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The Price Possession

T. Stanlight

Life is Full of Surprises

TomGreat work with Jameson, partner. You had em by the balls and you never let go.
TaylorHappy to do it – more than happy
TaylorSometimes it’s just fun to take something of someone else’s, you know?
TomRemind me never to turn my back on you lol
TaylorThe office isn’t the same without you, Tom
TaylorWhen will I get to reattach my right hand, man?
TomI’ll be back soon
TaylorAs in tonight? For the press conference?
TaylorFantastic – I hate those things
TaylorYou’re a life saver!
TomI’m sorry I’ve been out of it lately
TaylorNo apology necessary, amigo. You’ve had your hands full with the European subsidiaries.
TaylorNo way I could have gotten this done without your help over there.
TomFalse modesty doesn’t suit you, pal.
TaylorIt’s not, I mean every word.
TomI’m sorry we haven’t been in touch more in the last handful of months –
Taylorthink you’ll have time for a day or two of R & R? Get out of the office for a few and go nuts?
TomHey, it’s not me you have to convince…
TaylorWell, if I could get the board to let you work remotely…
TomI don’t mean the Board…
TaylorThen I’m lost- spill the beans
TomWell, I was thinking about saving telling you this until we arrived…
TaylorYou’re part of a “we” now, that’s exciting
TaylorDead man walking
TomWatch out or you’ll be next!
TaylorFat chance of that
TomThe second you’re not looking for it, that’s when it’ll hit you
TaylorBRB, I just have to
TomWait and see…
TaylorSO will you be bringing your pls 1 tonight?
TaylorHoly shit, Tom. Why do you always have to be SO serious?
TaylorAlright, well I’m happy 4 u
TaylorI didn’t think you were the settling down type
TomYou’re not the only one
TomBut trust me, I’m the settling UP type ⌨😉
TaylorYou’re still a nerd, does Mrs Tom know about that?
Taylorso you ARE bringing her tonight?
TomThat’s right
TaylorDamn. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rockwood
TaylorWhat’s her name?
TomEverly Grey
TaylorHaha, seriously, who is she
Tom??? Everly…
Tom…Taylor, hello? You still there?



I had just closed one of the most important deals of my life, managed to flip off my enemy Grayson in the process, and arranged for an incredible celebration, all in one day.

It was huge. And yet…

Everly Grey.

The only woman I’d ever admitted to having feelings for.

And who had subsequently destroyed my faith in relationships.

And now here she was…engaged to my business partner Tom.

What is wrong with her? What is she doing?

Tom was one of my best friends. And Everly had to know that.

She must have kept our relationship secret from Tom.

Which meant I would have to keep it secret from Tom.

What the fuck~ is she doing?!~

It took all of my willpower not to trash my entire penthouse.

No, my bedroom would suffice.


I put on a brave face, walking into The Daily House office.

Any second now, my entire world was going to collapse in on itself.

I glanced around the room, desperately trying to find Rick. I needed to know how bad it was before I met with Arthur, the editor-in-chief.

The office seemed more chaotic than usual today. Phones were ringing off the hooks, people were running about like chickens with their heads cut off.

On my way up, I overheard some coworkers whispering about a hostile takeover that had just occurred over at Jameson Enterprises.

Maybe it was related.

A small sigh escaped my lips as I sat behind my desk. My hands ran out over the smooth surface.

This could be the last time that I ever sat here.

I switched on my computer and smiled when my eyes caught sight of my badge lying next to my keyboard.

Kate Dawson, Daily House Reporter.

I was going to miss this place.

“Ah, there you are.”

That British accent could only belong to one person: Rick.

“Best get moving, Kate,” Rick said, standing in front of my desk. “Arthur is in his office waiting for you.”

“How bad is it?” I asked, chewing my bottom lip.

Rick frowned. “What are you talking about?”

Now it was my turn to frown.

“Wait. What are you talking about?”

“Do you live under a rock? Price Industries has just taken over Jameson Enterprises. It’s all over the bloody news. There’s a gathering tonight, and Mr. Price has invited a few reporters to cover the whole event. Come on, we need to go see Arthur.”

Did this mean…they didn’t know? There was no time to digest because, the next thing I knew, Rick had dragged me into Arthur’s office.

“You’re a hard woman to get a hold of, Dawson,” Arthur said disapprovingly.

If you only knew why, I thought, taking a seat in front of his desk.

“Sorry, Arthur. It’s been a busy morning.”

“I can only imagine. How did the interview go?” Arthur asked, leaning back against his chair.

