired, and not having to exhaust herself was a welcome relief.

Her stepmother hadn’t let her rest often.

The sun had almost set, and Emmeline wondered if they would ever reach her mate’s territory. They had traveled far and barely had a moment to rest, just stopping to eat or go to the bathroom.

Still, they continued running till long after the sun had fully set. The moon was the only source of light against a dark sky filled with stars.

Emmeline yawned and snuggled into her mate’s fur, allowing his masculine scent and the gentle rocking of his running body to lull her to sleep.


When Emmeline woke, she was surprised to find that she was now in a large bed, wrapped in silken sheets. She yawned again and stretched her body, hitting someone beside her.

She frowned. Then she felt something draped around her waist. When she glanced down, she noticed a large, tattooed arm around her waist. She wasn’t wearing her sundress anymore, either.

Instead, she had on an oversized white T-shirt. She wiggled around until she faced the person behind her. Slowly, her gaze moved up a toned masculine body, wandering from his chest to his neck and then to his face.

She gasped. The man holding her was none other than Alpha Gideon Steel. Scars riddled the left side of his face, but he was still so beautiful. She had never seen anyone as beautiful as he was.

He had perfectly plump lips that made her think obscene thoughts. For the first time, Emmeline wondered what it would be like to kiss someone.

Silver hair fell in a tousled mess around his face. She wiggled out an arm and ran her fingers through it.

Enthralled and amazed, she relished in the feel of his soft hair. When she looked down again, she saw him awake and staring at her. Instantly, she yanked her hand back.

“Y—you’re awake,” Emmeline stuttered. “I was just…”

He said nothing. He just stared at her intently.

Feeling self-conscious now, she tried to get up, but he tightened his hold on her, pulling her back against his hard chest. He cradled her head under his chin.

She remained still as he held her close. After a few moments, the warmth of his body lulled her back to sleep.

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