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Lux’s mate is all she can think about since the very first day she caught his scent. She tries to imagine what he looks like, tastes like…but she knows that even her wildest dreams don’t do him justice. From sun-up to sun-down, Lux’s mate is always there, lurking in the shadows, just out of reach. She doesn’t even know what species he is. All she knows is his name: Soren

Age Rating: 18+

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Fairy Godmother Inc.

Everyone wishes they had a fairy godmother at some point, right? Well, Viola finds out that she does—she only needs to sign on the dotted line, and all her romantic dreams will come true! What could possibly go wrong? How about the fact that she now has to compete in a dangerous game against other women to win the heart of a gorgeous prince? The fight is on!

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Evie, Darling

Born into an imperious empire, Alvaro Dominquez is accustomed to living like a king. Kind and giving Genevieve Cortes couldn’t be more different. But when town sweetheart Genevieve is made to marry domineering Alvaro and help him produce an heir, will their burgeoning love be enough overcome the immense gap between two worlds?

Age Rating: 16+

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Один из самых влиятельных людей в Англии, Мейсон Кэмпбелл, был холодным и жестоким человеком. Ветер разносил молву о его имени и заставлял любого дрожать от страха. Он был известен своей безжалостностью и неспособностью прощать. Лорен Харт только что устроилась к нему на работу в качестве его помощницы и оказалась в центре его истерик, гнева, ненависти и высокомерия. Жизнь была бы лучше, если бы она не работала на Мейсона Кэмпбелла, человека, которому завидовали мужчины и которого хотели женщины. Но Мейсон не смотрел ни на кого, кроме нее, особенно когда он заключил сделку, от которой она не смогла отказаться.

Возрастной рейтинг: 18+ (жестокое обращение, сексуальное насилие).

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The Billionaire CEO

Danielle desperately needs money for a medical treatment that will save her sister’s life. A billionaire advertises for a woman to be his wife for two years and produce his heir in exchange for ten million dollars. It sounds like the solution to her problems, but would he ever choose somebody with her poor background? And could she ever go through with a marriage, even a temporary one, to a cold man who swears he’ll never love her?

Age Rating: 18+ (Sexual Assault/Abuse)

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Destined To Love

Emma hates all men, including Edan…until she gets to know him. Can she overcome her traumatic past and let herself love again? And can Edan learn to treat women with the respect they deserve? This couple could be destined for failure, or destined to love.

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Kidnapping, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Violence Against Women)

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Perantara yang Menawan

Zoey Curtis sangat ingin berhenti dari pekerjaannya saat ini dan menjauh dari bosnya yang berengsek! Namun, ketika ditawari pekerjaan sebagai asisten miliarder playboy bernama Julian Hawksley, dia tidak siap dengan hasrat kerinduan yang tumbuh dalam dirinya…

Rating Usia: 18+

Penulis Asli: Mel Ryle

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Isang language lang ang alam namin. Sex.

Hinawakan niya ako sa buhok, tense ang katawan ko sa kabilang braso niya.

Sobrang wet ko na na hindi ko alam kung kakayanin ko pag pumasok siya sa loob ko.

Agresibo siyang pumaibabaw sa akin sa desk, at ‘yun ang naging dahilan ng pagtaas ng libido ko. Naramdaman kong ikinikiskis niya ang matigas niyang ari sa pwet ko.

Napabuntong-hininga ako sa pagnanasa.

Kailangan ko siya.


Ngayon na.

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Aşk Skandalı

Saat 18:15. Ben Price Industries ofisinin cilalı mermer zemininde asansöre doğru ilerlerken insanlar da ofisi yavaşça boşaltıyor. Mesai çoktan bitmiş, insanlar evlerine doğru yola koyulmaya başlamıştı.

Gerginim ama röportaj yüzünden değil, zira şimdilik her şey yolunda gidiyor.

Hayır, kesinlikle röportaj yüzünden değil. Gerginliğim asansöre binmem gerektiğinden.

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