I swallowed nervously. Here comes the part where I tell him what happened, followed by the part where he has security escort me out.

“It was, uh—” I began.

“She nailed it—” Rick quickly interjected, causing me to turn and frown at him.

What was he talking about?

He doesn’t even know what had happened, I thought.

But he placed a hand over mine and gave it a little squeeze. As if to say: I got you.

“We were just going over it; she got some great pieces.”

“Good. But that can wait until the next print. Rick, did you fill her in?”

“No. I thought it would sound better coming from you.”

“Okay,” I said, more confused by the second. “Can somebody tell me what’s going on here?”

“Price Industries is holding a press conference as well as a small function tonight. Only a few reporters have been invited to follow the whole event, and, interestingly, Mr. Price has personally asked that you be among the few.”

“What?” I burst out.

“Yes, my dear. You must have made quite the impression at the interview. If you keep it up, we might soon be talking about a promotion, Dawson.”

The rest of the conversation was a blur. I didn’t hear a word of it. All I could keep thinking was:

Personally asked?


What the hell is going on?!


I sat behind my desk, staring at an empty screen. Rick had quietly informed me that he knew I had blown it.

He didn’t know the details—and didn’t want to know them, for that matter. He could just read it on my face. And he knew this was my chance to redeem myself.

And the colleague-of-the-year award goes to…

Yet another reason Nana was pushing me to marry Rick. If only he wasn’t already married!

A few minutes ago, I thought for sure that I was going to be fired, and now this? From all the stories I had read over the years about Taylor Price, this didn’t fit his personality.

If he was as ruthless as they said he was, why was he giving me a second chance?

I either had a guardian angel looking out for me…or this was a trap.

Tonight, one way or another, I was going to find out.


I vented my frustration about Tom’s upcoming wedding by smashing my bedroom to smithereens. A team of janitors worked to clean up my mess as I scrolled through emails on my tablet.

Fuck this, I thought and tossed the tablet away. I bowed my head in my hands.


After all the years, she still had a way of getting to me.

The bitch. It wasn’t enough that she’d ended our time together the way she did.

Now she was back—and engaged to my business partner?

Is she trying to fuck with me?

If she was, it was working.

No matter. Despite this, I would make the most of this evening.

Pretend that I didn’t know her.

Anyway, I had plenty of things to distract myself with.

I had Kristen.

I had the press conference.

And, of course, I had this pesky reporter who’d dared to call me a “fucking dick.”

I looked forward to what lay in store for her.

Kristen was right. There are more ways than one to teach someone a lesson.

Of course, Kristen wanted me to be kind. To actually give this girl the interview of a lifetime.

Allow for some verbal shellacking of her unprofessional ways, but otherwise, do right by Ms. Dawson.


After this sickening news from my business partner.

After being reminded of Everly.

After having what was supposed to be one of the best days of my life ruined by yet another woman.

I had only one kind of lesson in mind for Ms. Dawson.

Oh, did I look forward to it now.


I wasn’t used to wearing dresses to press conferences. As I slipped on the classiest piece I owned—an intricate lace midi dress—I heard Nana calling from the other room.

“Hurry up and let me see you already!”

I came out and did a twirl for Nana, who was lying in bed but clapped her hands together with glee.

“Look at you,” she said. “So beautiful.”

I sat down beside Nana on the bed, looking at her closely. Even when she was sick, the woman continued to be a spark of joy.

Mrs. Kirby, the home nurse, had agreed to stay a few hours more, but due to some emergency, she’d had to cancel.

Normally, I would have put aside my plans. But tonight my job literally depended on me being there.

As if reading my mind, she patted my hand with hers. “Off you go,” she insisted. “There’s nothing to worry about.”

I took my grandmother’s hand and gave it a light squeeze for reassurance.

“Are you sure, Nana?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes, Kate. Now go, and while you’re at it, please try and find yourself a handsome prince who’ll sweep you off your feet.”

“Well…” I said, getting up from the bed and kissing Nana’s forehead. “…I guess I’d better leave then. Here comes expensive champagne and fish eggs.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“It’s called ‘caviar,’ dear. Live a little.”

And with that, Nana winked and shooed me out.

I had to admit—maybe I wanted to stay with Nana just so I wouldn’t have to actually confront Taylor Price.

After what I had called him, I dreaded the idea of actually meeting the man. There was a distinct possibility that I was about to be chewed up and spat out.

But that would only prove him right. That Taylor Price was very much a “fucking dick.”

And, hey, if he said something—that could be ammunition for my article.

So, hell. What do I have to lose?

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